Season 9 Preview: Samuel Larsen

This is our continuation of our preview of possible Season 9 contestants. Remember, that the Hollywood round doesn’t occur until January 9th this year. We don’t know how far any of these contestants might go. And since we never see some of the competition round contestants until the competition starts, we might never see some of these people. We might have even found the wrong person with the same name.

Number 15: Samuel Larsen
Hometown: Murrieta, Ca
Age: 17-18 (based on various dates given)
Style: Soul/Acoustic/Alternative

Bhanu Stark Coming Soon
Bhanu Stark Coming Soon

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Sugar Live (youtube)
Viva la Vida (youtube)
As Long as You Love Me (youtube)
I’m Yours (youtube)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (youtube)
Guitar solo of Beat It (youtube)
Youtube channel
Garage Band
Band He Used to Belong to

This guy sings. He dances. He plays the bass, guitar and drums. He’s got amazing cheekbones. What’s to stop this guy? Well, for starters, TPTB have indicated they want a female to win this year and if TPTB don’t get their way, they get grumpy and try to run you over with a bus. Second, the dude totally looks like Jason Castro. As we discussed the other day, you can’t look like a previous popular Idol with distinctive (for the show) looks. Many of the other Idol’s fans will hate you for being a copycat and everybody else won’t take you seriously. So, seriousy, dude, lose the dreadlocks (he won’t listen, but it’s his funeral and MJ will have to get out her stun gun to stop the fanwars). And, if he loses the dreadlocks, he will be called a sell-out. Get used to never being able to win with the Idol commentators. Third, there seems to be a back-lash developing against white dudes who play the guitar and re-arrange songs always winning this show.

There is a tonne of stuff out there about this guy. There is a lot of opportunity to assess his talent and other intangibles. The dude will clearly be able to wow the crowd with playing a different instrument every week. His vocals are good. He’s got a bit of a personality. He’s looks are good enough that he’ll get some people swooning over him. He knows his way around a cover. If he makes the voting rounds, I think he’s a lock for final 5. And that may be what dooms him from ever appearing on the show.

What do you people think? Is this guy a contender? Should he lose the dreads? Does this guy even need the show?

Thanks IdolManiac for the tip. This guy isn’t listed in the big IDF spoiler list, but he is being discussed as a spoiler over at IDF.

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  1. I can’t hear him very well because he was playing the guitar and when he wasn’t I still couldn’t here him very well. The quality of the video wasn’t the best either. I think I will wait until his audition without the guitar. IF he makes it.

  2. To me, his lower register is very good but the higher could use a little work. I think he might make the top 24 then watch out because he is good looking and seems like someone the girls will fall all over.

  3. He reminds me of the type of guy I’d like on this show. Chill Jason Castro vibe, plus he’s not perfect and he has evolution to do, so he could end up a dark horse. Although he does kinda give off a weird college typical druggie vibe >_>.

    Voice could use some work, but hey, most of the contestants I liked in S7 and S8 weren’t known for having particularly powerful voices.

    I have a gut feeling he’s gonna end up getting cut in Hollywood, probably if there are group numbers. Hollywood does kill a lot of potential talent (Emily Wynne-Hughes was her name, I think.)

  4. I would be very surprised if TPTB let him anywhere near the voting public.
    Too pretty, too talented and quirky- he’d be a juggernaut IMO.

  5. oh wow. he’s really, really pretty. but my loyalty lies with jason castro. =)

    and i agree. i think it’s a double whammy for him (keep/lose hair).

  6. if he makes top 24, watch out. he’ll be one of the favorites pretty quick.

    hopes he cut the length of his hair a bit. he’ll still be cute but lessen the Jason comparison.

  7. “He knows his way around a cover.” Whoa, MJ! There are kiddies who read this blog! haha

    Samuel actually is listed on the big list now. And he’s been shown briefly in commercials getting a golden ticket. So he’s for sure in.

