The Voice 2022 Recap Top 5 Final Perform (VIDEO)

The Voice 2022 Recap Top 5 Final Perform - Omar Jose Cardona
Pictured: Omar Jose Cardona — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 2022 Recap Top 5

The Voice 2022 Top 5 perform LIVE for America’s Vote. On Tuesday (Dec 13) by the end of the episode, The Voice season 22 WINNER will be crowned. At this point of the season, coaches Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, John Legend and Gwen Stefani have NO SAY in the results. It’s all up to America. Carson Daly hosts!

The Voice 22 Top 5 Ranked – Now YOU Rate The Artists

VOTE on the NBC voice phone app or go to Fans have until tomorrow morning to vote for their favorites. The WINNER will be revealed on the Tuesday Dec 13 finale.

The singers will perform twice: An uptempo song and a ballad. The ballad features the artists sharing dedications they wrote to friends, families, or the towns they hail from. In the video package for the uptempo number,. the singers and their coaches sit for an interview with Carson.

Bodie – Team Blake – Late Night Talking by Harry Styles

Bodie tells Carson that he originally planned to pick Gwen as his coach.. He is excited to finally sing a “happy” song. Blake calls Bodie “the most original” artist he’s ever worked with on the show.”

The song starts off ballady before it flows into a funkier groove. The arrangement isn’t very upbeat, until the last half of the song. Just when I figured it would stay slow! It sounded kind of Weeknd-ish initially, but ended like a Silk Sonic song. The arrangement is a little busy. But it’s creative. I’m not sure this will resonate with Voice fans. And he’s performing first.

The crowd is chanting again. “Sign me up to go to the Bodie concert tour,” Camila gushes. “You just have it all,” said Gwen. John notes his vision–all the decisions he makes translates to “producer’s brain.” Blake remarks “Everything you do, you’re natural at it.”

Next, the coaches take the stage to sing “The Christmas Song.” Well, certainly this performance was pre-recorded. Camila looks more Halloween than Christmas wearing a big black dress. Blake’s all cleaned up! A very tasteful performance from the coaches.

Morgan Myles – Team Camila – Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

Morgan shares with Carson how female country singers have a hard time in the genre. Camila suggests a big choir for the performance.

The rasp in Morgan’s voice is so similar to Bonnie. The arrangement is very on the nose. Unlike Bodie, who got pretty creative with his song choice, Morgan is turning in a Bonnie Tyler impression, with a ton of theatrics. It’s a good one. The singing is terrific as it always is. And the thing is–this is the kind of performance that wins singing shows.

Camila is losing her mind! Gwen calls the song choice perfect. John loves the “crackle” in her voice. “You sell every performance,” he said. “You made me want to cry during your performance…you deserve to win The Voice,” Camila concludes.

Brayden Lape – Team Blake – Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

Brayden writes a letter to his family and friends in his Michigan home town. He looks back on a big football game he played.

The young vocalist has a tendency to sing just under the note, without any push. He could use vocal lessons. He sings with a lovely tone and infuses emotion in his performances. But the tuning issues are distracting. He also needs to develop more power behind his vocals.

Brayden wants to know why Gwen didn’t turn. She insists that she always believed in him. (He’s kidding.). Blake isn’t surprised that Brayden got this far. “You are literally following your heart.

Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson

Omar writes a letter to his family and dedicates his song to them.

The song choice is different for Omar. It’s upbeat and not histrionically theatrical. It’s amazing how high he can sing. He stays almost exclusively in his upper chest voice. But no giant notes. He dances, which is new He’s got a pop vibe, but it’s a dated 80’s/90s thing.

Camila loved that he got “jiggy with it.” Gwen joked that he was lip syncing. Jon marveled that Omar was able to dance and sing at the same time without a hitch.

Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley

The singer dedicates his song to the people of Georgia.

Bryce chooses a weepy Keith Whitley song. His cowboy hat is back. He is having a few tuning issues. The bare-bones song reveals vocal issues. He’s like a poor man’s Scotty McCreery. Scotty has a richer voice and a natural ability to connect with a song. Bryce struggles.

