Idol Headlines for 7/10/14

Tonight Big Brother Live Eviction! Which Houseguest will be leaving the house?

Colton Dixon tweets that his “More of You” Music Video will be out July 15. BUT since WE are SPECIAL, y’all will see it sooner! Stay tuned for details.

Scotty McCreery to Perform on Fox and Friends on Friday – Fox News Channel’s (FNC) FOX & Friends All-American Summer Concert Series presents the popular country music singer Scotty McCreery on Friday, July 11th at 8AM/ET. via Broadway World

‘The Voice’ stretches out at Foxwoods Saturday – As for the band touring with the “Voice” singers, Lee gushes. “OK, the band is seriously the best musicians I have ever …” She goes on to mention one member who plays with the Paul Mirkovich-led “Voice” band on the TV show, as well as other members. “They’re all insane.” – Read more at NHRegister

‘American Idol’ winner Caleb Johnson rocks his way to Long Island on ‘Live!’ tour – What kind of songs have you been writing? Really heavy, soulful songs with visceral conviction — rock and roll songs with soul. “Testify”] goes from theatrical songs to bluesy, soulful-stripped-down, visceral songs to bombastic, over-the-top stuff. Before you won “Idol,” you played with a band, Elijah Hooker. Did you tour widely? We did regional stuff. This is on a national scale, and it’s just been pandemonium. The crowds have been awesome. It’s been complete madness in the best possible way. – Read more at

N.C.’s Majesty Rose in ‘American Idol Live!’ – The 22-year-old preschool teacher has also noticed that many “American Idol” winners and finalists also hail from her home state. “I can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s how we’re raised? I don’t know,” she said. She watched “American Idol” on and off over the years, and knew competing on the show would be hard, she said, but didn’t think it would be so much pressure from so many voices each week. She made it to the top 10 finalists, and was eliminated in late March in ninth place. “I wanted to be — not just the best. I wanted to be my best,” she said. – Read more at Herald Sun

Phillip Phillips talks new album, ‘Behind the Light,’ tour with O.A.R. – And it seems like there are two halves to the album — the upbeat half and the more experimental half. Was that by design? You hear “Raging Fire” and then you hear “Trigger,” and they’re both acoustic songs, and they both have a heaviness to them. … But “Trigger” is a little bit darker. Then you hear “Thicket” and that started just as a guitar riff. I used it as a guitar exercise. … It’s the coolest song on the album to me. Then you hear “Unpack Your Heart,” which is just a good love song. You gotta waltz some with labels on albums. You gotta write the singles. … There’s a lot of rock on it. It’s not as folkie as the first album. Did it create a lot of pressure when you were working on this album to match that success? For me, I’d rather have five or six songs that sell a million copies than have one song like that that sells 6 or 7 million. I wanted this album to be seen as a whole and not just one song or two songs. I feel like this album has that. … You never know. – Read more at Newsday

‘American Idol’s’ Lee DeWyze takes the Ribfest stage – Kunzer: Tells us what you’re doing these days. DeWyze: I’m not making any music to sound like this or that. It’s acoustically driven, harmonies and storytelling songwriting. For me, that has really been my bread and butter. I really love to connect with fans and through my music. Being able to play live is so great. Every show is different than the last. They may have seen me before and on ‘Idol,’ but what we’re doing now is much different. – Planitnorthwest

Make Carrie Underwood’s Fresh Blackberry Jam – When Carrie Underwood asked, “Who wants wild blackberries?!” on Instagram alongside a photo of her collecting summer berries, we thought, well, we do! The country star went blackberry picking in Nashville on Monday with her friend Ivey Childers — and then turned their harvest into a buffet of berry-filled treats. “This will be the first of many blackberry picking outings for us. It was so fun and therapeutic,” said Childers, the owner of IveyCake bakery. “Neither of us mind sweating and getting in the middle of thorns to get to the fruit.” – Read more at People

Cory Monteith’s Father 1 Year After His Son’s Passing – One year ago, beloved Glee star Cory Monteith died tragically at the age of 31 leaving many shocked and devastated in the wake of his passing. Now, a year later, ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli sat down with Cory’s father Joe Monteith to discuss what life has been like since the tragedy. “I miss him very much and I still have the empty feeling inside,” Joe said, opening up to ET Canada. – Read more at ET Online

‘Nashville’: Jonathan Jackson on Enation, Songwriter Co-Stars and Avery’s Fate (Q&A) – ABC’s country music drama Nashville continues to center on a handful of musicians, each uniquely struggling for their time in the Music City spotlight. While Connie Britton’s Rayna James and Hayden Panettiere’s Juliette Barnes teeter between being duet partners and chart-topping enemies — thanks to a fresh back-stab or soapy scandal between the sheets — the show’s other onscreen hopefuls are just trying to grab enough gigs that get them out of serving drinks at the Bluebird Cafe. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Chris Colfer Shares Inspiration For His ‘Land Of Stories’ Books

7/20: Derek Hough talks ‘Move Live on Tour’ – Derek Hough has mamboed, tangoed and waltzed his way to five wins on “Dancing With the Stars.” His sister, Julianne, has earned the mirror-ball trophy two times. Now the siblings have joined forces with the choreography team known as Nappytabs to create “Move Live on Tour,” an explosive revue dedicated to different dance styles. – Read more at AZCentral

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