So You Think You Can Dance 12 Top 6 Power List

We’re down to crunch time here. I’m actually not sure if we’re doing a Top 4 finale, per usual, or a Top 2. I’m betting we’re doing a Top 4, because that’s the closest typical format. This week we go from 6 to 4, the following should be Top 4 performance, with the last being the finale.

6) Megz– Her rapid decline is actually heartbreaking. I thought she was going so hard, and so strong that she might even win. But these past two weeks have been absolutely brutal on her. I can’t see her surviving this week, especially based on her performance last week. Even if she turns out a fantastic routine this week, she’ll just be leaving on a high note. I don’t know what happened, but she certainly lost her steam.

5) Jim– I mean, let’s be honest. Someone from Team Stage has to go home this week. Jim’s routine wasn’t well received, Gaby’s was. If Hailee can get enough votes to pass Jim (which she should, as sometimes being in danger reminds people to actually vote for you), then Jim could be going home. The once presumed winner of Season 12 is struggling to keep up in a season that is devoted to girl power. The judges say he’s unparalleled in his technique, but he fails to connect with the performances. I actually enjoyed his hip-hop routine this week, but I was in the minority. I think we might be saying goodbye to Jim.

4) Virgil– There’s something to be said about Virgil being the final guy in the top 4, but I don’t think he’s as dynamic or entertaining a soloist. I’m reminded of this the past two weeks, when his solos have just been OK, while the other team street members seem to really be dancing for their lives. I love Virgil. I love his energy. But against three powerhouse girls who consistently get great feedback? I just don’t think he can win.

3) Hailee– I wouldn’t completely count her out just yet, though she’s definitely lost some footing. It’s all about how she rebounds from this, and whether or not she pulls that “perfect’ routine out of the hat. If she gets what Gaby got lat week, we could really be looking at a photo finish. Her bottom two placement last week signals that she’s vulnerable, but I’m hoping it doesn’t mean she’s down for the count.

2) Jaja– The kind of feedback Jaja gets, coupled with the routines, leads me to believe that they believe she’s the great white hope for Team Street this season. She’s got a redemption arc, having previously auditioned for the show, that people connect with. She’s also got lots of fans. Every time I see a poll anywhere, at any point in the season, Jaja has always been in the top 3. Even on off weeks. She’s poised to be Gaby’s biggest threat, but her technique could hold her back. Gaby excels in every style, but Jaja struggles at times.

1) Gaby– I thought it was neck and neck last week between Hailee and Gaby, but last week just put Gaby way over the top. That routine was incredible, and by far the best of the night. If she keeps drawing fantastic routines out of the hat like she has the past two weeks, this girl is looking like a winner. Nigel would LOVE a tap winner. We all know his preference for the style, so don’t think for a second that her extra pimpage doesn’t have to do with Nigel finally being able to declare a tapper the winner. This for a girl they initially said no to, and had to reaudition just to get to Vegas this season. She’s come a long way, and she’s got a lot of fans. Unless Jaja or Hailee can pull some magic out, Gaby’s gonna win this thing. One thing is for certain. A girl is winning this season. That I’m certain of.

Sound off in the comments. Who’s your favorite? Did I finally get it right? Or did I just curse Gaby by putting her in first, dooming her like I did Megz and Hailee. We’ll find out Monday, I guess.

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