Duets – Party Songs – Recap and VIDEOS

John Legend’s duet partner, Meleana Brown, is eliminated

Sorry! But Meleana CLEARLY outsung Olivia. CLEARLY. How is it that Melnea is going home? Was there concern about Robin Thicke being left with NO contestants this early in the competition? Last week’s eliminee was also Robin’s duet partner. That must be it, because I can’t think of any other reason.

Party songs is an interesting theme, and harder than it seems. It’s much easier to hit a home run with a big ballad than an upbeat dance tune. Everyone was in the same boat, and nobody really stood out this week. “Party Songs” could be an interesting theme for Idol. What if there was a week where NOBODY could sing a ballad? Hm.

I’m really glad that both of Kelly’s contestants are safe. The more Kelly we hear, the better. She was absolutely AMAZEBALLS on “Satisfaction” If she has never covered the Rolling Stones classic, she needs to consider it.

Jason Farol and Kelly Clarkson – “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones – Kelly was shocked that Jason was in the bottom last week. They watch it back to find the weak spots–he was pitchy. Kelly is looking for Jason to move-“own his body.”  Once again, Kelly is singing rings around him. Holy cow. She’s sensational. Jason is so tentative. The judges felt it was his best performance, but I have to disagree. His ballads are better. Jennifer: Your best performance so far. He’s got potential. John: His most effective vocal performance so far. But, caught him thinking through his movements. Robin: Also felt it was his best.

Bridget Carrington and John Legend – “Last Dance” by Donna Summer – John used to work in business management as a day job! They lament that neither are sentimental, so they can’t pull that trick out (A little diss aimed at Jennifer? Hm?) The performance is energetic, fun and sexy. Nice chemistry between the two. John is one fine man. Ahem.  Kelly: I loved how you ended. Sexy. Cute and intimate. Kelly wants Bridget to look at the audience. Jennifer: I love where you took the song. Robin: you have such a passion when you perform I wanted to see it reach that next level of fun.

Score so far: 1. Bridget Carrington 2. Jason Farol

J.Rome and Jennifer Nettles – “Pretty Young Thing (PYT) by Michael Jackson – The ringer! He’s been number 1 3 weeks in a row.  Hm. This is sort of weird. J. Rome is channeling Michael Jackson, while Jennifer does the whitiest white bread rendition of PYT EVER. They are REALLY mismatched on this song.  And Kelly was right–J. Rome did an MJ impersonation. Kelly: She found it karaoke. Robin: You belong on the stage. This show is a stepping stone for you. John: Vocally, it was a little nasal, but you’re awesome.

Score so far: 1. J.Rome 2. Bridget Carrington 3. Jason Farol

I protest. Bridget deserves the #1 spot so far.

Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke – “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green – So…how is this a party song? REALLY? He’s trying to teach her to connect to the lyric.  Martinis as props! Olivia is breathy and weak. I think Robin is holding back so she doesn’t look bad. There’s just no there there with Olivia. She’s so breathy she’s about to disappear. John: You are great when it comes to sounding smooth, but it needs a little more strength. Kelly: Thinks her breathiness leads to pitchiness. Jennifer: Would like her to go back to something upbeat, but good job.

Score so far: 1. J.Rome 2. Bridget Carrington 3. Jason Farol  4. Olivia Chisholm

Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Meredith – “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett – Kelly and Jordan watch back their performance from last week. Kelly wants her to see how GOOD she was so she can bring it again this week. Jordan still seems really uncomfortable on stage. She lacks confidence. Even after she finished, chatting with Quddus, she wore her insecurity on her sleeve. No wonder the judges weren’t on board. Jennifer: I felt a little reserve here and there. Really really nice. Robin: I feel like last week you got to show your strength. I didn’t feel any anger or angst. John: I think you should sing barefoot every week. You were better last week. I think the shoes were the problem. The chorus should have been in unison.

Score so far: 1. J.Rome 2. Bridget Carrington 3. Jordan Meredith 4. Jason Farol  5. Olivia Chisholm

Meleana Brown and John Legend – “Since U Been Gone” – When they were yammering in rehearsal about a surprise song for one of the judges. I guessed it was a Kelly song–probably SUBG.  She’s no Kelly.  But then who is.  There’s some pitchiness, and her weird phrasing doesn’t translate well to pop/rock. Now that she knows John can sing it, Kelly wants a duet!  Kelly: That’s a hard song to sing. You were a little pitchy in some places, but come to my show…so am I! Jennifer: There was some pitchy parts, but it was great. Robin: It’s a little weird to hear John sing Since You Been Gone. I’m really impressed.

Score so far: 1. J.Rome 2. Bridget Carrington 3. Jordan Meredith 4. Jason Farol  5. Melnea Brown 6. Olivia Chisholm

John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles – “Life is a Highway” – Anybody who criticizes John’s (corny) stage moves is a HATER! So says Jennifer.  This is so much better than the last time he went upbeat. A country tinged song is more in his wheelhouse. He’s still more effective on the ballads, though. Kelly: She picked the perfect song for you to sing. I felt you. It was good. Robin: You’re voice is so good, you don’t have to try as hard physically. John: I thought you were great. I thought it worked. Don’t pull you mic away on the big notes.

Score so far: 1. J.Rome 2. Bridget Carrington 3. John Glosson 4. Jordan Meredith 5. Jason Farol  6. Melnea Brown 7. Olivia Chisholm

Melnea Brown and Olivia Chisholm will sing a capella for their lives.

Meleana Brown – “Saving All My Love For You” – Fantastic when she’s in her wheelhouse.

Olivia Chisholm – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Whoa. Pitchy and weak. She should be going home this weak.  Those runs were rough.

The judges give them both a pep talk. John can’t imagine what it would be like to have his career decided singing in front of judges. Kelly says, “I DO.” Kelly says they both have completely different voices–beautiful voices. “I get it, it’s hard,” She says.

Meleana is eliminated.  Ok. This result is JUST CRAP.

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