Kris Allen Moves to Nashville! (PHOTOS)

American Idol season 8 winner, Kris Allen, has a lot going on in his life right now, both in his professional and personal life. Yesterday, the singer instagrammed a photo of his beloved state of Arkansas, as he drove away toward a new home in Nashville TN.

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Kris instagrammed with the photo, “Today me and family said goodbye to the beautiful state of Arkansas and moved to Tennessee. An incredibly bittersweet moment in our lives. We love our state and will always consider ourselves Arkansans. But happy to start this new chapter in our lives. Thank you to the people of this state for always supporting me in everything that I have done. We love y’all so much! #Arkansas #Razorback4Life #Horizons”

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Kris’ forthcoming studio album is aptly title, Horizons, and will be released independently on August 12! Also, his son, Oliver, turned one last week! “Can’t believe this dude is 1 today! #watchoutladies #oliver” Kris posted with the photo on instagram. >How time flies!

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  1. I love his shout-out to his home state! But he’s making a smart move…joining a huge music community where hopefully he will make contacts & have many more opportunities for work. And that is one cute baby!

  2. His buddy Adam Hambrick posted this picture of Kris and family last night …

    I am thrilled for them making this move. Right time professionally and personally to do this and I hope it goes smoothly for them!

  3. Big smiles pasted on the faces of Kris and Katy. Oliver seems to be thinking, “I’m not so sure about all this.”

  4. This move should help Kris’ career. There is such a big music community here and there is a lot of emphasis on collaboration. They already know a fair amount of people who live in Nashville, so that should help ease the move. And Arkansas is not all that far away, so they will still be able to go home a lot, probably.

    Very sweet shoutout to his home state, too.

  5. Smart move for Kris; so glad they made the decision to move. Nashville seems like a great fit for him; I never thought LA was his kind of scene, this just seems like a much better place for him.

    Good luck to them!

  6. Donna Terrell @donnaterrell_tv
    .@KrisAllen All the best to you and your family Kris. Don’t forget about us in Arkansas! We’ll always be in your corner! @FOX16News

  7. I love visiting Nashville and it’s a great place to live. That was a smart move for Kris. It’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for him and he will fit in well in Nashville.

  8. Good Fortune to Kris on this new adventure. I think he will find a lot of friends in Music City – and collaborators for his Pop Folk/Country vibe – hope the family is very happy with the move!

  9. I wish Kris good luck with new album. That said, I wish some of these idol winners/contestants had a back up plan, like a different career path to fall back on. This seems like a desperate move uprooting your family and all your ties to stay in the business, especially if you have a family to support.

  10. People in the music industry go where they can make the most contacts. Even those who make their homes in other states, spend a lot of time in LA, TN and NY, because that’s where the opportunities are. That’s how they network, and ensure that they can make a living doing what they love.

    Last I heard, none of the idol alums was on welfare or hurting for money.

  11. Lol, what is desperate about it? It makes total sense. Nashville has got probably THE strongest songwriting community in the US. And collaboration is the name of the game here. Pretty much every hit song (or song, full stop) that comes out of Nashville is a co-write. It is a fantastic place to network and make connections with people you might work with in the future. Pretty much every record label either is based here or has an office here. Same thing with music publishers. There are a ton of record producers that live here. Etc etc etc. It is one of the three places in the US (L.A., & NYC) that people move to in order to pursue music careers (there are a few other good options, like Atlanta or Austin, for example, but NY, L.A. and Nashville are the Big 3). Are all these people who move to Nashville desperate? Should they just stay in Arkansas or Iowa or New Mexico or wherever instead? Yes, they might be able to carve out a decent music career living somewhere other than one of these 3 cities, but it is more difficult. And a lot of people who don’t live in these cities still travel to them multiple times a year to work on their music. All that travel can get costly.

    That is what Kris has done for much of the past year or two — traveled back and forth from Arkansas to Nashville. So isn’t it better to just move his family so he can spend time with them rather than him driving 6 hours each way? Especially now, when Oliver isn’t school age yet.

  12. Don’t know how desperate it was since the talk of moving seem to have started shortly after Oliver was born and they pulled the trigger earlier this year when they put their house up for sale.

  13. I would add that out of the three main hubs, Tennessee is the best match for Kris’ personality and the type of music that he wants to make. The move is a positive sign in regards to how he’s approaching his career.

  14. Not to mention, they just sold the house in Conway. I don’t know how much it went for, but the asking price was well over $300K.

  15. I’m excited about this new adventure for Kris and family. It seems like a really smart move on Kris’ part – both for his career and his family. In addition to joining such a strong local songwriting community and being located in an industry hub – he mentioned in his interview with Lyndsey Parker that most of his band lives in Nashville. Also, they are still close enough to family and friends in Arkansas that they can visit often if they choose. Also, Oliver picrue – so cute!

  16. Congrats to Kris, Katy, Oliver and Zorro. This was not only a smart move for Kris to make, but hopefully a lucrative one as well. I’m sure making connections and having friends in Nashville made the decision a little easier for him and Katy.

  17. Housing prices will likely be higher in Nashville than they are in Arkansas. A house in the $350+/- range seems inexpensive if you are in one of the major West coast cities. A house like they had in Arkansas would probably cost twice that much here and even more in some major east coast cities.

  18. I didn’t know you were a songwriter, Girlygirl. I wish you lots of luck and success! Maybe one day we’ll hear your songs on the radio!

  19. Actually housing prices in Conway and Nashville are very similar. I thought about buying a condo rather than renting when I moved to Nashville — for example you can find a 1-bedroom condo or house in Nashville area for less than 70K, depending on the neighborhood. Even in the more expensive neighborhoods houses sell for far less than they would in, say, L.A. or NYC. They had a 3-bedroom house in Conway — they shouldn’t have trouble finding a 3-bdrm place in Nashville for around 300K. The only difference might be is that the place in Conway was built specifically for them. They might not be able to do that here.

  20. it was on Not sure if it’s still on there since it’s been sold.

  21. He was likely fine as soon as he figured out where they were putting the food bowl. Heh.

    Looks to me from that kitchen picture that they may be in a rental property and shopping the real estate market – that stove with the right hand side smacked up against a blank wall isn’t exactly in a well designed kitchen – unless a person is left handed…it’s a very awkward placement.

    But as people have said – of the three Music Hubs, Nashville has the most reasonable Cost of Living – besides having everything else a musician could wish for. This ought to be a good move for the Allen family!!

  22. lol my guess is that’s their friend’s bachelor pad apartment. :) May not have reached the closing date on their new home in Nashville yet.

  23. They have the sold listings – how do you know which one was theirs though?

  24. last I saw the asking price was somewhere around $340K. Gray house built in 2012, if that helps :)

  25. @krisallen

    #Got a surprise coming for you guys tomorrow #horizons

  26. This makes total sense to me. Nashville is the most family friendly place [as Keith & Nicole attest to] I think also there are several Christian artists who are based around Nashville who would be great support to Kris. Looking forward to Kris’s new Independent album.I just hope it is available in Australia.

  27. Don’t know about the physical cd but the digital version is on iTunes.

  28. And plenty of fellow Idol friends. Just from S8 alone Kris can look forward to hanging with buddies Gokey and Giraud.

  29. Well there’s no guessing whose kid that is! 1/2 Kris, 1/2 Katy! Luckily 0 Zorro ;)

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