Americas Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week 2 Power Rankings

Not gonna lie, this week is going to be rough on Americas Got Talent. With a favorite filled roster of twelve set to perform next week, there is no way I’ll get through it without losing a favorite. Either way, lets take a deeper look into the next twelve acts set to perform this Tuesday.

12- Juan Carlos (???)- No. Just no. How the bloody heck did he make it in over Dustin’s Dojo, Legaci and Beach Avenue? If he makes it through I will lose all faith in America.

LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

11- Loop Rawlins (Cowboy?)- This guy is talented and I enjoyed his audition, but afterwards it just got boring. For me, it is like been there done that, I don’t need to see it again. I highly doubt he will advance unless he pulls something pretty incredible out of his hat (see what I did there?) tonight.

10 – Livy, Matt and Sammy (Band) – I don’t know with these guys. I actually like them. I like the lead singer’s voice, but I just don’t think it is strong enough and I think the pressure of Radio City will make them pick a song that the singer won’t be able to handle and they will get bussed. These guys have potential to move up the list, and I’d love to see it happen, but for now, there are other contestants in this shuffle who stand out much more and LMS will need to stand out more if they want to advance.

9 – Andrey Moraru (Dancer) – Talented guy, I just don’t think he stands out. I don’t see him advancing because I feel he will get lost in the shuffle, but I’ve been wrong before. I don’t know about this one, I’m pretty sure he is destined to go home, but he could prove me wrong.

8 – Hart Dance Team (Dance Group) – Meh. They are talented but they don’t keep my attention. There are better acts this week, and I feel they will be lost in the shuffle. It is difficult to tell with these guys; it really will all come down to their performance.

7 – Mara Justine (Singer) – Little girl, big voice. I’m torn with Mara. She is definitely a favorite of many people going into this live show, but I’m just not getting the hype. She has an excellent shot of advancing, but for me I just an not a fan of little girls trying to be Whitney Houston; it makes them seem old fashioned and like they have a stage mom telling them to sing these oldies. If she does do something current, I can tell you now I will have a different opinion, because then she will have potential marketability in the real world, but if she keeps singing these big voice old ballads, she will just be like any other young girl trying to be Whitney Houston. I would go for a Emeli Sande song, because then she could show off her huge range, but still seem marketable.

6 – Aerial Animation (Acrobatics) – I have a confession to make. I went back and watched Abigail’s audition again, and I wasn’t as impressed as I was the first time. I don’t know, it just felt a little boring to me. Anyway, I still think she has a ton of potential with her act and for now, she does have some buzz riding with her so she could go either way for me.

5 – Darik Santos (Comedy) – Ok, Emily was my favorite going into last week’s show, this week, I’m seriously pulling for Darik. His Emo Phillips like (if you haven’t looked him up and you like Darik’s act I strongly suggest you do) character gets me every time and I just find him hysterical. While I get and love his act, I can easily see Heidi bussing him by calling him not family appropriate or calling him creepy. I have my fingers crossed he does well tomorrow, so I can put him in the “advancing or I’ll eat my computer” category, but at the moment, I fear the bussing that I have a gut feeling is coming tomorrow. It is a shame, because in my opinion, he is much funnier then Dan Naturman.

4 – Jaycob Curlee (Singer) – He is absolutely destined to advance Wednesday, there is no doubt in my mind he will. In the long run though, I’m not yet sure who will come out on top between him and Miguel; that showdown should be interesting. In the meantime though, a sob story that could tear your heart out, coupled with tears and a face that girls will scream for, there should be no way he doesn’t advance…………… right?

3 – Act II (Opera) – Americas Got Talent loves its opera singers. Last year, in the top 24 we had 3 incredible opera singers, and this year, with only one pretty good opera act, I’m sure they will be performing in the last 4th of the show and will easily skate on to the semis. With all their glory notes, I’m sure America will love them and eat them up. They are not my favorite going into this round, but I just can’t deny their talent.

2 – John and Andrew (Salsa Dancers)- The duo got a straight ticket to Radio City after their judgment week and they totally deserved it! Going into this round these guys are a definite favorite and I think have a great chance of moving forward. Going up against Baila Conmigo will be rough if they make it through, but hopefully, we will cross that bridge when both are in the top 24 (I think thats what they are shooting for this year).

1- Mat Franco (Magician)- Season 9’s answer to Collins Key has arrived! I am sold on this guy. He is talented and tells a story with his tricks. Do I see him winning the whole thing? Not at the moment, but for now, he is who I think, is the overall favorite going into this episode. If he delivers and surpasses expectations, then I don’t see how he doesn’t last a while in this competition.

Pre Show Predictions:

Should Go Through – Mat Franco, John and Andrew, Jaycob Curlee, Act II, Darik Santos.

Will Go Through – Mat Franco, John and Andrew, Jaycob Curlee, Act II and Mara Justine.

Ok, so those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool you can follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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  1. I liked aerial animation. Not a huge fan of Derik, don’t find his shtick very funny personally. And I don’t get how jaycob screwed up so badly last time yet made it through. But I agree on Mat and John and Andrew.

  2. It’s pretty much impossible to predict before seeing them perform because you don’t know how the non-singing acts are going to fare. They can really be manipulated hard by the producers, even more than singers.

    So with that in mind, here are my pre-performance predictions:

    1. Mara Justine
    2 Acte II
    3. Andrey Moraru
    4. Jaycob Curlee
    5. Mat Franco

    I only pick the weak Jaycob cause he has been pushed so hard and is likely to be overpraised yet again. That dude wouldn’t even be in the Top 48 if I were voting.

    John and Andrew are going downhill. They might survive this round. But Howard already hinted that they are being downgraded. But it would not be surprising if they get through since they have some decent buzz and the obvious guy-guy gimmick.

    Mat Franco is in danger of getting stale. Yet another card trick at the judges’ table, and he could be in trouble. I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of Mat. Personally, I think Mike Super and Smoothini are not only better than Mat so far. But they are both in my top 5 in the whole contest. Super could have trouble getting votes. It depends on whether his act is too freaky. I don’t know why he’s using that stupid Desmond gimmick when his magic speaks for itself. That seems to be a major strategic error (did the producers force this on him?).

    Andrey is phenomenal at what he does. But he really will need to add some lighting, special effects, or something. I am guessing he will do something to step it up. But this depends a lot on the manipulative producers, as well.

    No matter what Mara and Acte II sing, they are getting through unless it’s a complete disaster.

    With Aerial Animation being unique as it is, she at least has a chance.

    Juan, Loop, and Liv, Matt, and Sammy appear to be goners before they even perform. But at least Loop could potentially surprise us.

    Hart Dance Team is likely one and done, as well. The act wasn’t even that unique to begin with, and the dancing is just okay.

  3. My read

    Who should go through Mat Franco, Darik Santos, Jaycob Currlee, Act II , and aerial animation
    Who will go through Mat Franco, Mara Justine, John and Andrew, Jaycob Curler, and Act II

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