Jennifer Lopez “Booty” Iggy Azalea Remix – Full Audio


Goodbye Pitbull. Hello Iggy Azalea on this remix of the Jennifer Lopez single, “Booty.” There’s even a spiffy new single cover, featuring the women looking pretty gorgeous as they show off that booty.

Moon & Back Preview
Moon & Back Preview

Iggy has been super hot lately, releasing hit singles “Black Widow” feat Rita Ore and Fancy with Charlie XCX. She was also featured on one of the summer’s big jams, Ariana Grande’s “Problem.” The girl was all over Sunday’s VMAs.

So, it’s no wonder the American Idol judge was eager to collaborate with the Australian rapper.

Jennifer Lopez Takes her “Booty” to GMA (VIDEO)

“They’re begging me to drop down on ‘em,” raps Iggy on the tune. “But right now Iggy on the top / The last time the world seen a booty this good / It was on Jenny From the Block.”

Who didn’t see that Jenny on the Block reference coming?

Check out the full song right here:

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  1. Too bad she didn’t also get Nicki Minaj. Imagine the three bootys on one single cover.

    Apparently Pitbull and Iggy Azalea were both present at the video shoot, so maybe they will be in the same video or there will be two videos.

  2. Well if all that booty is gonna be on the cover might as well invite Kim K just cause.

  3. Looks like Jlo is borrowing from the Madonna play book–latch onto the “next big thing” to stay relevant.

  4. nicki has another song that’s basically about booties which is no worse than this. She’s better off promoting that one, but I hate both.

    NOTE: if Nicki was also featured, the three butts wouldn’t leave enough room on the cover to allow the faces to show in the photo :(

  5. Not hating on the album cover.
    The song is….it’s a JLo song lol.

  6. Wow. Imagine JLo, Iggy, Nicki and Kim to join forces in one massive booty Symphony! The Four Booties of the Apocalypse.

  7. Nice that a mom can have such a slutty pic posted for the world to see – I’m sure the kids are SO proud!!!

  8. This is slutty?
    You must not be aware of the SI: Swimsuit Edition if you think this slutty in any way.
    Or Nicki’s Anaconda cover art

  9. I won’t lie. I like big butts. But how many booty songs do we need playing all at once. Even All About That Bass is all about the booty.

  10. Iggy is also has a song on Jennifer Hudsons new album. Hopefully she’ll appear on Idol net season

  11. Somewhere out there, an awards show is planning that medley right now.

  12. Those are slutty as well…society’s morals have shrunk to an all time low.
    The Doobie Brothers had an album titles “What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits”…it’s never been more true than it is today.

  13. Ah yes, “slut” shaming, because the human body is such a disgusting thing that we should all feel ashamed and sickened by it. Sorry, can’t say I share such opinions myself. Certainly wearing more than what nature actually requires, nor is anything they are doing implicitly sexual, so not seeing what makes them “slutty.”

  14. The saying “Nothing New Under the Sun” applies quite succinctly here. Every generation since writing first developed thousands of years ago is recorded as saying this very thing.

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