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Laying Odds on ‹American Idol Final Three

It’s an all-male final three for “American Idol, but gender is just about the only thing that Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen have in common.

Lambert is the theater veteran from the West Coast who struts and frets on stage every week in the hopes that it signifies something to the judges and the audience. Midwestern Gokey suffered the personal tragedy of his wife’s untimely death, but it’s his strong voice and overall consistency that have kept him as one of the favorites all season long. Meanwhile, Allen has become the pride of Conway, Ark. by sticking to his strengths and thus surging from an anonymous member of the ‘Idol’ pack to one of the final three.

Any one of the three finalists could walk away with the crown, and any of them could flame out and be gone on Wednesday.


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So far, this year’s contest has seemed like more of a toss-up than last year’s inevitable David Cook vs. David Archuleta showdown.

Many fans had predicted this season would come down to Adam Lambert vs. Danny Gokey, but Kris Allen could throw a curveball and mess up that scenario. So who will win?

Tulsa World

“American Idol” power rankings and random news bits

This is my power ranking of the remaining contestants in Season 8 of “American Idol, ” and it will be updated every week. If you disagree with my ranking, by all means use the comments area to share your own.

It’s my perception of the a given singer’s potential to win the competition. It’s not my personal ranking.

OK, that sound you hear is me putting plywood up over my windows to prepare for the onslaught of “Hurricane Adam Fans” …

Seattle Times

Idol judges okie-dokie with Danny Gokey’s ‘Scream On’

I knew it was going to happen. But that doesn’t make me any less mad that Allison Iraheta got the boot instead of Danny Gokey this week.

Well, Gokey didn’t ‘  ahem, toot ‘  on stage or forget the lyrics, but he did sing a terrible version of Aerosmith’s “Dream On, ” ending with a ridiculous, ear-splitting scream at the end. But that still wasn’t enough to dissuade his massive fanbase from dialing and texting votes like there was no tomorrow.

What gives, people? I get that many think he’s a likable sort of Midwestern guy with a sad backstory ‘  but is the world really clamoring for a junior Michael McDonald? He wore pinstripes on rock night and added a “doot-doot-doo” in the middle ‘  everything about it was wrong.


The Week That Was

Still trying to process Allison Iraheta’s departure from the show? Join the club.

I expected her to go Wednesday night — even after her stunning rendition of Cry Baby and that killer duet with Adam Lambert for Rock & Roll Week — but that didn’t make her fourth-place finish any easier to take. In honor of the most talented female contestant to grace the Idol stage since Carrie Underwood, let’s look back at five fantastic performances from the little rocker that could:

No question, Question Mark is an ‘Idol’ fan

“American Idol” has four official judges and millions of unofficial ones — including Question Mark.

Yes, the man from Question Mark and the Mysterians, whose classic 1960s hit, “96 Tears, ” will still be playing in your head long after you’ve forgotten every single uplifting anthem written for an “Idol” finale.

The garage rock legend from Michigan is a regular “Idol” watcher and has been for a while. Earlier this season, he called me to talk about the show and has continued to share opinions on the contestants, the judges, the orchestration, the guests, you name it.

“What does Slash have to do with being a mentor?” he said after Tuesday’s rock-themed showdown. “He’s not even a singer.”

Adam Lambert gets an Idol Welcome from His Hometown of San Diego

Before Adam Lambert hopped into the stretch limousine that would take him all over his hometown of San Diego, the American Idol contestant was asked if he was ready for what the day had in store.

…I dont know if I am, he replied with a look of trepidation.

If Lambert, 27, wasnt ready for the utter fan-demonium that lay ahead Friday, he handled it like a pro, from his 7 a.m. impromptu attempt to read San Diego Fox 5 News viewers their weather and traffic reports on a green screen, to holding up his limo departure from the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, to comfort a crying little girl who wanted to meet Lambert.


Kris Allen Rocks Arkansas in Frenzied Hometown Reunion

…It him! He here! squealed the teenaged girl.

Right on both counts. For 24 frenzied hours, the young woman and tens of thousands like her got as much Kris Allen as they could maneuver themselves to see, hear and touch. Fresh from the latest round of Internet balloting that left him as one of three American Idol contestants still standing, Allen had come home to Arkansas. …It great to be back, grinned the diminutive singer and guitarist.

Allen had little time to savor the comforts of home. From the moment a chartered Gulfstream jet returned him to Little Rock on Thursday night, Allen breakneck schedule ‘  seen to by a phalanx of security men, minders and Fox television crew members ‘  afforded him not much more than a few hours of solitude with family and friends.

Milwaukee (Including Grandma!) Cheers Danny Gokey Return

Danny Gokey is so busy these days that even his grandmother cant get in touch with him. But she finally did see the American Idol finalist ‘  along with tens of thousands of other wildly screaming, shouting, sign-waving, cheering fans ‘  during his hometown visit to Milwaukee on Friday.

