Idol Video Roundup: David Archuleta, Taylor Hicks, Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai

Today’s Video Round-up:

David Archuleta just posted one of his adorable blogs. He’s in Los Angeles right now, staying with family. He writing songs, hanging out on the beach and playing with his aunt’s cute dog. Also there’s a discussion of hair. Should David get his hair cut or not? Funny. Check it out after the jump…

Watch Katharine McPhee, David Fost...
Watch Katharine McPhee, David Foster, and Jeremy Jordan on Instagram Live Concert

Taylor Hicks is in Milwaukee with the cast of Grease. He stops by the FOX 6 studios to chat with the newscasters and perform his single “Seven Mile Breakdown”. After the jump.

Danny Gokey recently pimped his upcoming album My Best Days, set to drop on March 2, on the Big D and Bubba show (after the jump) Plus, Danny sings “I Will Not Say Goodbye” at the FOX 17 studios in Nashville HERE, Plus FOX 17 reports on Danny’s private performance for CMA Music executives, part of Country Radio Seminar Week HERE.

Anoop Desai interview with WRAL News in Raleigh. He discusses his single “My Name” (due March 23), his official webpage, and American Idol season 9. Check it out, after the jump. via Anoop Desai Street Team

Videos After the Jump…

David Archuleta Video Blog

Taylor Hicks interview and 7-mile breakdown performance Fox6 Milwawkee, WI

Danny Gokey on the Big D and Bubba Show

Anoop Desai on WRAL

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  1. haha so cute!

    ‘im huungry. I havent had any lunch….. OR breakfast!…. or anything at all…. not even water… maybe sand.. in my mouth. haha’

  2. I don’t know what to say about that David Archuleta blog. It just made me smile. He is absolutely unique. There’s just no other teen singer out there today who has his vocal talent and his personality.

  3. David is the true definition of adorable in this vblog. Worth watching.

  4. lotta facets to david – from his singing to his personality… there is nothing one dimensional about him at all, and those who keep overlooking that are missing out on a real treat… i’d never give him haircut advice though – i have enough trouble as it is trying to keep my own bad hair days to a minimum, heh…

  5. David had a day off from recording in LA. The topic of what to do abouand his hair started during a twitter party and one of his fans suggested a Vlog so fans could see his hair.(clever) Fans had been wanting a vlog and got their wish. He is so genuine and natural. Love the scene with the dog especially. He is adorable and so talented. Seeing him like this and seeing him on stage shows the wide range of his gifts.

  6. Loved DA’s vlog!
    Gosh… cuteness overload
    Hmm.. long on top, short on the sides and I don’t mean mohawk!

  7. Love Taylor’s shout out to the Soul Patrol.

    It’s been four years, but it seems like only yesterday.

    And for those in the Milwaukee area (where I went to college), do yourself a favor and go see Taylor in Grease. The play itself is so-so…but Taylor is worth it.

  8. Isn’t Archie just the cutest?

    One thing or two worth mentioning, Archie really has a healthy skin. He is not afraid to go close to the camera. He knew he looks good,or does he? And he has good set of teeth.

  9. That vlog makes me laugh — so much cuteness. I happened to be on Twitter when the hair discussion started. He asked for haircut advice and received tons. Loved his tweet a few minutes later, “All right enough with the mohawks.” So funny.

  10. One of David’s best vlogs yet! Cuteness to the max! Just the picture of David holding his aunt’s dog Duke put a big smile on my face. :D

  11. Taylor interviews well and seems so satisfied with where he is at. I never noticed this before, but it seems that in addition to his soul music he would do well with country. Hope he always does well. He has taken more than his share of criticism,since he doesn’t fit the mold whatever that is. Besides he was supportive of David Archuleta, ha! ha!

  12. I have to say that I love Taylor Hicks down home country charm. He has amazing charisma and passion for the music. I think he has taken unfair criticism because he is not an autotuned boy band singer. His style was never going to be top 40 radio. He is who he is and that is what makes him very special.

  13. I just love David’s video blogs….always makes me smile!! And can Duke be more adorable? Looks like he loves David too the way he wanted to kiss him. LOL

    P.S. Listen to your Mama, Archie! Mama knows best.

  14. Anoop and Danny both seem to be enjoying themselves too! It shows that you don’t have to win to be successful. AI does give a jumpstart to those that have talent and are willing to work hard.

  15. What is David saying at the beginning of his blog? It sounds like “I have a doubt today.” I have a “down” day makes more sense, but it really doesn’t sound like that.

  16. I have a day off today. (He’s been writing or working on the Spanish WATW stuff almost every day for a while now.)

  17. Just watched Taylor Hicks. He’s good but has a specific sound that seems like it would have a narrow audience. How did he win AI? (I don’t say that as criticism. He’s talented.)

