Survivor 38 Recap and Live Blog: Edge Of Extinction Week 8

A new episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the castaways returning to camp after tribal council. Wardog is pleased by Eric getting voted out, but Ron calls it a “disaster.” Ron asks Gavin if he feels good about his decision, and Gavin says he didn’t want to get played. In his confessional, Gavin says he didn’t want to go to the Final 3 with a blank resume. He saw voting out his closest ally as a big move. Elsewhere, David and Rick are still not on the same page. They both also have one half of a hidden immunity idol, but they’ll have to work together in order for this idol to be used.

On Extinction Island, Eric says last night was a horrible blindside. He also says the day will suck since he’s with people he voted out of the game. Eric calls Extinction Island its own challenge since there are no distractions or possible rewards to look forward to. Joe agrees that it’s difficult to stay on Extinction Island, but he doesn’t believe anyone will give up and willingly go home. Eric is a firefighter, and he believes he has more grit than the average person. He wants to be an example to his kids and teach them to never give up.

Back at camp, Julie and Ron talk game with David and Rick. Julie feels like she’s on the bottom of the tribe, but she’s willing to jump ship to vote out Julia. Nevertheless, she breaks down in tears. She realizes she will just be going from the bottom of one side to the bottom of another side. Meanwhile, Gavin and Julia talk game. Gavin wants to target David, but Julia is worried about the trio alliance of Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren.

It’s Day 23 and time for the immunity challenge. It’s an endurance challenge that will require the castaways to stand on a narrow beam while holding a bow in their hands. On top of the bow will be a ball they must balance. If they step off the beam or drop the ball, then they are eliminated from the challenge. The last one standing will win immunity. The challenge begins, and Wardog is the first one eliminated. Julie is the next to drop her ball. Everyone else proceeds to the next round of the challenge, which requires them to stand on a narrower part of the beam. The round begins, and Ron is the next castaway to drop his ball. He’s followed by Rick, Aurora, Victoria, and Lauren. Only four castaways remain: David, Gavin, Julia, and Kelley. Kelley is the next one to drop her ball, and she’s followed by Julia. It’s now a showdown between Gavin and David. David drops his ball. Gavin wins immunity!

The castaways return to camp after the immunity challenge. Right away, people scatter away from camp to talk game. Rick tries to campaign against the Lesu alliance of Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog. He pitches to Julia, Gavin, and Victoria. Meanwhile, Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog discuss whom should be voted out tonight. They debate between David and Ron. They are fine with David going home, but Lauren especially wants Ron gone. Lauren pitches the Ron plan to Julia, but this instead makes Julia want to reunite the original Kama alliance. She and some of the other Kama members sit on a bench, and they agree to vote out Kelley tonight. However, Ron and Julie still feel like they are on the outs with their former Kama tribe members. Victoria, Ron, and Julie go talk to Gavin and they tell him about the new plan to vote out Kelley tonight instead of David. Gavin is frustrated since he would rather vote out David tonight. He feels like it’s becoming a dictatorship, and he’s not happy about it. Later, David senses that his name is on the chopping block, so he is certain that the hidden immunity idol needs to be played on him tonight. He talks to Rick, and Rick agrees that David might be in trouble tonight. In addition, Kelley is getting weird vibes from people. She notices how some people have changed their behavior around her; they aren’t even looking at her. Kelley now wonders if she’ll need to play her hidden immunity idol tonight.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff begins the discussion about trust. He asks Julie her thoughts on being on the right or wrong side of a blindside. Julie says her game was thrown upside down since she was on the wrong side of the blindside. She says she doesn’t trust anyone. Aurora adds that it’s about bringing in the right people on the plan to make sure it goes through. Wardog and Kelley wonder whether that meant if they were just used as numbers to vote out Eric. Kelley says that she thinks the Kama members might’ve reunited. David uses a sharks and minnows metaphor, and Rick wonders if things have changed since the last vote. Julie says the game changes. She says she was feeling good last time, but she feels very down today. She breaks down in tears, and she says she doesn’t believe the plan she was told is the real plan. This comment makes Kelley wonder if she is good tonight. Kelley turns to Julia and asks if she’s good. Julia reassures her that she is good tonight with a giggle. Jeff asks Julia why was she giggling, and she says she was telling Kelley that they are good. Rick is now concerned about Julia’s comment, and he now believes that he and David are on the outs tonight. The tribal council gets a bit chaotic with people talking over each other and whispering to each other. Julia calls Rick a passenger, but Rick is trying to sway people to vote against Kama tonight. He adds that Kama has voted out former Kama members Aubry, Joe, and Eric out in a row. Julie says that Rick’s proposal sounds good to her tonight. The discussion takes a pause as people get up from their seats and whisper new plans or confirm that nothing has changed. Soon enough, Julie speaks loudly and tells them all how she know she’s on the bottom of the tribe. Wardog pushes for Aurora to get voted out tonight, but Julie tells him that she wants to vote out Julia. David asks Kelley what the plan was for tonight, and Kelley candidly tells him that he was the plan for the vote tonight. Julia confronts Julie after she hears her name, and Julia asks why is she trying to give Lesu control and take it away from Kama. Julie says she doesn’t have Kama control since she’s on the bottom. “I’m ready to jump ship!” Julie exclaims as she walks over to sit with the former Lesu members. Ron asks Julie to talk with him alone, and they whisper together. The vote is up in the air with a lot of uncertainty, but they all eventually tell Jeff that they are ready to vote.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Rick and David play their hidden immunity idol for David.

The first vote is for…









Julia is voted out and the sixth member of the jury.

She wishes them well before walking down the pathway. She grabs the torch and heads to Extinction Island.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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