Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Aug 15-21

Three milestones this week with Season 2, 5 and 10 representing (and 2×5=10…um…okay. That’s stretching).

Our latest winner has his first top 15 song. Scotty McCreery’s coronation song “I Love You this Big” has achieved top 15 status on Country radio. For a song that seemed to many to be the kiss of a death on Final 2 Performance night (some people thought it resembled a big Greyhound bus), it has exceeded general expectations. It will be interesting to see if Mercury is content with these numbers and will release his first real single or will keep riding this pony to album release day.

Josh Gracin was the top 4 finisher in Season 2. He was the first Idol to have success in the Country format when he was signed to Lyric Records. He is currently signed to Average Joe’s Entertainment and his “Long Way to Go” is the debut single off his third album. The album is listed as a Country release on September 13th, but the single was sent to AC for strategic reasons. It seems to have paid off because it just reached Top 20 in that format. It will be interesting to see what exactly Average Joe is up to.

Our final milestone is from Season 5’s 9th place finisher, Mandisa. Mandisa has carved a very successful career for herself in the Christian music market and her songs have become staples of CAC. Her debut single “Stronger” went to number one in the format, so it’s no surprise that her second single “Waiting for Tomorrow” is coming on strong as well. The song is already in the top 50 jumping from 65 to 46.

Details as of 6:56 pm on 08/21/11.

Carrie Underwood:
“Remind Me” with Braid Paisley: ^2 Country (5)

Chris Richardson:
“Far Away” by Tyga; ^14 RHY (14)

David Cook:
“Last Goodbye”: ^24 AC (24), 33 HAC (32)

“Collard Greens & Cornbread”: 14 UAC (13)

Javier Colon:
“Stitch by Stitch”: ^37 AC (40)

Jennifer Hudson:
“Don’t LooK Down”: 37 UAC (36)
“No One Gonna Love You”: 9 UAC (10), 38 Urban (29)

Josh Gracin:
“Long Way To Go”: ^20 AC (21)

Kellie Pickler:
“Tough”: ^30 Country (30)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Don’t You Wanna Stay”: ^6 AC (6), 20 HAC (17), 44 Pop (45)

Lauren Alaina:
“Like My Mother Does”: ^41 Country (41)

“Waiting for Tomorrow”: ^46 CAC (65)

Scotty McCreery:
“I Love You This Big”: ^15 Country (16)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

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