Megan’s American Idol Tour 2009 Grand Rapids MI Recap

I’m running on very little sleep, but every time I try and go back to bed I think about what I’ll say in my review. I think it will be best for all of us if I just get it out there now.

I’ll be posting this a couple different places, so I should probably introduce myself. I’m Megan from Michigan, Idol fan since Season 1. I only started going to the tours Season 6, because I was such a huge fan of Melinda and Jordin and finally had friends that also liked Idol. 6 and 7 are my favorite seasons by far. I liked Season 8 as well, but was not as emotionally invested as in the past. I’d say my three favorite contestants are Allison, Matt, and Adam. You’ll read more about my view on each contestant throughout this review.

My friends and I bought tickets for the Grand Rapids show about a week before, and ended up with front row. Couldn’t pass that up, plus we were going to meet up with some of our other friends who we know from past shows. THEN, Michael chose my best friend Sam on one of his twitter after party give-a-ways! We were ecstatic! We love Michael and have some friends that are his biggest fans. He gave us three passes, for me, Sam, and Lizz. I drove from Detroit to Grand Rapids early Sunday morning and arrived at the venue around 11:15. There was hardly anyone there! I was surprised, since it was a weekend. I met up with some old friends and we set up chairs and blankets right up to the fence in the same spot we stood last year. (I miss Season 7!) After waiting around in the very hot sun for a few hours, the buses pulled in. Megan, Lil, Allison, Kris, Anoop all got off the bus pretty quickly, waved, and walked right into the venue. I can’t remember the exact order of events of when the rest of the guys came out, but Michael and Matt came first to sign and take pictures.

Michael started closest to the buses going pretty quickly where there were large groups of people and then slowed down. When he got to us, he recognized my bestie Sam’ ¦ ‘hey, you’re on twitter! You won passes!’ . He was very, very sweet and personable. He kept telling us to have fun, and when I told him Sarah and Laura (his biggest fans ) said hello he knew who they were right away. When I asked for a picture he said ‘Can I get a picture with YOU?’ 

Matt was next and I was so happy to meet him, because even though we had AP passes I was pretty sure he would have a separate one. I went to Western Michigan University, so I lived in Kalamazoo for four years. Matt’s bar, Monaco Bay, is my absolute favorite and I remember him from those days. He is an incredible artist and sweet guy. He seemed to recognize us, which we don’t know if that is possible. It could be from one too many adult beverages at Monaco’ ¦who knows? Anyways, he was really nice. Sam had him say hello to her friend Erin on the phone, he signed our stuff and because we were busy talking about how awesome Monaco Bay is, we forgot to ask for a picture. After he signed for the people next to us he came back! He was like ‘I’m coming back… I don’t usually come back, but it’s because I love you guys’ .

Scott and Allison came out next. Scott was really nice, he seemed very tired. He thanked us a bunch of times for coming, and whoever was walking him down the line (I feel bad that I don’t know who she was, his mom maybe?) asked me if I would mail in the picture I had of him to his P.O. Box. I’m not quite sure what this means’ ¦any Scott fans know? We didn’t get a picture with him but again he was really nice. I just wanted to hug him!

Allison moved down the line like a speed demon. She was only signing, no pictures. She is TEENY TINY! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous. Allison was my favorite this season, I wanted her to win. I’ve heard negative comments about her on this tour, but I thought she was really nice! She was quieter and more relaxed than she is on stage or in interviews, but the girl is 17. She is probably terrified of all these people. I told her that Melinda Doolittle says hello and she smiled and was like ‘I loooooooove Melinda Doooolittle!’  So cute!

After those four, the security guard told us that there was a press conference and it would be a while if any other Idol came out, if they came out at all. Since it was so hot ½ our group decided to go eat and change and come back when doors opened.

Fast forward through our long dinner and break at the hotel, we get a text that Kris and Danny are out signing. We headed back to the venue and stood at the end of the line to catch Kris, Danny was walking back inside when we got there. Kris was going pretty fast, but smiling the whole time and very laid back. We all got a picture with him; even though he was trying to move quickly he still stopped for us.

So that was the pre-show. You still have show and after party to read through! Take a break, get up and walk for a second.

