SYTYCD11- Top 6 Power List

Since there can be only one… like a Highlander… this season, I’ve decided to combo the power list this week, based on who has the best chance of winning. And we’re COUNTING DOWN. #changeup

6) Casey Askew- Even if he miraculously survives this week, and knocks off Zack, he just can’t win. He’s the least hyped member of the Top 6, and it’s literally a miracle he’s survived this long. I do agree that he’s improved, and that he’s a good dancer, but cannon fodder rarely wins the whole shebang, and Casey was cannon fodder.

5) Jacque LeWarne- She outlasted her boyfriend, and didn’t share a single moment on stage with him. I think Rudy’s fans caught onto the fact that their flirtation was all for ratings, and she’s not going to pick up Rudy’s fanbase. Plus, Nigel has the chance to have TWO tappers in the finale, and if you don’t think he wants that… you’re cray cray. You’re loco in the head. Granted, the votes have already been cast, but I expect a giant torpedo to be launched at Jacque this week.

4) Jessica Richens- She’s had two MAYBE three standout routines this season. When the judges have a hard time picking routines for her to redo, we’ll realize how little she deserves to win. Jessica lacks the emotional connection to most of her pieces, and spent half of the season being told she was going downhill. She’s not this seasons winner.

3) Valerie Rockey- While she might be the girls great white hope for a winner this year, she’s still got her haters. This seems to be a Zack vs Ricky fight, with Zack hoping to underdog his way to the finale. Valerie got to the finale, largely BECAUSE of Ricky. She’s not the strongest dancer, but she’s incredibly likeable. There is a small chance she walks away with the whole thing, if Ricky and Zack split enough votes… but I think 3rd place is about what she can expect.

2) Zack Everhart- I think Ricky is this years Melanie. It’s nice to see Zack fighting his way, and delivering memorable routines, but Ricky has been uber pimped beyond all recognition. He’s featured in every group dance, and barely gets feedback. Zack has struggled, with some bottom appearances. America likes the underdog, but will they vote him as the winner?

1) Ricky Ubeda- Isn’t he performing as an All-Star this week? Ricky, AKA the son Nigel wishes he had, is some kind of messiah prophet for So You Think You Can Dance. He’s what Billy Bell hoped he could be. Ricky is Melanie times 1000, in that Sasha and Marko had much stronger fanbases than Zack and Valerie. Ricky seems to be running away with this season, and the judges are so confident he’s going to win, they just don’t care what non-feedback they offer him. Nigel jokes about Ricky’s results, as if to say “I’m an executive producer, and what you don’t know is that Ricky pulls in 4 times more votes than any other contestant, but we still want this season to seem like it has a point.” He’s overpraised, certainly, but you can’t help feeling that everyone has bought into the hype. And it has a lot to do with Ricky’s personality, his gratitude, and his ability to make Valerie look like a better dancer.

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  1. I do like Melanie. To me she’s this season’s Evan. She may not have the most versatility, she may not be the best technical dancer, but I feel good and happy when I watch her dance. I voted my fingers off for Evan for that very reason and he didn’t have a dancer as good as Rickey to make him look good.

    I will also admit that being able to tell who she was from day one helped tremendously. This was a season where when I went to vote for favorites I had to click on pictures to figure out which blond I wanted to vote for and which brunette I wanted to vote for. I could tell who Tanisha was as well, but she didn’t click for me.

    I do agree Ricky is something very special. I worry about the show coming back, because ratings aren’t that great. I would love it if Nigel could finagle on last season and get the best dancers from the past to compete. Watching Rickey on stage with Alex Wong, Brandon, Melanie, Pasha, Joshua, Katie even Sabra would be one heck of a season. It won’t happen because at least some of these dancers are working and others are never spoken of (Sabra).

  2. I was loving this season until this week. I really miss tanisha and I haven’t even seen the show yet. I’ll be watching for Ricky and Zach. Since it will be dvr’d I may just FF through everything else.

  3. Why all the dislike for Jessica? I don’t think she lacks an emotional connection I think she tends to over act. The girls have zero chance of winning. Don’t underestimate Casey. He has gotten horrible awful routines this year.. I’ve never seen a contestant gets such consistently awful choreo. He’s one Sonya routine from knocking of Zack…

  4. Ricky is.just excellent. His overall caliber of dance is just way about the others. But I love scrappy Zack. I would be really happy if he won. I like Valerie’s personality but I think they did a horrible job casting girls this year. In could hardly tell them apart. I think that took something away from the season. And the choreography during the first half of the show wasn’t great. Very few memorable routines and usually there are some big stand outs.

  5. As far as the girls, I also love Valerie, but the last couple of weeks she has been in over her head. Jacque is good, but no personality. Jessica, well she is good maybe 50 percent of the time. She is the kind of female dancer I just don’t like. If it isn’t a routine she can sell with overdone sex appeal, she can’t pull it off. Probably why all my male friends watch just for her.

  6. nigel lythgoe tweeted that he was shocked by the elimination this week….so anyone could be out. I don’t think that, with that tweet, casey and jacque will both go home. There is suppose to be a shocker tonight. hmmm

  7. The only real shock for me would be Rickey. If it is, then this is a really strange season and I’ll vote my fingers off for Zack. Zack has been in the bottom before so has Casey. Valerie has never been in the bottom, so I guess she could be a shock, although I don’t feel like Valerie would be a huge shock. I suppose they might be shocked by Jessica, but both she and Jacque have been in the bottom before, so I can’t see them being booted. We shall see.

  8. Not to mention Valerie has the support of Vote for the Girls. She’d likely win it all.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Valerie won the whole thing and sending Ricky and Zach crying “loser”

  9. Glad to hear someone agrees with me about the over-hyped Jessica. I don’t dislike her. I think she has the “it” factor in spades HOWEVER, THIS IS A DANCE COMPETITION and like Malene, she has not shown me anything but sexiness. Her performances have been mediocre, not exceptional, including the over-hyped routine she did with Casey last week. And yes, I agree she is a better than good (but not GREAT) dancer, but if we are being honest, she has been out-danced by the other girls in the competition consistently and if anyone is lucky to make it to the finale, she is certainly that person this season. Pretty and sexy ain’t enough!

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