Headlines: Louis Tomlinson’s Sister Dies, Donny Osmond, David Archuleta Pizza Stop

Louis Tomlinson Sister Dead At 18 – Louis Tomlinson’s teenage sister has died after suffering a heart attack … TMZ has confirmed. 18-year-old Félicité Tomlinson passed away Wednesday at her studio apartment in London. She collapsed from a heart attack, and someone in the apartment called for an ambulance … but after paramedics tried to revive her, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Sources connected to the family tell TMZ, Félicité had absolutely no warning signs and they knew of no prior history of heart trouble. She did, however, suffer from sciatica. We’re told Louis is with family right now and he’s devastated. The One Direction singer lost his mother to cancer in December 2016 when she was only 43. – Read more at TMZ

Idol contestant Madison VanDenburg meets with teens in Cohoes – Local teen musical sensation Madison VanDenburg paid a visit to Community Miracles in Action in Cohoes and met with teens of Louder Dreams Entertainment. VanDenburg answered questions from her fellow teens, listened to their music and sang for them as well. “When I saw my audition on Sunday I had a viewing party, so a bunch of my family and friends were there too so I was watching myself walk out and I was hiding my face and getting nervous all over again. It was awesome to see what the judges said, that I didn’t really get a chance to hear and it was awesome,” VanDenburg said. – Read more at Troy Record

Maddie Poppe visits QC Genesis cancer patients before sold-out concert – DAVENPORT, Iowa – American Idol winner and Iowa native Maddie Poppe paid a visit to patients at Genesis this morning before her sold out benefit concert. To many people, Poppe is the internationally-known season 16 American Idol winner, but deep down she’s your typical 21-year-old girl. “It’s great being back home being with my family and sleeping in my own bed,” says Poppe. “One thing I noticed though is I have been sleeping in a twin bed my whole life.” – Read more at wqad

BWW Interview: Taylor Hicks, Rachel Potter, and Brian Clowdus Talk Creating a Home Run with SHENANDOAH – As for my character, I feel like I’m becoming Charlie Anderson as each day goes by. And this is what I am really learning about in this role is to take some of the character, some of yourself, and try to meld them to create this really great lead and a really important father figure in this story. Charlie has to really be the stoic figure. He has that, kind of, “never let them see you sweat” mentality. Whatever happens, he has to keep his family together in this horrible war that his family is going through – Read more at BroadwayWorld

Longmeadow MA’s Brynn Cartelli visits FOX61 before opening for Kelly ClarksonFOX61

Donny Osmond and David Archuleta make unexpected Orem MidiCi visit, just in time for Pi Day – What happens when it’s Pi Day and two Utah celebrities walk into a pizza place? Acclaimed vocalist and showman and Utah County favorite Donny Osmond answered that burning question you never knew you had Thursday morning with a post on his Instagram page. “I went to have pizza with my family at MidiCi in Orem, Utah and David Archuleta walks in as well,” he shared. “I don’t think everyone in the restaurant liked it because all of the cooks stopped cooking and wanted pictures. You’ve heard the saying, ‘Too many cooks in the kitchen,’ well, David and I took care of that problem.” – Read more at Herald Extra

John Legend Sings Too Much – The Voice 2019

ABC Reality Chief on ‘The Bachelor’ Evolution and “Dark Horse” ‘Bachelorette’ – In a wide-ranging franchise chat, Mills takes THR behind the scenes of Underwood’s season to talk about the virgin Bachelor (“Was it too much? Absolutely. But is The Bachelor the poster child for overkill? Absolutely,” he says of all the virginity talk), and whether this cycle marks a shift away from the fairy-tale proposal. Mills also explains why Hannah Brown (“Hannah B.”) was cast as the next Bachelorette, reveals which contestants she beat out for the gig and anticipates when viewers will see a diverse Bachelor. Read the full chat below. – Read more at Hollywood Reporter

