Idol Video Roundup: Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks and Bucky Covington

Idol video goodness coming right at you…

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Kelly Clarkson and her backup singers, Jill and Kate, sing a mashup of the backup’s song “Illusion of You” mashed up with Jann Arden’s “Insensitive.” They perform in a very special venue–a bathroom. It’s all about the acoustics!

Taylor Hicks performs his single, “Seven Mile Breakdown” on FOX 5 in Washington, DC. Taylor is there playing Teen Angel with the Broadway musical Grease, which is finally coming to a close on May 23rd…

And, Taylor’s Season 5 idolmate, Bucky Covington is still working on his album. Watch him in the studio working with Sawyer Brown and Mark Miller. Watch out for a music preview at the very end of the video…

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Kelly Clarkson

Taylor Hicks

Bucky Covington

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  1. Oh fun stuff! I loved the bathroom concert with Jill, Kate, and Kelly. Very pretty and funny at the same time.

    Good to see Taylor again. That song sounds like his pre-Idol stuff which was very good. Not sure I liked the ‘mmm-mmmms’, but otherwise good. Interesting that he’s going into TV and film acting. Good luck to him.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Bucky’s second album. I think he’s the one who surprised the most from Season 5.

  2. I’m not surprised by Bucky’s success. As Paula said, people like Bucky. He knew who he was and is as an artist, and he’s very talented, if you like country. He’s pure country. Simon didn’t like him because, Simon doesn’t like country music unless your name is Carrie Underwood.

    Can’t wait to hear what acting gigs Taylor has lined up. I think he’ll do very well on the silver screen. He’s very easy on the eyes.

  3. My partner loved Taylor Hicks on AI so when his album came out I snagged one for her. We put it in…..Listened in complete silence
    through the whole album…just waiting for the hook, and it never came! Finally I said “That Was REALLY BAD”!! Never listened to it

    I have to turn around today, and say “that sounds really good”.
    Reminisent of the Taylor Hicks on AI. I don’t know who screwed up,
    Taylor or his producers. If the rest of this Album is almost as good, I’ll be buying it!!

  4. LOL Classic! With that photo under the headline “Idol Video Roundup: Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks and Bucky Covington” I spent almost a minute trying to figure out who was who until I read the body copy for help.

  5. Those Mmm-mmms are not on the CD. I guess Taylor was just in an “mmming” mood. Justjude – Taylor’s earlier CD grew on me in time – mainly seeing him perform the songs live made all the difference. The songs were so much better live than on the CD. That said, I think this CD is a lot better, much more in line w/ what he did before idol & on idol. I won’t say every song is a slam dunk, but if you like this song you’ll find a few others on the CD you’d like as well. Or your partner would.

    I don’t know what it is about Bucky. I’m not a country fan, but I’m a Season 5 fan, and I just like him & wish him a lot of success. He seems happy.

  6. I have to turn around today, and say “that sounds really good”. Reminisent of the Taylor Hicks on AI. I don’t know who screwed up,Taylor or his producers. If the rest of this Album is almost as good, I’ll be buying it!!

    If you are referring to Taylor’s first CD after winning Season 5, it’s pretty certain the decisions on song selection were solely handled (or mishandled) by the producers/PTB. A continuing discussion on this and other boards is that the performers have only minimal input in the decision making process as long as they are under contract. It is only once they free that they can begin to produce the music that is more fitting to their genre and personality.

    Taylor’s CD — The Distance — is a case in point. Lots of good music, song with soul, and totally produced by Taylor Hicks and his label. If you have a chance, listen to “Maybe You Should” it is beautiful. Also, try to locate “Whomp at the Warfield” – a CD of the live performance at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco while Taylor Hicks was on his solo national tour in 2007.

  7. I loved the video with Kelly. They sounded great. Does anyone else think that Kelly looks like Allison Iraheta with her red hair?

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