The Voice 18 Recap: Blind Auditions Conclude, Teams Complete (VIDEO)

THE VOICE — Blind Auditions — Pictured: Mandi Castillo — (Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

The Voice season 18 Blind Auditions CONCLUDE tonight with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. New coach Nick Jonas joins the panel. Carson Daly returns as host. We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

The Voice Season 18 Contestant List Spoilers: Blinds, Battles, Knockouts

NOTE: Full recap will be up a little later. In the meantime, talk among yourselves!

The show opens with all four The Voice coaches singing a cover of Nick Jonas’ big hit “Jealous,” which we posted HERE.

Micah Iverson – All I Want by Kodaline – 25 Atlanta GA – Micah grew up in Japan, but now lives in Atlanta. He comes from a big family. In school, he learned to read and write Japanese. Before 18, he only sang at karaoke. When he came to America for college, he got serious about music. He worked as an investment analyst, but quit his job 3 months ago to pursue music. The Voice audience is his biggest audience ever. Micah has a rangy pop rock voice, that’s full of emotion. I think I have found my favorite indie boy for this season! Kelly turns first, followed by Nick and Blake. He loves emo rock like the early aughts band Dashboard Confessional. Nick mentions that he loves Switchfoot, and wrote emo songs with his brothers as a teenager. Blake is pretty clueless, all he’s got that he won the show 6 times. He has no idea what Micah is about at all. This is a battle between Kelly and Nick. Jokes about Erectile Dysfunction ensue. Nick looks very embarrassed. It’s the churchboy in him, probably. Kelly teases that Micah could be the only male on her team. Micah picks Team Kelly. He says it was the jacket! Blake thinks Jimmy Eats World is a television show, and has no idea they’re a popular emo-ish rock band. 

Nick, Kelly and Blake turn. Micah chooses Team Kelly

Brittany Allen – Dancing on My Own by Robyn – 28 Columbus GA – Her dad got Brittany interested in music. She’s an only child. At 18, her mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  After she died, Brittany stopped singing for about a year. The young singer’s interpretation of the song isn’t original. The vocal scooping that seems to excite John is a little weird. But she opens up on the chorus and sounds better. John hits his button. Kelly compliments her head tone. John loves her song choice, because it allowed her to reveal the “contours” of her voice. John is surprised that Kelly didn’t turn. He loves Brittany’s low tones. 

Only John Turned

Tracey Preston – Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin – 35 Philadelphia PA – She grew up in a tough Philly neighborhood. Tracey learned to sing in church. She sang backups for a singer, Vivienne Greene.  She’s got a big diva voice. But, it’s an old fashioned song choice, and Tracey doesn’t change it up much. She got no turns. She needed to find a way to stand out. That performance was very cruise ship. Cringey the way Nick spoke to the 35 year old singer, as if she were some newbie. “Keep at it! You have potential!” Kelly would have turned if she auditioned earlier in the round. Nick didn’t think Tracey was “completely there.”

No Turns

Camp Spinks – Wave on Wave by Pat Greene – 29 Alabaster AL – He grew up in a rural part of Alabama. He fished and camped through his childhood. Camp also worked on the family farm. Since college, he’s been in several different bands. This vocal is shakey. Literally. I think he’s really nervous. His voice is breaking. He gains some confidence later in the performance. Blake hits his button, and then Kelly at the last minute. Kelly loves the kind of country music he sings. Blake is doing a better job of pitching Cam, though. Unsurprisingly, he picks Blake. 

Kelly and Blake turn, Camp picks Team Blake

Anders Drerup – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley – He’s spent the past 20 years working as a sideman for various musicians, now he wants to step out front. He sings a reggae version of the Elvis classic. And I don’t hate this as much as I thought I would. Anders is obviously a musical guy. His falsetto is wonky, but his phrasing and tone are great. He’s from Ottawa, Canada! Nick thinks Anders has a unique sound for his look. He was shocked when he turned around. What was he expecting? A younger artist? 

