metsman796’s American Idol Tour Newark (Sat) Re-Cap

I’m sure u have read tons of recaps that all are long and say the same thing, so I’m gunna make mine shorter and a little different. All you need to know about me is I’m a thirteen-year-old boy (not your average American Idol fan i guess) and I was there with my mom and aunt (I know I sound like a loser but they wanted to go lol). Well, we were running very late, and we got there at 7:15 for a 7:00 show! However, the second we sat down, Michael started singing so it was perfect timing! We had amazing seats and had a great time so here we go…

im in love with a girl: The vocals were alright, but it was a great way to open the show. He had fun with it and did a pretty good job.
Closer: I thought this was just alright, again, it was upbeat and a good show-starter.
Best: “I’m In Love With A Girl”

put your records on: I thought she did great! It was very surprising to me because to be honest, i thought she was TERRIBLE on the show!
Tears dry on their own: It just wasn’t that good.She had some fun with it and she has a likable personality but i just didnt like the song for her
Best: no doubt “Put Your Records On”

Bend and break: This was a pretty good performance voc ally but it was just really boring! I don’t know why I just didn’t like it a lot.
A thousand miles: It was VERY good. Scott is incredibly gifted both with his voice and the piano. His piano playing was flawless!
Best: “A Thousand Miles”

Be without you: Lil has a brilliant R&B/Soul voice and personality. She did excellent compared to what she did on AI.
No one: I was once again surprised by Lil. I didn’t think she could pull off Alicia Keys, but she did very well.
Single ladies: This was the first time people stood up and danced. Her voice was OK (nothing special) but it was very fun.
Best: “No One”

Always on my mind: Technically, it was amazing. His voice was smooth and perfect for that song, but I just didn’t like the song. (boring!)
mad: He did a wonderful job with this one. He almost sounded like Ne-Yo, but with a slightly deeper voice. (VERY slightly lol)
My prerogative: This was another good performance, getting a lot of people to stand up. I think he should have started with this to energize the crowd, already standing after single ladies.
Best: “Mad”

Hard to handle: I really didn’t expect Matt to do well with a more upbeat song. However, he sang it well and it kept people standing after my prerogative. It was a very enjoyable performance and he can really play the hell o ut of the piano!
Georgia on my mind: I really liked it compared to previous slow songs . He pulled it off and sang it beautifully.
You found me: I might have remembered wrong, but i thought he didn’t do well with this song on the show. However, i loved it on tour!
Best: “Hard to Handle” just because it was unexpected of him

Group: i reallllllllllllly didn’t like the group performance AT ALL besides “tell her about it” and “beggin’ ”

So what: This was an amazing way to start the second half. It had people dancing and singing and we all were having a good time.
Cry baby: Absolutely amazing vocals! Allison is soooo talented. America doesn’t come across a young female rock singer very often, and she is so talented. I am most excited for her post-idol career.
Barracuda: This was when you can tell Allison was having fun. Her vocals were phenomenal, LOVED IT!
Best: “Barracuda” it was hard to choose because she was so amazing

Pyt: This kept everyone standing up and dancing. It was fun and a great performance.
Maria maria: Even though my mom and aunt and everyone else seemed to love it, i for some reason thought it wasn’t very good.
What hurts the most: I was very surprised how well he did this live, and i liked it a lot.
My wish: His preaching was kind of annoying but in a way it worked out well for the song, which overall went very well.
Best: “What Hurts the Most”

Whole lotta love: The crowd went crazy and screamed incredibly loud. It was the first time literally EVERYONE stood up in the whole sold-out show. His vocals were of course flawless, but his dancing was a little to raunchy for a guy to do lol. (a little disturbing)
Starlight: The song i was least excited to hear of his set ended up being incredible seeing it in person.
Mad world: Do i even need to describe it? Everyone knows how brilliant it is to hear Adam perform this song.
Slow ride: This was probably the best of the night. Once again, I don’t even need to talk about how amazing their voices sounded together. I do want to mention the objects thrown on stage. Of course, there were bras (which i always think is weird considering adam is gay and allison is a girl) but someone threw this weird pink thing and Adam picked it up and said “What the __ck is this?” (of course he couldnt say the actual word) but he said that instead of “Take it easy” so it fit in with the song. It was hysterical.
Bowie medley: This once again had everyone dancing and singing and his voice was once again perfect!
Best: I honestly can’t choose. I hate to be a front-runner so i usually root for the underrated “dark horses” but adam was amazing

Heartless: It was a great way to start his set. This was always one of my favorite performances by him.
all these things that i’ve done + bright lights: Once again, i wasn’t excited for either of these (so i put them together) However, i LOVED them both. I really wish we saw Kris’s electric guitar playing, lower and upper registers, and personality on AI. I’m so happy he chose these two songs because they showed a different side of his musical abilities than we saw on TV.
Ain’t no sunshine: Kris is incredibly gifted in music. He plays the guitar, viola, and the piano beautifully and has and amazing voice. He really knows how to move a crowd with this song.
Hey jude: Kris did an excellent job with this song. Everyone was standing, singing, and waving their phones.
Best: Again I can’t choose. I loved his whole set, even though most people didn’t just because it had to follow Lambert’s unbeatable set.

The final group performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” I thought was just alright. they didn’t really show off the front-runners of the competition as much as they should have.

Altogether, this concert was amazing!! It had great energy and most of all –talent. Even the people who didn’t do as well as others were still amazing. I can’t possibly choose my favorite performance/er. I definitely recommend this concert to anyone! I had a great time and the show was fantastic!!!

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