Our seats were awesome, and we were able to move a little closer to the stage during the concert. Michael kicks things off, and he was awesome! He reminds me so much of Chikezie- 10th place finalist who surprises the audience on tour. I hate ‘I’m In Love With A Girl’  as it is, but still loved his performance. ‘Closer’  was amazing. We held up our ‘We <3 Papa Sarver’  sign for him and he kept waving and pointing at us. Loved him! I didn’t get any pics because I was holding up a sign and a cell phone for my friends to hear his set.

Oh, Megan. I LOVED her at the beginning of the season. Her audition is one of my favorite auditions ever. I’d say I was a pretty big fan up until top 10, and then it kind of went downhill. I still liked her personality; I thought she made the show more interesting. At the show last night, I loved ‘Put Your Records On’ , didn’t so much like the Amy Winehouse song that followed. Her voice is very screechy, but I still say she did a pretty good job.

Scott was alright I don’t have much to say about him- his voice just doesn’t do much for me. I did love his sense of humor and his fantastic piano skills, no denying he has talent.

I’ve heard very mixed reviews on Lil Rounds. I think she was sick last night (her voice was pretty much gone at the AP) so she didn’t sound that wonderful, but I loved her energy and positive attitude. Her whole set was so fun, especially Single Ladies. What a diva! I enjoyed her.

Anoop really surprised me! I loved his whole set and his voice is much stronger than I remember. His dance moves during ‘My Prerogative’  were major win. I wasn’t a big fan of his on the show, but he did really well last night.

The crowd was going crazy for Matt. I am SO glad I was able to go to his hometown show. I love this guy; I think he is SO talented and creative. I would buy his album in a heartbeat. His set was amazing, my favorite from the first half of the show. I could listen to ‘Georgia’  on repeat- so soothing and soulful. The crowd absolutely LOVED him. You could tell how happy he was to be singing for his hometown. Way to go, Matt! SIGN MATT GIRAUD!

The group number was entertaining (in a good way). Lil and Megan have VERY different voices so it’s weird to hear them sing together, but the boys meshed well (and looked amazing!). I screamed for Megan because no one else was and she smiled so big.

Intermission! Had to sit down from all the dancing, jumping, and screaming we were doing. When we go to concerts, we do it right! During intermission, I made a sign for the drummer, Aaron. It said ‘Aaron- drummers do it better!’  I love Aaron!

I was so beyond excited for Allison. She did not disappoint! Homegirl is a wizard on the stage. That’s the best analogy I can come up with- a VERY strong performer, amazing vocals, and a ball of energy. She was jumping and running all around; I couldn’t get ANY pictures of her because she was always in a different spot. ‘Cry Baby’  was out of this world. I had to take a step back to realize that this girl is only 17 years old- she is about to take the world by storm. I promise you she will be a superstar. I was in absolute AWE with her vocals.

Danny was next- we have quite the history. I loved him in the beginning of the season, in fact I believe I even wrote that he would win. I lost interest after a couple of weeks, and then became one of the Danny haters. Sad part is I’m not even sure why. I came into this concert feeling very apathetic toward him, didn’t really care one way or another, he was just kind of there for me. I have to say, his set was amazing! Yes, full of cheesy moments but I’m a big fan of cheese. I was very into his set as it was, and then he gave his little speech before ‘ My Wish’ . I can’t tell you how much it hit home- he was talking about how we need to make sure we do everything we want to do before we lose it all or leave this world. It meant SO much to me for many reasons, mainly my 15 year old cousin who is dying of stage 4 brain cancer but trying to single handedly save the world before he goes. Oh Danny Gokey, at this moment I wanted to go on the stage and hug you! This coming from the girl who used to advertise to put the Go in Gokey! I’m so sorry!

Well, you all know what happens next. Adam Lambert takes the stage and everyone in the audience is in awe. Holy moly, I am so glad I decided to go to the concert. Seeing and hearing Adam live right in front of your face is an incredible experience. I really have no words to describe how talented this guy is. I could sit here all day and tell you, but it wouldn’t be the same. I think I cried during ‘Mad World’ . Scratch that, I know I cried. Absolute chills. I can’t wait for him to release an album and have a solo tour.

I always really enjoyed Kris on the show, last night he proved why he won Idol. Yes Adam is amazing and incredible, but Kris has got PIPES! He is also very musically talented and creative. He makes the music I listen to most often, and I was very impressed by his vocals! I really enjoyed his set, too. He had some great songs that really suited his voice. I’m REALLY ecstatic for his album.

