The Amazing Race 30 Recap – Week 7 Live Blog

A two-hour edition of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Jessica having to purchase new sneakers since she lost hers. She also discusses being U-Turned the previous leg, and she says there are no hard feelings with Lucas & Brittany.

Lucas & Brittay won the last leg of the race, so they are the first to learn their next destination: the Kingdom of Bahrain. They must take a flight from Dubai to bahrain. Once in Bahrain, they must pick up cars and drive to the capital city of Manama. Lucas & Brittany says using the U-Turn was simply a game decision and they don’t want to be eliminated. Kristi & Jen have yet to finish below third. Alex & Conor discusses how the race is almost over. Alex also mentions how he has raced in Bahrain before. Henry & Evan says it was flattering to be U-Turned.

Lucas & Brittany book flights at a travel agency. They’re staying positive and hoping it will be another successful leg for them. However, at the Dubai airport, Lucas & Brittany realize they lost Lucas’s passport. The teams are waiting to see what will happen, but Lucas & Brittany have to stay behind at the airport as everyone else boards the flight to Bahrain.

At Bahrain, the teams (except for Lucas & Brittany) arrive and learn they must proceed to Dhow Shipyard. When asked about Lucas & Brittany, Jessica says she’s not even going to think about them. Evan is worried that Lucas & Brittany might catch up since they’re only an hour behind. Meanwhile, Lucas & Brittany are still in Dubai as they have to go to the embassy to get another passport.

Alex & Conor are the first to arrive at the shipyard. They learn they must carry heavy pieces of timber and weigh out 300 lbs for the foreman to receive their next clue. Kristi & Jen and Henry & Evan are the next to arrive. Meanwhile, Cody & Jessica are lost on their way to the shipyard.

Kristi & Jen are the first to finish. They must proceed to Showaiter Sweets. They are quickly followed by Alex & Conor and Henry & Evan. These three teams leave the shipyard by the time Cody & Jessica arrive. Cody & Jessica manage to complete the task without any issues.

Kristi & Jen and Alex & Conor help each other find Showaiter Sweets. Once they find the shop, they get their next clue. They must proceed to Delmon Pottery Industry. Henry & Evan are lost on the way to the shop, allowing Cody & Jessica to arrive there before them.

Henry & Evan finally find Showaiter Sweets. On the way to the Delmon Pottery Industry, Evan is worried about Lucas & Brittany catching up. And right afterwards, we see Lucas & Brittany in a taxi with a temporary passport for Lucas. They have a flight that is over an hour long, so they hope other teams are lost so they can catch up. We immediately see a montage of all the teams currently in Bahrain lost as they are driving through the city.

Cody & Jessica are the first team to arrive at Delmon Pottery. They are given a box of ten relics and must find the identical items inside pots. There are several pots they must go through to find the correct items. Once they find the items, they will receive their next clue. Cody & Jessica get started on the task before any other teams arrive. They find a match by the time Kristi & Jen and Henry & Evan arrive. Eventually, Alex & Conor arrive, meaning all teams except for Lucas & Brittany are working on the task. Lucas & Brittany are still at the airport waiting on their flight to Bahrain.

Cody & Jessica complete the task and are the first to receive their clue. They must proceed to Bahrain Endurance Village. Right behind them are Kristi & Jen while Henry & Evan and Alex & Conor are nearly done. Alex & Conor are the third team to finish, leaving Henry & Evan the last team in at Delmon Pottery.

Henry & Evan finally finish the task and can make their way to the Bahrain Endurance Village. Cody & Jessica and Kristi & Jen are lost, allowing Alex & Conor to get there first. They learn they must milk a camel to receive their next clue.

As Alex & Conor are done with the challenge, Kristi & Jen arrive. Alex & Conor must make their way to the Pit Stop: The Tree of Life. Kristi & Jen get started on milking a camel while Cody & Jessica are lost on the way there. Henry & Evan have yet to arrive as well by the time Kristi & Jen complete the task.

Alex & Conor arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1! They each win $7,500.

Henry & Evan are the next team to begin the camel milking task as Kristi & Jen arrive at the Pit Stop. Cody & Jessica finally arrive at the village as Henry & Evan complete the task. Cody even drinks the camel milk after he and Jessica complete the task. We see Henry & Evan at the Pit Stop as Team #3 before Cody & Jessica arrive as the fourth team to greet Phil.

We next see Lucas & Brittany arrive at Bahrain, but it’s already nighttime. They make their way to the shipyard, where Phil is already waiting for them. He gives them the bad news: Lucas & Brittany have been eliminated from the race. They both break down crying as Lucas blames himself for their fate today. Brittany says the money would have been nice, but Lucas is all she wants.