  18. David said I have a day off today@ the beginning. He’s been recording for his second pop album and was working on WATW but the day of the recording of the Vlog he was Off.
    Taylor was very lively and developed quite a following when he was on Idol. This video doesn’t show what he is like doing a live performance. MJ said he even did live shows for his followere when he was on the Idol tour.(in addition to the tour shows)

  19. Love seeing some Taylor video on mj’s. Suzanne, if you had watched Season five you would have seen how almost all Taylor’s performances grabbed the audience’s attention each week. He was never bottom three in fact he may have led Dialidol all weeks except one. The man is an incredible live performer and if you ever get the chance to go see him live GO. You won’t be sorry.
    I bet if you put Taylor in as a contestant each year he would have won against almost any other winner. He was that popular.

  20. David always comes across as sweet and unpretentious in his videos.
    If Taylor is happy doing Grease and a little of his own music on the side, then I’m glad for him.
    I’m proud of Anoop. I have to give him credit for working hard and being resourceful. He seems to be a man with a plan. With no record label behind him, he’s doing a good job of getting his music recorded and keeping his name out there. I hope he turns out some good music. I’m looking forward to the single and the EP.

  21. When David picked up that dog, I thought, “Good grief. David and a dog, too?” haha!!

  22. Taylor won (imo) because he had extraordinary showmanship and was excellent at doing covers. He was funny with his banter, and just had this OTT personality and charisma. Loved him on the show. (I keep wanting Taylor to go into serious acting. I think he’d make a great character actor).

    David, David, David…..your positive attitude and cuteness just never stops. He ALWAYS makes me smile during his vlogs! Adding that cute little dog, Duke, just topped it off for me, lol.

  23. Good for Danny with that radio performance, it runs in a number of states where I read people commenting on it today.

  24. Man… I want Anoop’s single on my iTunes asap. I could hear his single in the background of the interview. I don’t care what others say about him, but the guy is smart and comes up with really thoughtful answers. Good for him, hope he goes far.

  25. Danny is pop, not country. He has great songs and no twang.

    Martha; agree about the great songs, certainly! Country is certainly changing, ala Taylor Swift. I actually think some of Danny’s songs are more country than Taylor’s are-even though he has no twang.
    (and apologies to Taylor fans, but he also can sing almost flawlessly live!).
    I think his songs appeal to country and non country (like me) fans

  26. I’ve seen a number of articles discussing what is / is not country. Seen the same for “Christian” music and other genres. Seems that none of these categories are that clear-cut at times.
    Danny seems to be very well-accepted so far in the Nashville scene. He was just featured on GAC’s Headline Country, and will be on their top 20 show tomorrow. They had someone at the CRS 2010 show where Danny appeared today, and certainly seems they enjoyed it.

    from @gactv
    @dannygokey you sounded awesome today at the CRS performance! “I Will Not Say Goodbye” blew us away… pics coming soon for everyone!

    about 6 hours ago via web

  27. he also can sing almost flawlessly live!

    I loved the Big D & Bubba show yesterday, where Danny performed “I Will Not Say Goodbye”, and afterward the DJ said “unbelievable” and he felt he needed to reminded the listeners that what they were hearing was a live performance in their studio, and not a recording from the CD. He went on to add that he didn’t see how the CD version could be any better. That was quite a compliment, and Danny has received those kinds of compliments frequently on his radio tour. In addition to the gactv quote from steph above, there was a whole flurry of tweets from industry people yesterday after Danny performed at the CRS event about how great he performed. As has been noted before, sometimes people make fun of the AI machine but if you want someone who can actually stand in front of people and consistently sing beautifully, look to a high placing finisher to be able to deliver. Danny has been very consistent on that.

  28. “That DOG LICKED his CHEEK!!! The cheek once swollen from extraction, the cheek every cougar wants to pinch, the cheek so perfect even when dimpled, the cheek his Mom kisses, the cheek so full of those dang grape skins, the cheek that supports the biggest, kindest, happiest smile on the planet!”

    I´m quoting one comment about Archie vlog from the blog It´s an adorable blog, people recommended it on idolforums and I loved it! Lots of laughter and love for Archie there!

    I didn´t have recommendations about Archie´s hair, but I begged him to forget that Invisalign thing, because I love his little charming gaps and I think they are like his trademark, just as his unforgettable smile, lips, dreamy eyes, the moles, the famous thighs (pervert, me? nooo) and, of course, the VOICE.
    I love him anyway, but I miss the adorable little gaps!!! He scares me every time he tweets about an ortho appointment…

  29. I bet if you put Taylor in as a contestant each year he would have won against almost any other winner. He was that popular.

    It took a minute, but I don’t know that anyone of the Idol winners would have won against Taylor. JudyOhio pretty much summed up my opinion. I do like the idea of Taylor as a serious actor.

    David does have that boyish charm that wins over everyone from teens to Grandmas.

    I think Anoop will find the right niche for a successful career. I would like those involved in the making of Slumdog Millionaire to give him a chance for a future movie soundtrack. I have seen him with the group at some award show or something. Maybe it was the Grammy Awards?

    I really like the uniqueness of these guys!

  30. Grammie Kari
    I really believe Taylor would have won any year he entered too but didn’t want to go overboard. We are definitely in agreement.

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