10-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown expected to become Great Britain’s youngest ever Olympian in Tokyo – ot content with aiming to become Great Britain’s youngest-ever summer Olympian, 10-year-old Sky Brown wants to go even bigger by qualifying for two different sports at Tokyo 2020. Brown is part of Skateboard GB’s new ‘Aspiration Squad’, a group of five British athletes who will receive support to try and qualify for the sport’s Olympic debut next summer. But the young star does not intend just to compete on land in the country of her birth, with surfing, another new sport for the Games, also on her radar. Her talents are not just confined to surf and skate boards, winning last year’s junior Dancing With The Stars competition in the United States and building up an impressive social media profile, including 300,000 Instagram followers so far. – Read more at Telegraph.co.UK

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  1. Thanks for the BWW article about the production of “Shenandoah”! I went looking for some reviews of the opening earlier today, but I suppose it was too soon, since everything Google showed me was the pre-show press. ?

  2. 10 Animated Movies Coming Out In 2019

    This movie looks to be an animated film with a heartfelt message. The film tells the story of a town called Uglyville where being weird and different is a thing that’s celebrated. But, when a group of Uglyville inhabits go to the other side of their mountains, they find Perfection.

    Maybe in a move to compete with the popular LEGO movies, Playmobil the Movie is about a young woman who enters the world of Playmobil toys as she searches for her brother who has gone missing. The voice actors for this film include famous actors such as Daniel Radcliffe and Adam Lambert, and the movie looks to be a fun, silly adventure.

  3. Remember Laura Marano? She has a new album out this week, various pop styles, including this track, which was written with Jason Mraz, and Nick Fradiani* and Nick Abraham produced it. *This is your reality show connection.

  4. Um! I guess they are really going to promote this documentary. It is always good for QAL when they get a write-up on those niche sites and they do. But it is even better and more meaningful to get noticed in the mainstream, especially for Adam. The Show Must Go: The Queen and Adam Lambert Story being released on ABC, so soon after they rocked the Oscar stage with a splashy performance, is perfect timing.

  5. Uh, no. Who is Laura Marano? She sounds a bit like Natalie Imbruglia to me. I like it! (Apparently I’m out of jail . . . )

  6. I don’t know much about Ugly Dolls, but I do know that Kelly Clarkson has the starring role.

    I don’t think Adam is the star of the Playmobil movie, but the producer has been tweeting that Adam has a significant role and is very good.

  7. I did not know of her either, or have any reason to remember her, even after I Googled for her WIKI, which is normally my first move. I see she has a varied catalog, I simply never ran across her before…(and probably won’t again, her vocals are not my cuppa ??).

    But the music stylings, produced by the Two Nicks, sound very much like some of the indie music treatments I have heard Nick do of his own music, the way the melody gets that repeated staccato treatment, and the vocal quirks…the Two Nicks are likely a good match for her musical approach!

    Interesting that Nick F is branching out to production…and not just for himself! ?

  8. Laura Marano was the other pop act on Big Machine in 2015-16 — in her case, Borchetta’s attempt to capitalize on her Disney-channel fanbase (which is still pretty large and ardent). While both she and Nick F were on the same label, they did some things together that fans never heard because both ended up parting ways with Big Machine earlier in their album cycles than was originally anticipated. Apparently they genuinely got along well enough for this track to have happened.

    The rest of the album is a sampler of pop styles, so one track goes all the way to EDM.

  9. I know her, but have no idea why she’s being mentioned on this site other than she was one of the many signed to Borchetta’s label years ago. I don’t remember MJ ever covering her on the site.

  10. She is mentioned because Nick Fradiani, the Idol winner from Season 14, originally had worked with her on music that remained unreleased, while both were signed by Borchetta, and he was the Producer on her song with his friend, Nick Abraham…as per the Original Post. ?

  11. One more Nick Fradiani thing — he’s credited with a couple or three tracks on a fund-raising stunt project for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure called Write By The Sea, Volume 1 (created by the same Sister Hazel gang of buddies who do Rock By The Sea). I’m linking a Spotify track because that’s easy, but the best way to benefit to the cause is to buy from Bandcamp, where both downloads & a CD are available.

