PJ’s American Idol Tour 2009 Indianapolis, IN Tour Recap

Required confessional’ ¦ I haven’t read half of the recaps. Okay, a quarter at most. Errr’ ¦ perhaps less. I know at some point in the season ‘recap fatigue’  sets in and if no one reads this, my feelings won’t be hurt. In fact, that’s what I’m kind of expecting.

Is this where I insert a disclaimer? Letting everyone know how old I am and how I never ever was a fan girl until this year? Sorry, not gonna happen. You should know I have been a fangirl in the past and I’m not embarrassed about it. Long-time MJ readers know all that. I didn’t go eleventyone this year, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have some faves. I think I’m just going to do a bulleted list so that everyone doesn’t have to deal with any excess verbiage. I suspect some will not like my review, but at least it won’t waste too much time.

Act One:

· First half was pretty lame.

· Sarver was already singing when we got there, so we hopped, skipped and jumped down to our seats. He’s very earnest and his voice isn’t half bad. Charisma? Nada.

· Megan was a hot mess. I liked the glitter added to her tat sleaves. That’s about it. She phoned it in. She had her hair like Marilyn Monroe and I wondered if she was on some pills, too. Perhaps the fact that she tripped a couple of times threw her off game? I thought she dropped but covered up some lyrics in the Winehouse song. No one else with me could confirm or deny. She did say oops at the end of her set. Heh.

· Scott may think he’s Chris Martin, but he ain’t. His shtick wasn’t funny, either. But I knew it was coming. *shrug*

· Oh, Lil. Your voice is shot, isn’t it? Yes, she’s trying really hard. Sadly, there’s nothing that makes her unique.

· Noop! Finally, someone who has some spark. I enjoyed ‘Always On My Mind.’  He looked damn good, too.

· Matt! Loved ‘Hard to Handle.’  Then it went downhill. Sigh.

· I skipped out to get a beer during the Fray song. I was so not impressed with most of the first half that my main goal was beating the crowd and being in place for Act 2.

Act Two:

· No one phoned it in during acto numero duo. Sorry for making up a language.

· Allison is dripping charisma. Her voice is killer and she so killed ‘Cry Baby’  and ‘Barracuda.’  She brought some energy that was sooo needed at this point. I’ll admit that she needs some work with the whole playing the guitar and singing at the same time thing (Pink song), but damn. Everyone was on their feet (in front of our 18th row seats).

· Danny has been taking steroids. Looks good. Nice guns. Don’t buy the country stuff from him, although he’s also earnest. I did sneak up to get another beer during his set because I was thirsty and didn’t much care. I wanted to be in place for Adam and Kris.

· Adam. OMG. That voice. I hate that jacket he’s so proud of, but DAMN. He can sang. He put 200 percent into his performance, and as someone who paid 80 bucks, I appreciate that (hear that Megan?). The duet with Allison was filled with joy and playful fun. My personal fave of his solo stuff was the Bowie medley. I wish fans would STFU and not scream during ‘Mad World.’  I felt it, but the OTT fans were distracting. Oh, and his stage make-up totally works for the 18th row. Gorgeous.

· Enjoyed Kris. He’s really, really good. Loved the way he hopped between instruments. I hope the people who were sitting for his set were doing it because they really liked it and wanted to appreciate it. I love his musicianship. I won’t lie. His more mellow set after Adam’s was kind of jarring.

Damn, I ended up being a windbag after all, huh? Sawry!

PS: Totally enjoyed the company! ;=)

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