So You Think You Can Dance – Salt Lake City Auditions (VIDEO)

The last So You Think You Can Dance audition episode takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Adam Shankman is tonight’s guest judge!

Whitney Carson – 18 –  She is a Latin ballroom dancer. Her dance is a cha cha/tango. As a woman, she aims to bring sensuality and confidence. Her partner is 16–too young to compete! Hello Dancing With the Stars! She’s a sharp dancer. The judges give her a standing ovation. Nigel compares her to Anya. Thinks she’s brilliant. Mary calls her a HOT TAMALE! She’s on the train! Whitney is the first of the season. Adam swears out load. AMAZING. “You are everything this show is all about,” he says. Of course, she’s going to Vegas.

Lynn Gravatt –   Lynn used to be an Aerospace Engineer. Alien Space dance? She swears that she draws her inspiration from a far away solar system. She’s also got 3 spirit guides. Alrighty then. She’s a jumble of new age wackiness. She cries as she talks about how she feels when she dances. She feels invincible! Cat asks Lynn if hallucinogenics were involved, and she laughs. (I take that as a yes.) She dances–and she’s obviously not trained or professional, but the judges get a kick out of her. Nigel appreciates her spirit. Adam says he doesn’t know if there’s a place on the show, but certainly there’s a place for her in this world.  Unfortunately, it’s a no.

A montage of hopefuls and their families, including a girl whose dad is an “undercover dancer.”

Deanna Tomasetta – Deanna comes from a a very large Italian family. And she’s the youngest. The show goes all the way to her home to shoot some family scenes. You know–Sunday dinner and such. She’s a contemporary dancer with a very elegant, fluid style. Mary loved every single second. Adam thinks she’s extremely special–a beautiful wisdom about how she just danced. Nigel doesn’t even critique–he hands her a ticket to Vegas.

Gene Lenardo – Lifecycle of the Male Preying Mantis.  In the mating ritual, the female bites off the head of the male. So we know how this will end. All covered in glitter,  I thought this guy would be a joke, but instead, he’s a strong, creative dancer.  After his dramatic performance, the audience gives him a standing ovation. Nigel calls it intriguing and entertaining. Fantastic technique. Mary loved it. Adam says, “You’re sort of brilliant! I had no idea. Nigel says, Sonya would love you! Gene says Nigel was the inspiration for the female mantis, because he scares him. He gets a ticket straight to Vegas. Except he lives there!

Lindsay Arnold – From Provo, the oldest of 4 girls. Her family is the most important thing to her.  Code word: Mormon! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  She’s a ballroom dancer.  Not as talented as the earlier girl, but she’s good. Nigel thinks she’s fabulous. Liked her performance and technique. Mary compares her to Julianne Hough. Thinks she’ll be a US champion some day. Adam new she’d be electric by the way she took the stage. Nigel hands her a ticket to Vegas.

Cat notes that there was a lot of ballroom in Salt Lake City.

Mariah Spears –  This sweet little blond girl transforms into a fierce Krumper when she takes the stage. When Mariah announced her style, Adam burst into laughter.  But she had the last laugh because she hits hard, REALLY HARD when she dances.  It’s like she’s channeling some street kid when she performs. Nigel says YOU’RE MEAN. Adam is blown away. She’s the best female krumper he’s ever seen. Mary was also shocked. They send her to choreography.

Murphy Yang – His parents were so disappointed that he was perusing dance instead of becoming a lawyer or a doctor, they disowned him. His girlfriend has been taking care of him.  His style is B-Boy with elements of traditional dance mixed in. He’s funny, and VERY charming! Nigel calls him an entertainer. He wanted more moves, but he enjoyed it. Mary says he has a gift. Adam notes his love of dance and feels it transcends his technique. They send him to choreography.

Choreography – Murphy is cut. Aw. Mariah the Krumper will go to Vegas!

Day 2 in Salt Lake City.

Dareian Kujawa – Dareian has a hard luck childhood story that involves poverty and homelessness. Dancing pulled him out of a dark place.  Nigel wonders why he’s shirtless on such a cold day. ‘You could poke someone’s eye out with those nipples,” says Nigel. What? His dancing was so strong and so good, I almost forgot to look. Almost. Nigel liked what he saw…except for his “lousy feet.” Despite the feet, Mary likes everything else. Lots of heart. Adam thinks he’s incredible. “You are what this show is all about. Not worried about his feet. “We’re sending you to a place, says Nigel, “where lots of people lose their shirts…” VEGAS!

Whitney Hallum and Johnny Ahn – Johnny took a course called “Double Your Dating.” He appears to be serious. There’s schtick where he practices his “technique” on Cat and Mary. Of course, it’s super douchebaggy. His partner is not impressed. They do Latin Ballroom. His mugging is insufferable. Mary thinks their funny, but doesn’t see ANY chemistry. Nigel enjoyed it. He compares Whitney’s look to Lady Gaga. Adam thought the charm level was higher than the dance level. They head to choreography.

A montage of returnees who were cut…

Adrian Lee – Was cut when by Mary when she visited his home, Season 7

Rachel Applehans

Leroy Martinez

2nd Day Choreography & Vegas Selections

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