Adam Lambert “Fever” Video, New Photos, Interviews

IHeartRadio has released Adam’s performance of “Fever” from Monday night’s Stripped concert in NYC (I was there!).

The sound is much better than my crappy video! And thank God I wasn’t in the very front, or I would have ended up on camera.  Watch it after the jump!

Michael's Hut highlighted clips...
Michael's Hut highlighted clips and video compilation

Also, check out a couple of beautiful shots from the recent Mike Ruiz photo shoot, Here and Here.

Plus, Bonus Video:  Q102 Philadelphia interviews Adam before the Stripped show HERE.

And Adam wonders what to wear under a kilt, (Adam will be embarking on an international promo tour next month) after the jump…

Video after the JUMP…

What do you wear under a kilt? (Hello Scotland!)

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  1. Those pics are very artsy. Adam amazes me on how he can look so different. He really is photogenic.

  2. Adam, take it from me:

    You wear absolutely nothing under a kilt, ESPECIALLY if you have hairy legs, AND you pray for a breeze to show your organic beauty. Truly classy and refined. Whereas in America you’d be arrested for indecent exposure, elsewhere you will be hailed like a god among even the classiest of men.

    You know what’s really lacking from these “glamour shots” of Adam? A smile. I dunno, I really don’t think it would hurt to have Adam smiling in one of these shots.

  3. I looove being an Adam Lambert fan; he is just so darn, much fun! :-)

  4. The first shot is gross. What is with that hair, that overly photoshopped skin, that awful angle? The second one is better, but I’m still not really feeling it.

  5. Didn’t know where to put this but it looks like Adam’s FS concert is sold out. Yay for him. and…I get to be there!

    I wonder what the pictures are for?

    Yes to the kilt.

  6. Are these outtakes or the final products?

    Mike’s photos are always weird, he is an incredible talent. I love brilliant photographers.

  7. If these are the outtakes, I can’t wait to see the chosen photos. One of these in black and white would look really cool too.

    Mike does really interesting photoshoots, great job!

    And I love the Fever video, I can’t wait to see the rest.

    mj, your video had a lot of great shots in it that aren’t in the iheartradio one though!

  8. Wow, this photographer is really an artist. The way he uses light in these photos is incredible. (I wonder if Adam’s mom is keeping a scrapbook with a collection of photos.)

  9. Best version of Fever (my favorite song) yet. This song will be on every iPod this summer. Guaranteed.

  10. The pics look very old Hollywood to me. Very glamorous. Adam is so photogenic. I would love to see more.

    And yes, I do believe that is the best version of Fever evah!!

  11. So justice prevails…….
    Bill O’Reilly just called out the cell phone user as a pinhead!
    Go Adam!!!! :)

  12. Those picures are gorgeous. They look very high-end classy. Is that the same photog that was doing pics of Kesha?

    Can’t view the vid on the iPod – boohoo

  13. Is anybody else listening for the different ways Adam says “Sexual”? He says it silly all the time, it entertains me :D.

    Sounds like they’re pushing it for his third single. I love when he performs it live. I don’t know, I never pay attention to how possible singles are released or promoted. It seems like they’re being indecisive (Which I totally don’t mind, since I’m indecisive about it too). Or just testing the waters, which I think is more accurate since WWFM hasn’t been out for too long (unless time really flew by).

  14. the video won’t play for me :( now what I do, oh there is always MJs. Yay! I am not sure how much I like those pix yet, but any Adam pix are wonderful.
    adamized, I’ll be at the FS concert as well, are you going to the glamily reunion too?

  15. Mike Ruiz is a total artist with his camera. I saw the pictures he took of Kelly and she looked like a Hollywood starlet. Adam looks gorgeous in these pictures, I would love to see these in black and white. My eyes automatically goes to his eyes, because they are so expressive. I can’t wait to see all of the pictures.

  16. Did Mike Ruiz do the ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ single cover with the heart shaped lollipop?

  17. All the people in my life have given me “crap” about being an Adam Lambert fan all along, but I have stuck fast for a year now. So I have to share this with my fellow Adam fans: A change is coming! Today my college age son told me that his friends all “really like the fever song. Why wasn’t that his first song?” And my other son, who just graduated college said, “Yeah, his album is good. All my girlfriend’s friends love it. They’re playing one of his songs on the radio all the time now. But there’s much better songs on the album.” His music is out there now among the non-idol fans, and is catching on!! ADAM FEVER!

  18. Love the photos!!!! Wonder what they are for? I got VMan still looking for Flaunt. At some point I am sure I will lose track of all the photo shoots!.

    And saspurs21fan terrific to hear your story…. I’ve said all along. One person at a time does it. Resistance is futile!

  19. must admit when I saw the “backstage” shot of Adam from the photoshoot the other day (where he was wearing a red jacket with Mike) I was unsure as he reminded me of Peewee Herman with the hair and the clashing colours/styles of clothes .. a bit like a bad taste party outfit

    But seeing these proper pics in context and posed I think they’re beautiful . .. in the first one he reminds me of Freddie Mercury in one of the photoshoots he did

  20. Lol dcglam

    Is anybody else listening for the different ways Adam says “Sexual”? He says it silly all the time, it entertains me

    yes ;)

  21. Did Mike Ruiz do the ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ single cover with the heart shaped lollipop?

    Yes. He did Kelly’s entire All I Ever Wanted album shoot.

  22. Wow. I can’t even count how many times I have watched it now. He is so HOT. Love the way he says “I wanna get you alone” the last time with that falsetto lilt on the end…yum. the little change up with “I’m sick of it, yeah” so cool. He just instinctively knows what works…what a pro. China Rain, huh? Hmmmmmmm

  23. You know what’s really lacking from these “glamour shots” of Adam? A smile. I dunno, I really don’t think it would hurt to have Adam smiling in one of these shots.