Don’t Stop Believing was so great! Loved the dueling pianos. I threw my sign for Aaron on the stage, and Scott was about to kick it off to Lil grabbed it. It was in a ball so I could throw it better, so she gave the strangest look and then shrugged. She took it with her while exiting the stage, I was hoping she’d give it to Aaron.

Now you made it through the show! Only one more section to go- the after party!

We had to wait to go into the after party for a while; I think because Matt was having a separate one and they let his family/friends go in first. There were also a ton of Kris’ family in our AP. Anyways, we walked in and went immediately to the back of the room to Michael. We had a nice conversation with him about the show, college football, etc. He is so sweet! We took pictures with him and thanked him about a million times for the passes. He told us to have fun and to meet everyone else. Aww.

The girls were all standing together near Michael. No one really knew what to do because they were in a clump, so there was no real line. While we were assessing the situation Allison saw us and gave us the ‘sup’  nod. It was adorable. No one was around Lil so we hopped right up to her, poor thing was losing her voice. She was very nice and more than willing to take pictures.

We scooted over to Allison next, and of all the Idols we met, I think I was most nervous with her. I just love this girl! We told her how Lizz never watched Idol before this season and only watched for Allison, that Melinda says hello, and how amazing she was. She was really nice and thankful. We all took pictures with her; as soon as we were done we were kind of in between Megan and Allison, blocking Allison from the other fans. I think she saw this as an opportunity to get out of there (honestly, I don’t really blame her, she looked exhausted and it was late) so she pulled Megan’s arm and then walked away. I think Megan was confused, because Allison scooted away and we were standing there. I turned around and Allison was standing by the door, looking at us talk to Megan. I felt bad that we stole her away. Megan was SO sweet. She signed our stuff and when I told her that her audition was one of my favorites ever, her eyes got huge and she was like ‘thank you so much!’ . I asked if we could take a fun CAW CAW picture, she got really excited and was like ‘YEP!’ . I think she left with Allison after we were finished.

We went to Anoop next and I honestly don’t remember what I said to him. I just know I got his autograph and a picture. My time with Anoop is completely blurred for some reason.

Neither Adam or Scott were there, so it was Danny and Kris left in the room. Kris still had a longer line, so we went over to Danny. While we were waiting, Sam noticed that Aaron was in the after party! We decided I needed my picture with him, after we met Kris and Danny. Even though we were standing right in front of Danny we kept getting interrupted by other people. He noticed and apologized a few times. As soon as there was a break, he grabbed our programs and pulled us closer to him. As he was signing our stuff I told him the message Chikezie wanted me to give him. His reaction was so cute..

Me ‘So Chikezie..’ 

Danny ‘CHIKEZIE?’ 

Me ‘Says hi and that the next time you see him you better have a huge stack of cards..he says you’ll know what it means.’ 

Danny ‘That’s hilarious. How do you know Chikezie’ 

Me ‘Ummmm’ 

Sam ‘Well she’s his biggest fan’ 

Danny ‘NICE!’ 

Sam ‘And they are really close’ .

Then I told Danny how much his little speech meant to me, and about my cousin. He thanked me for telling him that and then we all got pictures with him.

We got in Kris’ line and were surrounded by his family members who were taking lots of pictures. Sam went up first and as she was about to get her picture with him she said ‘thanks for having your album come out on my birthday’ . He gave her a high five and then they got together for the picture. Right before the flash she was like ‘And John Mayer’s album…just saying’ . Kris got SO excited that he jumped away and was like ‘AND JOHN MAYER!’  the two of them continued to have a very giggly, excited conversation which I missed because I was taking pictures of them and laughing about how excited Kris was. It was seriously hilarious. He was like ‘we never got picture really’ ¦just candid shots of us being awesome’ . Sam was like ‘ We ARE awesome’ . Hahaha, loved it! I got a picture with him too (not as eventful) and we thanked him, thanked his family.

Besides Kris’ family and some members of the band, we were the only ones left. Before leaving, I asked Aaron if he got my sign. He was like ‘Your sign was awesome! I’m going to twitpic it later!’  and gave me a high five. I got my picture with him too. He was so sweet, he also twittered me later thanking me.

As we were leaving, we discovered that Adam was outside signing. I assessed the situation and decided that, even though I would LOVE to meet Adam, I would most likely not get a picture with him and needed to get on the road. I passed it up and found out later my friends did briefly meet him, but no pictures. Oh well, such is life.

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