Survivor Season 36 Ghost Island Week 6 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Ghost Island airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with a Michael confessional. He voted James out to keep himself in the game, but he is worried he is the next one out. Therefore, he goes looking for a hidden immunity idol. While he’s searching, Angela becomes suspicious and goes looking for him. She spots him on the beach and reports back to Desiree. However, Michael doesn’t care if he’s caught since he and everyone knows he’s on the outs of the tribe. Desiree says it’s three against one. However, Michael finds a hidden immunity idol. It’s the fake idol Ozzy created in Survivor: Micronesia, but it’s now a true idol.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They’ll each have to hold onto a rope to balance a disc above the ground. On top of the disc, they must build a tower of blocks spelling the word “reward.” The first tribes to finish will win a steak reward. The challenge begins. Naviti is the first tribe to finish spelling the word, but the tower of blocks fall to the ground as it loses balance. This allows Malolo and Yanuya to catch up, with Malolo taking the lead. However, they lose their lead as their blocks fall next. Eventually, Naviti is the first to complete the challenge. Naviti wins reward!  Afterwards, Yanuya completes the challenge as Malolo’s blocks drop again. Yanuya wins reward! Naviti gets to choose who goes to Ghost Island, and they choose to send Kellyn.

After the reward challenge, Kellyn arrives at Ghost Island. He breaks the urn and she learns she will get a chance to play for an advantage today. Will she risk her vote for the advantage? She decides to play, and she correctly chooses the container with an advantage. She wins the “Steal a Vote” advantage, and it’s the same one from Survivor: Game Changers.

At the Naviti tribe, they enjoy their steak reward. However, there’s a bit of tension with Bradley being short with people. Bradley admits in a confessional that he’s a very impatient person in his life back home. Domenick, Chelsea, Libby, and Donathan talk badly about Bradley behind his back, with Domenick calling him a “nasty son of a bitch.” Donathan hopes Bradley will be the target if they were to lose immunity. In his confessional, Domenick admits he won’t be opposed to voting out Bradley, but he’d rather keep the orginal Naviti members. Over at the Yanuya tribe, they enjoy their steak reward too. After we hear about Wendell missing his girlfriend back home, he goes searching for a hidden immunity idol. He stumbles upon a wrapped piece of parchment and finds a clue. It’s a clue for an idol, and he follows the instructions. Wendell finds the hidden immunity idol. The idol is the same necklace from Survivor: Micronesia that Erik won and gave away to Natalie before he was blindsided.

Over at the Malolo tribe, they are all feeling bad due to losing every challenge so far. They claim to be a cursed tribe, and Desiree suggests burning the tribe flag to break the curse. Everyone else is on board, and they burn the flag. They hope this will change their luck.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Michael and Desiree tell Jeff they burned their tribe flag before the challenge begins. For this challenge, tribe members must dive into the ocean to retrieve two rings. The first two tribes to collect all their rings and toss them onto targets will win immunity. The challenge begins with tribe members swimming for their rings, and Naviti falls behind the other two tribes. Yanuya and Malolo are the first two tribes to reach the platform to start tossing their rings. Naviti eventually arrives, and it’s a fairly even challenge as all tribes are tossing rings. However, Malolo falls behind again, but Michael lands numerous rings for Malolo. They are back in the challenge. The first tribe to land all their rings is Yanuya. Yanuya wins immunity! It’s now down between Malolo and Naviti, and Michael lands the last ring for Malolo. Malolo wins immunity! Naviti will go to tribal council tonight.

Back at the Naviti tribe, Domenick calls Bradley a “pain in the ass” and wants to get rid of him. However, he’s unsure if getting rid of Bradley is the correct move for his game. Meanwhile, Bradley is confident that the majority will be voting out Libby tonight, while Libby believes Bradley is the target. Both Chelsea and Domenick discuss the vote, and they are both torn about what to do. Domenick says Libby is good at deceiving people, but he sees Bradley’s attitude as a liability. He wants to make the move that will benefit him moving forward in the game.

At tribal council, Jeff begins the discussion by asking Domenick if original Malolo versus original Naviti is still a factor. He says there is still a possibility that may be the situation tonight. Donathan admits he’s worried since he and Libby are the two original Malolo members, and everyone else is an original Naviti. Jeff asks if it’s one big happy family, and Donathan says he is unsure since they fooled Domenick when they voted out Morgan. Bradley says he doesn’t know anything about the Morgan elimination, but offers he could make some counterarguments. Jeff points out how it’s interesting that Bradley said he didn’t know anything about the Morgan vote, but he’s willing to argue against it. Bradley says he would argue the color of the sky if he could. He says it’s simply his nature, but he doesn’t feel like he’s rubbed anyone the wrong way. Libby says everyone’s behavior will play a part in how it affects others. Afterwards, it’s time to vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





Bradley is the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Ghost Island. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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