    That’s up to the photographer. They’re his pictures, not Adam’s. They tell the story he (Mike Ruiz)is telling. I think the pictures are gorgeous and interesting. Very “Modern Cinema circa: 1929.”

  24. Don’t know if anyone else saw this but FOX5 news in nyc did a lengthy piece on adam tonite after idol. They interviewed him at the blonds show, showed parts of fye and wwfm videos, clips from him on idol and on amas. Talked about int’l promo tour. It was a really nice piece. You can see the unedited version at or something like that. Maybe mj c, bring it over. I don’t know how

  25. vocals weren’t great but i guess this is unplugged/raw/live …

    when is he going to do ‘Sleepwalker’ !!!

  26. iFly55:
    02/17/2010 at 11:35 pm

    vocals weren’t great but i guess this is unplugged/raw/live …

    when is he going to do ‘Sleepwalker’ !!!

    I disagree I think the vocals were great…in fact better then I thought it would be on this particular song. It is live and for live it was amazing and he loves to mix it up. But that is what I think and I respect that you think differently. I do think however the Acoustic Version of WWFM that MJ recorded and posted is my favorite of the songs he did for that concert.

  27. dhunken, I agree. Just watched the vid, and I thought the vocals were outstanding! In fact, many of these most recent vids have just had unbelievably good vocals, which always makes those flukes when he’s not 100% (cough*AMAs*cough) that much more odd and uncharacteristic. Many many big artists really struggle to sing live. For him to not only get such soaring vocals, but do it all with so much energy and movement is really amazing.

    Fever is so insanely fun to watch him perform live – it’s like this wild, reckless abandon, but in a sexy, fun, flirty way! Love it!

    Also love the photo shoot pics! I mentioned it before on the Fashion Week thread, but they are so old Hollywood 1930’s glam. I love that look!

  28. cakeygirl:
    02/18/2010 at 12:38 am

    is fox ny a well-watched show in ny?

    Yes it is Especially in NYC. It is sort of the local NYC station so more people watch it that are from the city then the other stations. It comes on at 10pm where the other stations come on at 11pm so it has an hour head start on most of the other channels except one and it is more popular then that other station. So a good amount of NY so him on Fox channel Five and I guess all Fox stations around the US that Carry American Idol. So pretty big.

  29. Thanks, MJ. Watching that was like getting candy AND cake as a birthday treat. Yummy doesn’t even come close! Can’t wait to see the finished video…..

  30. I am all for the kilt and going commando :) but for Adam it would have to be an extra long kilt ;)

  31. I am all for the kilt and going commando but for Adam it would have to be an extra long kilt

    Heh….. ;)

    I love this song, it’s a fun, flirty, sexy, romp. Yum!

  32. It’s funny, I actually prefer MJ’s video. It has better energy. Feels more real. Almost like being there.

  33. By “promo” tour, does that mean he’ll be on radio only, or actually doing some sort of concert that can be viewed by an audience? If it’s the latter, I might have to drag my Scottish boyfriend back home on the premise of visiting family.. it’s just a short flight from where I live.

  34. And yeah, you can’t wear anything under your kilt, it’s tradition!

  35. Damn! My security system would not allow the fever vid. It allows most of the others??

    Mike Ruiz photos. 1.laying on the fuzzy throw with the ?Incan or
    Mayan mask. He looks beautiful but.. dead!!…Is this just after the bite of the VAMPIRE, or before by being scared to death?LOL I KID!
    2nd photo…. Stunning. I love the checked shirt under the very
    classic white vest and gorgeouly cut white Jacket….Very…early
    20th century maybe just on the edge of the talkies. He can go so
    many directions in looks and fashion.
    You know, if singing ever gets hard he could develope, (put his name to), a Fashion line!!!

  36. Yes,the kilt video works for me now!

    I can watch it after I get back from school(I’m leaving now)

    bye peeps.have a glittery day ~

  37. Love those Ruiz photos. Think I saw another one somewhere else, more colorful. Completely fresh.

  38. agathe.hb:
    02/18/2010 at 2:14 am
    I am all for the kilt and going commando but for Adam it would have to be an extra long kilt

    Agathe- we can’t be certain of length at this point, merely of volume… So let’s just say, extra “spacious”… :-P
    Shut your eyes luvadamlambert!!!!!

    Oh- and justjude- ITA with the “corpse” observation- that’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw it! He looks like a beautiful vampire-bitten corpse… taken right out of “Interview with a Vampire” or something… Imagine Bradd Pitt and Adam as vampires… mmmm

    Photos are very artsy! I love artsy!
    Speaking of artsy- I do hope he gets to meet David Bowie already!!! Maybe on his UK promo tour???

  39. yes, i live in new york and fox 5 ny is very well known. it was a great interview and adam looked gorgeoussss. he just puts a smile on everyones face!

  40. I love the photo of Adam in the white jacket, he is so beautiful in that one and his eyes OMG!, my favorite. He looks live Elvis in that side view Fever shot. Such 2 different looks.

  41. awww, just saw the unedited fox 5 interview….that was great! and the edited piece with all the videos/ai footage spliced in was good too.

  42. mr, Absolutely, I am now imagining Brad and Adam….OH,OH Help me,
    my eyes just popped out of the sockets from Fierce and Fabulous….
    Oh, it’s OK they reeled in when I averted my gaze from all that glory!
    Thanks, that was a great visual!!

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