Kris Allen Talks, Performs Music From Upcoming Album “Horizons” (PLUS Studio Version of Beautiful and Wild) (VIDEOS)


Kris Allen talks about his upcoming album, Horizons, with Yahoo Music. The American Idol season 8 winner chats about working with producer Charlie Peacock, runs through the creation of several tunes on the album, partakes in a little season 8 nostalgia, discusses why he’s moving to Nashville, reveals the number of plaid shirts he owns and more!

There’s also a brand new song, titled “Lost” that we have not heard before. Unfortunately, I can’t embed it here. Two more exclusive Yahoo performances include “Prove it to You,” his duet with Russian born singer, Lenachka, and “Everybody Just Wants to Dance.” Click this link to watch the performances.

Horizons will be out on August 12. You can pre-order the album now at iTunes.

Studio Version of Beautiful and Wild from Horizons

Kris uploaded the studio version of “Beautiful and Wild” from the album.

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  1. Good Fortune to Kris with this album and his move to Music City – he will find many friends already there. Great stories – and that’s a lot of plaid shirts! Looks like floral is the new plaid, now. *snerk*

  2. Is that a compliment? Somehow I can’t connect Kris with that sleazeball Perez.

  3. I guess that a fan is a fan, and promo is promo. I don’t think that Kris is in any position to be fussy or particular.

  4. I’m surprised Perez slithered out from under his rock to write that during daylight hours.

  5. I don’t think Perez personally writes a lot of stuff on his blog anymore, especially since he had the kid and moved to nyc..he has a staff that work on the blog

  6. I don’t think Perez is even writing his stuff these days. Wasbt Kris’s interview for his site with someone else?

  7. yes, he was interviewed by one of the female staff writers, not Perez himself

  8. Perez Hilton has an audience. Even the Sainted Cook did an in-studio thingie with him, back around the launch of his sophomore album. I have mercifully forgotten the details, but it involved actual interaction with actual Perez Hilton.

  9. Lyndsey always does such good interviews – really like her. Kris also did a great job going over the album – interesting bits about the backgrounds of his songs – I think I like In Time and Unique the best. Sounds like he is excited about his move to Nashville and being closer to his band and other people in the music business.

  10. Kris Allen – Beautiful & Wild (Official Audio):

  11. very excited for the new album. Prove it to you is a slow burn song. Glad he is making some good music.

  12. The focus of the website that Sezak works for is tv, so I doubt that he will conduct an interview. He may tweet about a song that he likes. I don’t think that Jim Cantiello is currently working for anyone, where he would interview Kris.

    Out of the regular AI bloggers, Brian Mansfield might have an interview and or review.

  13. Good for Kris. Perez Hilton was always very good to Phillip, during his Idol run and after.

  14. Hearing the studio of Beautiful and Wild has me so excited for next Tuesday :) Bring on Horizons!

  15. Great interview from Lyndsey Parker and nice words from Perez Hilton or whoever is running his blog. Nice words are nice words no matter where they come from.

  16. I really like the recorded version of Beautiful & Wild. It’s more uptempo than they play live.

  17. Love this song and Kris’s voice – reminds me of another song I treasure – Lyle Lovett’s “If I Had a Boat” –

  18. Love, love, love Beautiful and Wild. Wish that this was his first single.

  19. The 2-hour interview that he did with @desordenorg a couple of weeks ago is supposed to come out this week, in both english and spanish :)

  20. I really like the studio version of Beautiful and Wild. It’s such a happy song. Also tweet from Kris’ friend, Adam Hambrick..Tweet from Adam Hambrick today.
    Adam Hambrick @adamhambrick 15h

    Y’all, welcome Nashville’s newest residents @KrisAllen, @katyallen, Oliver and Zorro.

  21. Beautiful and Wild sounds so good! Love the faster tempo. Really excited for the album and for seeing him live on the 31st! Woo Hoo!

  22. Not my favorite – like several of the other Horizons songs better (I do think it’s sweet that he wrote it for his son).

  23. I really like this studio version of Beautiful and Wild – love hearing Kris’ voice – love the production. Makes me even more extied to hear the full album. Love the Lyndsey Parker interview, too.

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