Only Nick turned

Mandi Castillo – Asi Fue by Juan Gabriel – 23 San Antonio TX – Her favorite CD growing up was the Rainbow CD by Mariah Carey. She considers herself an R&B singer, but she also sings Spanish music, as she is today. Her mother battles Lupas. They are very close. Mandi donated a kidney in order for her mother to get a transplant. She’s already put out music and has “a little following.” Nick hits his button first. Kelly is waiting for the high note. She gets it, then turns. John and Blake hit at the last minute. It’s a pretty, sweet and musical performance. Nick is actually tearing up. His pitch is impassioned. He’s such a good salesman. Blake calls her vocal ability “incredible.” John drops names: He dueted with Mariah and toured with another of Mandi’s favorites, Sade. He goes into a long description of her vocal abilities. OK John’s got the winning pitch here. After the commercial break, Mandi picks John. Kelly and Nick in particular, are very disappointed.

4 chair turn, Mandi picks Team Legend

Kailey Abel – Forever Young by Alphaville – 19 Verdigris OK – Currently. she leads worship at church. But she loves singing soul/pop. But she can jump into country too. She’s studying musical therapy. Her parents recently adopted one of the many kids they foster. Her vocal is…unusual. I’m not sure I like it. It’s got a harsh edge, and her phrasing is a little weird. Blake turns about midway. He can’t believe Kailey is all his. “You three realize this show is called The Voice!” he says. Kelly compares her voice to a smoker. “BUT DON’T SMOKE!” she warns. John loves her growl. Blake bets “the farm” on her winning. Huh? He says because she sounds like Kim Carnes. What

Only Blake Turns

Tyrone “Mr. Superfantastic” Perkins – Stormy Monday by T-Bone Walker – 68 Marina Del Rey CA –  Tyrone is a body builder. He strikes a few poses for Carson, who comes to visit. His nickname is “Mr. Superfantastic,” coined by his gym pals. He has trained clients for 20 years. If he got a turn, he’d be the oldest Voice singer ever. He sings standards and Motown. He has a mellow tone, but he’s pitchy! But at this point in the competition, he’s not a chair turner. For John, the performance felt it a little “kitschy.” 

No Turns

Gigi Hess – Lovesong by The Cure – 22 Lovington NM – She was inspired to sing after playing her dad’s old vinyls. She gained a lot of weight after developing a hormonal imbalance. The bullying was terrible. Then at 19, she had gastric sleeve surgery and lost a ton of weight. Kelly turns almost immediately. I love her tone, but she’s got some pitch problems. She should pull back on the runs. Even earlier in the season, she would have been a one chair turn, I think. Gigi is influenced by Beyonce… and Kelly. John suggests that she do less “riffs and runs…you have to pick your spots.” Exactly. Fewer runs, and her pitch would have been better. 

Only Kelly Turns

Kevin Farris – Home by Johnnyswim – 33 Arlington IL – He’s been playing music for 15 years around the Chicago area. But by day he runs a music enrichment program for preschoolers. They visit Kevin’s class of adorable kids. He’s got an upbeat folk vibe. John hits his button right away, which is surprising. He’s not a great singer, but he’s got verve and energy and a classic folk voice. Nick hits his button at the last minute. John was drawn to his powerful purity. Nick compliments his power. Kevin claims he can sing pop, and  loves the Jonas Brothers’ “Love Bug.” Nick flunked first grade! Nick takes the stage and they sing Love Bug together. Better luck next time, John. “I’d love to go out for a beer with you, John, but I pick Nick.” Poor John.

John and Nick turn. Kevin picks Team Nick

Allison Grace – Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones – 25 Fort Smith AR – Allison grew up singing in church and works a day job. It hard to work a 9-5 with pursuing a music career. She married her college sweetheart at age 20. Allison is obviously amateur. She sings every verse with the same phrasing. It’s sing song. And there are lots of pitch problems. No way John turns. And he doesn’t. Blake thought it started off shakey, but improved as she sang. John didn’t hear enough power. He suggest she come back with a different song. 

No Turns

Cedrice – Fever by Peggy Lee – 28 San Diego CA – She does a great imitation of her mother! She’s been singing only 3 years. She’s bald, but it’s more than a look. She suffers from Alopecia, a condition where the hair falls out. In college, she met musicians and began singing. It helped her feel free. She sings as if she’s been doing it for years. John hits his button, and he couldn’t be more delighted. It’s as if The Voice producers delivered her just for John. Kelly keeps screaming OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. She’s got a jazzy style. But it’s her confidence and style that really bring it home. “I would have pressed my button!” says Kelly. Nick calls her electrifying. “No one else looks like you, sounds like you,” says John. Hm. Cedrice is like a bald Chrissy Teigen. They kind of look alike! Cedrice was hoping for a spot on Team Legend, so it all worked out.

Only John Turns


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