Leg Summary

1st place: Alex & Conor (Each won $7,500)

2nd place: Kristi & Jen

3rd place: Henry & Evan

4th place: Cody & Jessica

5th place: Lucas & Brittany (Eliminated)

It’s time for the next leg of the race. Alex & Conor learn they must fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Once there, they must proceed to Royal Park Rajapruek where their next clue awaits in a garden.

We see the teams arrive at the airport to book their flights to Chaing Mai. Cody & Jessica, Kristi & Jen, and Henry & Evan seem to get along as friends, but Henry & Evan aren’t as close to them. Evan says they just do things themselves, but she doesn’t doubt their skills against them despite the other three teams being more physically fit.

The teams arrive at Chaing Mai, and Alex & Conor and Cody & Jessica are the first teams to arrive at Royal Park Rajapruek. Henry & Evan and Kristi & Jen arrive shortly afterwards. They must get a garland and give it to a woman with an umbrella who has their next clue. Alex & Conor are the first to receive their next clue. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Size It or Seize It. In Size It, they must tape measure the height and weight measurements of elephants.  Seize It requires teams to catch twenty bullfrogs in a muddy field. Alex & Conor choose the Seize It Detour. Kristi & Jen and Henry & Evan find a woman with their clue, but Cody & Jessica are still struggling trying to find a woman with their clue. However, they finally find a woman and make their way to the Detour. Alex & Conor, Kristu & Jen, and Cody & Jessica have chosen the frog Detour, but Henry & Evan chose the elephant Detour.

Alex & Conor and Cody & Jessica are the first teams to arrive at the Seize It Detour as Henry & Evan and Kristi & Jen are having trouble with their drivers. They’re parked on the side of the road together. Kristi & Jen’s driver finally realizes where to go, but they drive off before Henry & Evan’s driver can ask him where to go.

Kristi & Jen arrive at the frog Detour, but they quickly choose to switch to the elephant detour after they struggle finding frogs. Already at the elephant Detour are Henry and Evan. Before they can take an elephant’s measurements, they must get acquainted with the elephant first so the elephant feels comfortable with them. They eventually try taking the measurements with a tape measure, but they are struggling as the elephant won’t stop moving.

Cody is having success catching frogs, but Alex & Conor are struggling with it. They are unable to keep any frogs in their grips, so they consider switching Detours. However, they decide to stay with it. At the Size It Detour, Kristi & Jen and Henry & Evan are still working on getting the necessary measurements. Henry & Evan get their measurements checked, but they are incorrect. Kristi & Jen, however, pass on their first attempt. They now must ride their elephant down a trail.

Cody & Jessica are in first place after completing the Seize It Detour. They can now proceed to Original Khantoke Restaurant. Alex & Conor finish soon afterwards, so they can make their way to the restaurant too. Henry & Evan, meanwhile, are still struggling with the math as Kristi & Jen get their next clue. However, Henry & Evan finally get it correct, but they are currently in last place.

Cody & Jessica’s driver get lost on the way to the restaurant, allowing Alex & Conor to surpass them. Alex & Conor arrive at the restaurant, and they learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One of them must eat three scorpions and one frog. They won’t know what to eat until one team member chooses to do the Roadblock. Alex chooses to do the Roadblock as Cody & Jessica arrive. Cody chooses to do the Roadblock. As Alex and Cody are eating, Conor and Jessica have live scorpions placed on them, and they will remain attached to their shirts until their partner finishes eating.

Alex finishes the Roadblock. He and Conor can now make their way to the Pit Stop: Wat Chedi Luang. Cody finishes the Roadblock shortly afterwards and can leave for the Pit Stop too. As they make their way there, Kristi & Jen arrive at the Roadblock with Jen eating the scorpions and the frog.

Jen finishes the Roadblock. She and Kristi leave before Henry & Evan arrive, but they eventually get there with Evan being the one to eat the scorpions and the frog.

Alex & Conor arrive at the Pit Stop seconds before Cody & Jessica. Alex & Conor are Team #1! They win a trip to the Caribbean. Both teams hope to be in the Final 3 with Kristi & Jen. Soon afterwards, Kristi & Jen arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3 after Alex & Conor and Cody & Jessica have already left.

Henry & Evan are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop, but it is a non-elimination leg. They will have a Speed Bump to do in the next leg, but they are still in the race.

Leg Summary

1st place: Alex & Conor (Won a trip to the Caribbean)

2nd place: Cody & Jessica

3rd place: Kristi & Jen

4th place: Henry & Evan

And that wraps up tonight’s two-hour edition of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.


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