So You Think You Can Dance 8 – The Top 12 – RESULTS

Ryan Ramirez is eliminated
Alexander Fost is eliminated.

I knew Nigel was ready to ditch Ryan Ramirez this week. The panel hung her totally out to dry last night, in sharp contrast to the praise they mostly heaped on her in weeks past. I think Nigel finally realized that no matter what he did, the viewers would probably eliminate her the minute they had the power. Why waste a top 10 slot on her? Alexander was just a tiny bit of surprise, because he had danced so well this week. I thought maybe they’d ditch Mitchell this week. But come to think of it, Nigel kind of likes Mitchell. But I don’t think he’ll last much longer now that AMERICA has the power!

Actually, I was a little shocked Shasha & Alex wound up in the bottom 3 at all. They danced beautifully this week.

I’m REALLY looking forward to the new pairings next week that will include the All Stars. New partners should bring out sides to the contestants that we have not seen yet.

Next week, Neil Patrick Harris will guest judge. The week after that–Lady Gaga joins the panel! (According to Nigel tweets) Blush featuring Snoop Dogg and Daniil Simkin will perform. (Read the press release)

Which dancers will move into the Top 10? Couples will be broken up, and the All-stars will come on board to dance with the contestants next week. The All Star team will be announced tonight. Nigel has already confirmed Chelsie Hightower will be on the team and that, unfortunately, Alex Wong will not, due to a new brand new injury. Read more about that HERE.

Nicole Scherzinger will perform tonight.

Video: IdolXFactor

Group dance “El Fuego”

Here comes the EMMY NOMINATED CAT DEELEY! WHOOOOOOO! Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who gave the Emmy folks the what for last night about nominating Cat. Magic Powers! They were BOTH nominated for Emmys. 8 noms for SYTYCD, 5 noms for choreography. Next, there’s a small package featuring the nominated dances. Aw. Alex Wong. Sad.

The first two couples take the stage. Clarice and Jess are first. They are SAFE. Caitlyn & Mitchell are IN DANGER.

Nigel explains the Top 10 format: The dancers will perform twice. Once with each other, and once with an All-Star.   Nigel explains why Alex Wong won’t be joining the All-Stars. Sad. Sad. Sad. He’s “terribly terribly upset.”

All Stars joining the show next week will be Season 1 runner up, Melody, Season 2’s Allison, Season 3’s Pasha, Season 4’s Twitch, Comfort and Chelsie, Season 5’s runner up, Brandon, Season 6’s Kathryn and Season 7’s Robert. The All-Star crew will change from week to week.

Melanie & Marko and Ryan & Ricky are up next.  Melanie & Marko are SAFE of course, and Ryan & Ricky are IN DANGER.

Jordan & Tadd and Sasha & Alexander take the stage. Jordan & Tadd are SAFE!!!! OMG. Sasha & Alexander are IN DANGER for the first time.

Jason Samuel Smith Tap Company – Jason is from Season 3. It also features Melinda Sullivan from Season 7.

Nigel dons a t-shirt to pimp National Dance Day on July 30

Solos: Caitlyn, “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga, Mitchell “Ra” by Nathan Lanier, Ryan is next “Not In Love” by Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith, and Ricky “Body Language” by Queen.

Solos: Sasha, “Thinking About Your Body” by Bobby McFerrin, Alexander, Palladio by Escala.

Nicole Scherzinger performs. YAWN.

Results: It’s unanimous for the girls.  Nigel tells Caitlyn that we have not seen her dance as well as she has in her solos. Nigel felt she was lackluster last night, and her solo wasn’t great either. She’s behaving down and depressed.  Nigel was not knocked out by Sasha’s solo. Leaving tonight is Ryan.

The guys decision was 3 votes to one. Nigel says Mitchell’s solo was strong. His work is between average to very good. He peaks and troughs. His solo was good. Nigel tells Ricky he gave one of the best Dance For Your Lifes ever. Nigel thought Alexander’s solo let him down badly. Alexander is going home tonight.


  • Clarice & Jess
  • Melanie & Marko
  • Jordan & Tadd

Bottom 3

  • Caitlyn & Mitchell
  • Ryan & Ricky
  • Sasha & Alexander



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