    I’m not too impressed with him. I’ve heard his voice a million times. The only thing he’s got going for him is his dreads. And that is also the biggest thing working against him (like you said). I don’t see him making it to the top 24.

    I hope to see you feature people like Alex Nester, Ashley Makailah, Jermaine Sellers, Luke Edgemon, Brittany Starr James, Andrew Garcia soon. :) Love all six of them!

  8. ‘He knows his way around a cover.’  Whoa, MJ! There are kiddies who read this blog! haha

    I’m pretty sure Kirsten writes these previews. You can tell by her unique wit and Canadian spelling, which I happen to love.

    I think this kid definitely has a “cool” factor and a lot of potential. I don’t get the big deal about the dreads. Lots of dudes have them. Only in Idol World is it a big deal.

  9. I’m pretty sure Kirsten writes these previews. You can tell by her unique wit and Canadian spelling, which I happen to love.

    Oh yeah, you’re right. I just noticed that is says Kristen at the end of the post. My bad.

  10. As superficial as it probably is, MJ is right about the dread thing. Being a huge Idol fan, I just can’t forget about Jason Castro, and to me, it does seem like a copy cat. I’m sure that is not Samuel’s intentions at all but a lot of people liked Jason and remembered him for his dread locks. The casual AI viewer will remember this.

    He’s got a decent voice, so we will see. I wouldn’t consider him as much of a lock for the semi-finals by any means yet. To me, his upper register seemed really weak also, just like Jason.

  11. Hmmmm’ ¦

    This was the first pic I saw of him’ ¦

    Now there’s just the question of which look he’ll present while on Idol. Suffice to say, I’m kind of intrigued.

    Looks like something out of the current day batch of vampire movies. So, if he shows up looking like that, he may do well.

  12. I just want to address a few things. Lol.

    His band’s music is more rock/grunge.

    I think this look helps separate him from Jason…

    Also, here he is with straight hair…

    To me, his lower register is very good but the higher could use a little work.

    Listen from 2:18-2:34.

  13. Oh yea, more acoustic covers. I think you are right that TPTB need a girl this year. I suspect they’ll try to find a Rhianna or Beyonce type. Lil couldn’t fill that part last year as much as Simon wanted her to. I can’t get excited about anyone yet for S9.

  14. I’m not hearing much to commend him. He’s a Jason Castro wannabe who’s not as good as Jason. Listen without looking at him and there’s probably at least one kid in everybody’s neighborhood who’s as good… likely better.

  15. I like him. If he really is that young, he could be very marketable, and the show could offer some visibility whether they let him win or not.

    I don’t care about the dreads and whether he does or doesn’t look like Jason Castro, but yeah, I could see where that might be a problem for some in the audience.

    And yeah, I also agree that they’ll be pushing for a girl this time, so they may not let the cute boys through. Two in a row (Fantasia, Carrie and Cook, Kris) is the most they’ve had. So far, we’ve even, with four girls and four boys in eight seasons. If this really is the last season, will they want a boy or a girl and what kind of boy or girl to finish it out? Interesting to speculate.

  16. MJ,

    he is 18… i just watched a youtube video of him explaining why he has dreads that was dated 12/27/08 and he said that he is maturing and that he’ll be 18 in 8months, so he just turned 18 back around august.

  17. the people on ontd_ai seem to have found the AI9 person to flail over! They already have a couple of threads about this kid up on their site! LOL

  18. I just can’t get into this guy. Seems to me, his vocals are suited only for acoustic performances. Working with a band just cuts through his vocals. The good thing for him is the audition and day one Hollywood don’t involve a band. He may also be weak in the group number, if they do it this year. I really don’t see him getting out of Hollywood, not with the others guys I’ve seen. If he makes it out of Hollywood, I wonder about his creative side. Most of his YouTube stuff is pretty one dimensional, very little variance in his performances, kind of boring after you view a few of them.

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