So You Think You Can Dance 12 Finale Power List

Final power list of the season. Maybe ever? Technically, the show hasn’t been renewed yet. This could very well be my last So You Think You Can Dance power list.

4) Hailee- I remember when I thought Hailee could win. I don’t think that’s what TPTB intended, so they hit her with a few mediocre routines, and now Hailee is just lucky enough to be in the final four. She did have some good stuff this week (like her duet with Gaby), but I think the damage had already been done. However, I vote Hailee most likely to return as an All-Star.

3) Virgil- Virgil had a really good week this week, which I think will ultimately lead to him placing above Hailee. Nigel thinks it’s between Jaja and Gaby, and so do I. This whole season has been gearing toward a female winner. Virgil offers nothing “new” to the winners circle. Jaja would be the first female hip hop winner, and Gaby would be the first tap winner. Virgil would be…. what? Happy, probably. But somehow, we’d all feel a little let down, even though Virgil has given us no reason to dislike him.

2) Gaby- I almost wanted to be like… “DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!” because I think Gaby and Jaja are SO close. Jaja’s got fans, though, so I think Gaby is going to get edged out on Monday. I think she ran a good race, really picking up steam at the end, but then so did Jaja. Both of them ran a good game for a while before hitting the gas pedal. I think as much as Nigel would love to have a tap winner, he’s going to have to make due with a hip hop female instead. Either way, the winner is someone they cut at some point in the competition previously, with Gaby having to audition twice this season, and Jaja getting cut at Green Mile last year.

1) Jaja- Just having a buttload of Twitter followers didn’t seem to work out for American Idol’s Lovey James, except that with Jaja, I think she has a lot of fans due in part to her appearance last year. A lot of people were angry and upset that she was cut, and likely have been voting for her every week since, pushing for her to get her retribution. I think Jaja is going to get crowned the victor this season. It’s a little bit of a similar showdown, when Fik-Shun defeated Aaron. Hip Hop will beat Tap. Team Street will beat Team Stage.

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