American Idol 9 – Hollywood Round – Top 24 Revealed!

  • Entire list of the Top 24 is HERE

Notice that Tim Urban was not revealed until the boys dance at the very end?

Rumor has it, Chris Golightly was DQ’d, with Tim Urban taking his place.

You see, Chris was on the spoiler list from Day 1. But today, when the kids at IDF discovered the links to the contestant pages (seriously, TPTB at Idol are so dumb sometimes) at the official site, they found all the spoilers were correct except for Chris/Tim.

Seven Top 24 contestants were revealed last night, Tonight, the rest are revealed!

Live Blog After the Jump…

Janelle WheelerTOP 24 – So, Janelle messed up a lot in Hollywood. Will she make it through? Janelle tells the judges she’s exhausted and nervous. Ellen tells Janelle it will get more and more stressful. “It’s hard to tell someone with a great voice they aren’t going though, so I’m not going to tell you that. Despite sucking in Hollywood she advances to the Top 24. – VIDEO

Tyler GradyTOP 24 – When he sings Daughtry’s “Home” for his last audition, he tells the judges not to take that too literally. “This is huge” says Tyler. Kara says he’s very “70s” and she likes that about him. Tyler namechecks his influences: Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, etc. Kara compliments his “moves”. (Gah. She’s as bad as Paula was, flirting with the guys. She calls the special place he goes to when he performs “Planet Tyler”. “I think we want to see those moves, you’re going to go through, ” says Tyler. – VIDEO

Lacey BrownTOP24 – Lacey was Top 50 for Season 8. She sang off against Megan Joy last year. Lacey is glad she sat it out another year. Simon tells her that she’s going through. She wowed the judges with her last audition, “Wonderful World”. – VIDEO

Next, a quick montage of Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert and Joe Munoz as they make it through to the TOP 24 (Alex and Joe? Totally cannon fodder) – VIDEO

Crystal BowersoxTOP 24 – Crystal thinks mainstream music needs a little “pickmeup”, to get back to the main roots of real music. She has a young child. She shocked to learn the size of the Idol audience.  Simon says American Idol may not be the right platform for her. The decision was unanimous, she’s through to the Top 24. She introduces her young son, Tony to the judges. – VIDEO

Katie StevensTOP 24 – Ellen says her entire life is all about positivity, she hates delivering bad news. Then she says, “You’re going through” Ellen is not very good at making the contesants nervous. Simon asks after Katie’s grandma. “She’ll be happy, ” says Simon. – VIDEO

A quick montage of rejected contestants, whiz by, they don’t even get namechecked!

Angela MartinCUT – Other than her first audition, which Simon doesn’t care for, Angela kills in Hollywood. Angela reviews her tough life: sick daughter, missing last season’s Top 50 because of a warrant–she doesn’t even mention her missing mother… Will she make it? Kara sits next to Angela. She tells her that she’s shown such incredible growth. Kara is delivering some bad news. “I’m sorry you didn’t make it…there are other ways to do it…Keep going, ” says Kara, “I’ll always remember you.” Kara sounded so sincere! (NOT) Aw, poor Angela CANNOT catch a break. – VIDEO

Lilly ScottTOP 24 – Lily had some problems with the band for her last audition, “Rich Girl”. She hated her last audition. Kara asks her how she thinks she did. Lily says she had some slipups, but she stayed true to herself. Kara reminds her that the show is often about who can sing the highest note, but that’s not always the best singing, so Lily and her jazzy stylings are go through to the 24. – VIDEO

Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus, Michelle Delamore, Jermaine Sellers and John Park are though to the TOP 24. – VIDEO

Haeley Vaughn (She’s in the TOP 24) and Tori Kelly (She’s CUT) are the last two girls. Simon says that sometimes she’s great, but at other times she’s a little bit annoying. Simon calls her “super-talented”. (wow, that clip of her singing “I’m Yours” was PAINFUL) Tori sings “Hot and Cold” for her final audition. She’s sensational. Randy tells Tori she’s cut. Simon delivers the good news to Haeley. – VIDEO

Two guys left (those who have been following the Spoilers know there’s a controversy brewing for that last spot)

Thaddeus Johnson (CUT) and Andrew Garcia (TOP 24) are left – Thaddeus is first. Simon tells him it was close, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Young Thaddeus begins to cry. He’s not hearing the condolences from the judges. – VIDEO

Andrew was proud of what he did this week. Ellen doesn’t waste time telling Andrew he made it.

Erm. DO THE MATH. That’s only 23 contestants! Tim Urban made it through to the Top 24, but he was nowhere in the episode!

Boys dance – VIDEO

Girls dance – VIDEO

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