SYTYCD11- Top 10 Power List

100) Ricky Ubeda
92) Zack Everhart
90) Emilio Dosal
89) Rudy Abreu
70) Casey Askew

Casey can’t win. It’s likely he’ll survive another week, because his votes from last week were probably high enough to save him this week. The judges no longer have a say, it’s all based on America’s vote. That’s why, I think (this week anyway) that Rudy or Emilio will go home. They had the weaker routines of the guys. I have a feeling it will be Emilio, who has been in the bottom before already.

Emilio is dancing with Jasmine this week, and the routine could be really good. Rumor has it that they’re using Jasmine in Hip-Hop. Rudy is doing ballroom, which is out of his style. But more importantly, Casey is doing contemporary/jazz again, with Katherine. Ricky is probably doing contemp/jazz also, and Zack looks to be doing jazz with Amy. Ricky is still the frontrunner, with the other four dancers jockeying for the second spot in the final. With a contemporary routine this week, will Casey survive to the Top 3.

93) Valerie Rockey
85) Jessica Richens
84) Jacque Lewarne
82) Bridget Whitman
76) Tanisha Belnap

How did it come to be that Valerie is the frontrunner? After spending weeks with Ricky, she’s built up quite a following. Jessica, who had spent weeks being told she wasn’t delivering, finally delivered. Jacque is still a strong contender. I think Bridget might go home this week. Her routine could have been better last week. As an outside shot, I’d say Tanisha. Bridget is also being given Disco this week, as one of the half of the dancers dancing out of their style. Jacque is probably dancing ballet with Chehon. Tanisha is doing some form of ballroom with Ryan. Three boys are dancing in their style as well. And even though I’m not sure Jessica can kill Hip Hop, she’s got Twitch this week. I think Bridget is gone this week, sadly.

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