Simon Cowell Talks X Factor on The Tonight Show

Simon Cowell played coy with Jay Leno when the Tonight Show host asked him about who would sit on the X Factor judges’ panel.

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The ex-Idol judge has been talking with scads of people and can’t make up his mind! He name-checked Paula Abdul as someone he’s still considering. But the recent rumors: Cheryl Cole, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Scherzinger were not mentioned.

Jay dug up some old film of Simon on a British game show. Simon took a big dig at Steven Tyler in a joke that involved Simon’s mum. Despite the fact that nothing new was revealed in this interview, it’s still mildly amusing.

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  1. :( I miss Simon on idol so much this week. He knows how to critique people. Oh well, I know X-Factor US is going to do well. :)

  2. Oh, that was soooo funny that Simon’s mum said to tell Paula that she looks tired on idol!!! lolololol!!! I do miss Simon in some ways. Randy’s trying to be the mean one, but it doesn’t work well. :(

  3. I kinda miss Simon’s ability to decriminate betweenthe good and the not so good in a humorous way. The new judges, except randy, give too high praise to the mediocre which leaves them no room to praise the the good. I do think they are better at constructive criticism which Simon was not.

  4. I don’t miss him but after 10 years of Simon, you can’t get him out of your head can you? (“That was abysmal”)

    Anyway, I think the public is going to get tired of all these singing contests. After a while the try-outs for Idol will appear on AGT, The Voice (and even Seacrest has a dance show!)….it’s like overkill.

  5. Simon is as irritating to me as a Kardashian or a Hilton. Being famous for being absurd is just ridiculous.

  6. Actually, two America’s Got Talent have landed in the Idol TOP 24. Both Thia and Robbie had tried out for the show. Now, I wonder if there is something in their contract that will prevent a TOP 40 Idol contestant from trying out for the X-Factor?

    After seeing Simon, I realize it is definitely for the best that he is no longer on the show. I also sense he is displeased that the new judges are well accepted, thus far. Just my feeling, of course. Simon seems pleased with his decision and so am I.

  7. I don’t miss Simon on Idol. He’s happier and so am I.

    As for Randy, Jennifer and Steven, I like em. I think Randy is stepping up without being bored, condescending and rude – the elements of Simon’s persona that I couldn’t stand. Jennifer and Steven are positive and deliver criticism in a mostly constructive way (although not often). I think once things settle in, they will be somewhat more critical as is appropriate, but I’m not eager to go back to scorched-Earth judging.

    I kinda miss Simon’s ability to decriminate betweenthe good and the not so good in a humorous way.

    The problem is, Simon wasn’t always honest… remember the “A for effort” he gave to Danny Gokey for Scream On? He often undersold performers he didn’t favor who had good performances and oversold his favorites when they had an off night. His comments were often more for effect than valuable as actual critique.

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