    This one is way off the norm for Nick’s songwriting so idek what’s up. I’d say it’s about the 3rd strongest track on the album, putting “Fearless” and “Alabama” ahead of it. (I wrote a track-by-track review but ya can’t be super-critical about something that’s written in a weekend & thus troperrific.)


  12. …Thanks! Adding this to my to-do list to check later today, with your track-by-track in one hand and the site in the other… ? Interested to hear the differences in the three songs Nick worked on; “The Unknown”, “All Your Might”, and “The Way It Is”.

  13. The cool thing with this album is that the artists kind of took the brakes off on “here’s the genre I’m supposed to be in,” so some of the tracks are written in their comfort zone, but others aren’t. Nick was arguably most consistently willing to abandon his comfort zone as a songwriter — his tracks recognizably fit influences he covers, but not how he ordinarily writes or agrees to production for himself.

    It’s been kinda awkward to mention in public, because ofc, I “ought to” prefer his core sound above all, but I think for an occasion like this, it’s healthful and fun to experiment and get silly and stretch, so I’m up for enjoying the slate of songwriters doing that, even as I’m happy to see them go back to whatever their preferred lane is for formal releases.

  14. Here’s another song “This Far” James Durbin recently wrote with some Nashville songwriters. He sings on the demo, and yes this too is a country song. Seems he’s been writing the next QR rock album at the same time he’s also been writing country songs. This is the second song with this one particular songwiter, the first one is also on the same page, called “Highway Home”.

    John Cirillo
    3 hrs · ReverbNation
    Here’s a new song I wrote with Troy Castellano and James Durbin. As you can easily tell, that’s James singing. Man, what a voice! He makes everything we write sound awesome!

  15. I got confused too since she’s a Disney star but incipit explained ???

  16. I have sev lanes: Rock (Rock & Roll), Country & Pop (not most current pop). My Country lane likes both those songs & James singing/demo-ing them.

  17. Just got back from a 3 day student programming scouting conference. Was 50/50 good and bad of all kinds of acts . Dez Duron from The Voice performed and I think he’s gotten better vocally. Also got a comedian who got buzzed on a early season of AGT and I honestly think he would have been one of those joke acts getting far if Howie was a judge

  18. One more say re the song “This Far” featuring James Durbin (in the link above)—hope he genuinely means those lyrics. His life pretty much always reflects that determination–extremely hard-working person and, in that regard, was so happy for him just the other day when he reflected on a bit of his journey on AI on fb when “not only the usual fans” came through wonderfully & posted “much love” for him both back then & equally still to this day :) …..making him very aware they know where he is presently in the music world & following his accomplishments since Idol. Was genuinely moved reading through their many encouraging thoughts for him.

  19. I think the lyrics in “This Far” and also in the other song with this writer, “Highway Home”, while being relatable to James’ journey, are generic enough for others following similar paths.

    What I mean by that is, he’s writing these songs with country co-writers for possibly other artists to cover, for licensing opportunities, etc. Not for him to record personally. Sort of what he’s doing with Alex in some of those placements they mentioned in his Golden Robot Records bio…
    …”Alex and James have worked both individually and collectively on various projects, with music placed with Walt Disney, Touchstone Pictures, FX, NBC, VH1, ABC, FOX and many others writing original material as well re-working existing tracks to fit with the producer or director’s vision”…

    So while they could apply to him as well, these songs are relatable enough to be used for these other potential situations.

  20. Still do hope he feels like that (determined all the way as he has been). After sev more listens I’m really liking it. Would be nice to be able to buy/download it. I see he’s having another online show I’ll miss bec of the type of payment arrangement–hate that.

  21. Yeah, I saw that online show announcement for this Sunday. Not sure if I’ll be home that early, it’s at 4:30 pm East coast time. We’ll see.

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