Gwen said “If you don’t win the voice, you won a career” quickly adding “You’re going to win!” Blake is sure Bryce lit a fire under The Voice country fans. Maybe. Blake remarks that Bryce just taught a new generation about Whitley, as if the 90s era star has never been covered (He has over the years A LOT)

Brayden Lape – Team Blake – Wild as Her by Cory Kent

Carson’s 8 year old daughter is a big Brayden fan. Blake thinks Brayden needs to stop thinking about “this” as a competition. Because he’s not going to win? Cory was on The Voice. I don’t remember him. Morgan Wallen, another Voice alum, wrote it. Brayden confesses that he’s only been singing for two years.

Now here is an upbeat song that needs more OOMPH. He’s managing to stay on pitch, more or less. His dynamics are the same on every song he sings. His vocal style is too relaxed. I’m thinking of an SCTV reference (Perry Como, Still Alive!) but that’s too dated for most people to get.

Camila declares it’s his last performance on The Voice! Except for tomorrow night. “What an experience you’ve had here,” John remarks, calling it the start of his career as a singer. Blake is glad the format forced Brayden to go uptempo.

Morgan Myles – Team Camila – Girl Crush by Little Big Town

She dedicates her song to her family, tearfully reading her letter to them. She sang the National Anthem Gillette Stadium. Huh.

So, Morgan didn’t sing an uptempo song tonight. It’s smart to sing a pop and country song, however. She brings out her bluesy side, singing well placed riffs on the verse and elongated, creative notes on the chorus. She’s doing her own thing. She reminds me so much of Wendy Moten. Both are incredibly talented, but fell through the cracks. This business of music is a tough one.

“Country looks so good on you,” said Gwen, complimenting her way with dynamics. John called Morgan the best country singer he’s seen on The Voice. Oops. Sorry Brayden and Bryce. Camila stressed how original she is. “She’s her type of country.”

Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt

Carson called Bryce the “only pure country singer” whatever that means. “He’s as country as mud,” Blake chimed in. Man, Blake is really pushing him to win.

Elvis originally recorded this song. Bryce hasn’t performed many upbeat songs, especially toward the end of the competition, when Blake was trying to transform Bryce into a weepy country singer, This song choice is a welcome change. It’s fun. It would have made a great coaches duet with Blake, too.

Camila calls the performance “fun,” calling him a “star.” John loved seeing a “whole nother side” to him.

Bodie – Team Blake – Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Bodie writes his letter to his wife and three kids.

Bodie is a worship leader and very religious. It was a matter of time before he sang a Christian Contemporary song. In fact, I would not be surprised if that’s where he eventually lands. Having said that, THIS song choice wins talent shows. The choir behind him reaches for the sky, like an evangelical church congregation.

“I’m crying!” a noticeably dry-eyed Gwen said. “You have a superpower behind you,” which she believes comes from his faith. “You seem like a leader,” said John. “You can move people.” Blake called the performance “moving” but didn’t push his fans to vote for him. He’s gunning for a Bryce win.

Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – Somebody to Love by Queen

Fans have wanted Omar to cover Queen, so now he is. John thinks Omar can have a career like Bruno Mars. Uh…Omar is nothing like Bruno Mars.

Everybody gets a choir tonight, including Omar. The song, with it’s dramatic flourishes and astro-level high notes is ready made for the bold singer. He’s literally on his knees at one point in the performance. He won’t win. But maybe he won’t come in fifth after this rousing performance. Do we really need “GUITAR SOLO” flashing on the screen. The song is a big crowd pleaser. OMG. Choir members pick him up off the ground crowd-surfing style.

Camila is so thankful that Omar exists. “It inspires me and everybody in the room.” She said he deserves to be here. John BEGS America to vote for Omar. “He is THE VOICE!” He declared “I’m so honored to have worked with you.” John also recognizes that Omar won’t win.

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