Caleb Johnson: Listen to Full Stream of Debut Album Testify


Ahead of its August 12 release, the Howard Benson produced, debut album, Testify, from American Idol winner, Caleb Johnson, is available for STREAMING on Amazon.

Click to Stream Caleb Johnson’s Testify.

If you’re into the retro thing, Caleb is your guy. His post-grunge rock sensibility will have a tough time finding a place on today’s charts. But good luck to the singer. Currently, Caleb is on tour with the American Idol 13 Top 10 until August 23. Afterward, he’ll be free to promote the album and the debut single “Only One.”

Caleb Johnson Drops New Single “Only One” – AUDIO
Caleb Johnson Debuts New Song “No Fighting Gravity” –  (VIDEO)

Track List

1. Sailing Away
2. Save Me
3. Let Me In
4. Only One
5. Fighting Gravity
6. Devil’s Daughter
7. Another Life
8. Change
9. Testify
10. As Long As You Love Me

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  1. It says that customers who bought Caleb’s album also bought Weird Al’s “Mandatory Fun”.

  2. IF as many people bought Caleb ‘ s CD as Mandatory Fun, he would have a hit on his hands.

  3. So I went to look at whether my local bricks-and-mortar independent record store intended to carry the album… and the store is sponsoring a meet-and-greet listening party with Johnson at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Phoenix on August 13.

    It’s during the work day, and I think it would require buying the album from them… but damn, the temptation…

    ETA: I need a nice venture capitalist to fund Eilonwy Does Whatever Sh*t She’s Curious About & Tells It All To You, so I don’t have to think about “would I actually encourage this with my hard-earned cash?”

  4. Well, holding a listening party/meet and greet is some promotion (I didn’t even expect this kind of thing).

  5. You should go and tell Caleb that you loved him singing the asteroid song. Then see how red his face gets. lol

  6. I’m thinking if I make sure I preserve all ephemera associated with the event and get an autographed album… all I need is one hardcore fan to buy it on eBay…

    He must have ONE.

  7. My nose would grow three inches.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t have the heart to deliberately embarrass him. Two drinks in, on bar stools at the Rhythm Room, sure, I’d be plainspoken about a lot of issues.

    His brief moment of glory in front of active fans, though, I’d ask one real question to see if I got a real answer and otherwise go with the ego strokes.

  8. I’ve seen on twitter a couple of other M&G/performances next week in L.A. for him. You had to buy the cd to get into one of them, I think

  9. Is it just a “listening” party, no acoustic performances? If that was the case, at least you would get to hear Alex play guitar ;)

    I say go , just for the lulz.

  10. Okay, my thoughts on the stream…

    1. It’s better as whole songs than as snippets (unsurprisingly). The overall effect is B-Side Sampler of Great Bands of the 1970s and 1980s — The Songs You’ve Longed to Hear That Never Made the Classic Albums!

    2. “Another Life” (the Aloe Blacc song) should have been the single. It’s the one song with any chance at all in today’s radio environment.

    3. The Cliche-o-Matic 1500 SL was giving off blue smoke by the end of “Devil’s Daughter.” Nonetheless, sometimes the word salad coheres into an image I really like, e.g., the “let the ashes fall like angels from the sky” imagery in “Let Me In.”

    4. Benson stuffs too much crap into choruses. The exact same words and notes would sound less like something from a Saturday morning cartoon in 1971 if the production was limited to a nice, gritty rock band, period, no layered back-up vocals, with special effects limited to distortions common to Southern and maybe psychedelic rock. “Testify” is lively as hell, but it’s produced like Matt Serletic in a manic phase.

    5. I want to know how many of these songs were Cook rejects. I think the number is higher than “one.”

    6. I sort of like “Save Me,” “Let Me In,” and “Another Life.” The first two, I think I’d like better in a live version that’s less over-produced, though.

  11. All it promises is “listening party” :-(.

    I don’t have any meetings that day, so I’m going to ask if I can telecommute, which’ll let me put in a full work day before having to be downtown in mid-afternoon.

    I’m certain all my reasons for doing this are stupid, but it needs to happen.

  12. “Testify” is lively as hell, but it’s produced like Matt Serletic in a manic phase.”

    Holy Crap! I just sat down with a cuppa liberally laced tea and some trepidation to check this out, Benson’s production and all, because I said I would – but that’s about as scary a description as I can imagine!

    This may take more of the good stuff, and a whole pot of tea to put it in. Heh.

  13. Well these full songs are better than the snippets. Another Life is probably my usual they picked the wrong first single. I’m not sure if I’ll buy it but its not THAT bad. I find it to be about the same level as James first album and Daughtry’s Leave This Town (which both IMO had songs that leaned towards retro sounding..basically it sounds like a very typical Howard Benson record. I’m shocked Interscope even shelled out for Benson to be honest.

  14. Caleb’s album sounds typical Idol offerings. lol. A lot better than I expected but I like Caleb voice so this is good. I swear he sounds just like Cook in his new single.

  15. I didn’t listened everything but it seems to be much better than I thought it would be. Without Benson it would have more rough guitars, pure choruses and it would be much better. I’m looking for the live versions without all the Bensons’s plastic sounds.

  16. Wow, I actually love Fighting Gravity. I agree with those that said the album is much better than snippets and there are Cookie songs inside. I might just pick up the album. lol!

  17. The album (both the physical copy and the MP3) have taken big leaps on the sales chart since this stream was put up. Still outside the Top 200, but still that’s nice for Caleb.

  18. I just listened to the album stream, and I did like it, more so than I thought I would. Parts of it sounded like Sammy Hagar era Van Halen to me, so I do think some of the songs are within what is considered hard rock. The full versions of the songs are much better than the snippets. I like it enough to probably buy it and listen to it. I don’t think it would ever be one of my favorite albums, but it would be within what I would normally like to listen to. What probably sets it apart enough is that I do like his voice.

    I do think it’s good that this kind of rock is coming from someone so young, and that he is sticking to this type even though it might not bring him as much commercial success. It shows that there are some young adults that still iike rock. I’m hoping though the label is supporting him, but I know they probably aren’t.

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