…Your grandma here! a crowd shouted as Gokey emerged from an AT&T store, where a text message from judge Paula Abdul popped up on a tricked-out cell phone he was handed, designed just for the Idol Top 3, telling him his song selection for next week. …I dont know that, he said. …Im going to have to learn it.

Gokey nation

They lined the streets, they chanted his name, they held their Danny Gokey signs high. Danny, Danny, DANNY, they cheered.

And then he appeared – a 20-something guy in patchy blue jeans, plaid shirt and really cool glasses. Milwaukee’s shot at the “American Idol” crown was home.

The “Idol”-orchestrated Danny Gokey Day began at 7 a.m. Friday at WITI-TV (Channel 6). By 7:50 a.m., the “American Idol” finalist had to know that he was really home: He was handed a big vat of Kopp’s frozen custard flavor of the day, “Danny’s Delight, ” which he happily chipped away at.

JS Online

David Cook’s Heartbreaking Return to Performing

David Cook started singing a slow song, stopped and turned away from the audience.

“It’s gonna be tough for me, ” the Idol champ told the crowd of 450 at the Musica theater in Akron, Ohio, on Friday night. “Hold on. I’m sorry. Do you mind if I sing a different song?”

Taking the beat up a notch, Cook then energized the crowd, who passed up flowers and cards and held up signs in honor of his brother, Adam, who died May 2 at age 37 of cancer.

David Cook rocks Akron club

When the 2007 American Idol season came down to ”the Davids, ” relatively seasoned ”rocker” David Cook and puppy-dog-eyed David Archuleta, the show’s producers surely were hoping that Cook would win.

Every contestant is a ”character” with a story line for the duration of the show.

Anyone with a modicum of marketing foresight could see that Cook was the more finished product. His post-grunge, arena-rock sound was ready-made for radio. He paid his dues in the band the Midwest Kings and wrote, recorded and produced his now unnecessarily suppressed independent album Analog Heart.

Cook is on the road behind his bigger-budgeted and professionally co-written and produced self-titled ”debut, ” playing to packed houses in smaller venues such as downtown Akron’s Musica, where the singer performed Friday night.

He took the stage in a skullcap, T-shirt and jeans.

Ryan Seacrest mom Connie and Simon Cowell mum talk ‘Idol’

Although Ryan and Simon constantly bicker on screen, the two have a wonderful …bromance ‘ literally, Connie says, …Ryan thinks of Simon as a big brother. Julie adds, …Older brother. Photo courtesy of Extra

The titans of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell, each have a special bond with their mothers.

This mother’s day weekend, the two mums of the music and television moguls are talking about their sons, marriage and Idol.

Connie Seacrest and Julie Cowell Dish love their sons, and fret about their single status and speculate about their futures.

Monsters and Critics

Mother Day treat: ‹Idol celebrity comes calling

He didnt win, but Aussie Michael Johns ‘  who has Akron ties ‘  captured the hearts of many fans.

NILES ‘  As far as Bambi Carlson is concerned, Michael Johns is the true …American Idol.

On Saturday, the 40-year-old Fowler woman waited nearly five hours to express her opinion to the …American Idol Season 7 contestant. Johns was greeted by more than 300 fans during his Saturday afternoon appearance at Eastwood Mall.

…I love him, Carlson exclaimed while waiting in line to meet the 30-year-old Australian-born singer. …I almost wrecked my car when I saw his name on the marquee outside. I couldnt believe it. Im here with my mom and my daughter, and it the best Mother Day present ever. There are three generations of women from our family here, and we all really love him. He awesome.

Brought to you by Simon Cowell, Il Divo delivers

Il Divo Sebastien Izambard thinks so.

He should know. The French pop singer is part of Il Divo, the pop-opera vocal quartet that comes to Agganis Arena on Thursday. Big-mouthed …American Idol judge Cowell masterminded the all-male Divo seven years ago.

And here the real surprise: It was Cowell – not the men of Il Divo – who was sweating it out back when the group was getting together.

…Simon said he was intimidated, Izambard said from New York. …It took him two years to find the four of us and he told us he was very intimidated because we already had careers. We were already over 30 and we were already known in the music industry.

Boston Herald

Deborah Gibson Hoping To Join ‹Dancing With The Stars

Deborah Gibson has been a teen pop queen and a Broadway star and now she hoping to go …Dancing.

The …Electric Youth singer hit her Twitter page earlier this week to express her interest in joining the celeb-reality show, and it appears her fans are championing her. On Friday, Deborah posted a Tweet, thanking her fans for starting a petition to get the singer on …Dancing With the Stars.

…To Ashley who started DWTS petition! Thank u! the …Only In My Dreams singer wrote. …Let get crrrazy 1s of peeps to sign and then Ill make them aware : )

Deborah hinted that her name has been in the ring for the ABC competition show before, but her appearance on FOX …Skating With Celebrities in 2006, may have made producers weary of inviting her into the ballroom.

Access Hollywood

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