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‘American Idol’: On the scene at the Top 5 performance night

This isn’t exactly going to thrill my editors, but I’ve gotta be honest, PopWatchers: Last night’s “Rat Pack” performance episode of American Idol was, for me, for you, for Idol, for all of us, kinda like that episode from the second season of Project Runway where everyone was tasked with making an outfit out of fresh flora — a bit precious in concept resulting in uniformly solid work from all the competitors and Nina Simon going kind of gaga over Daniel’s Glambert’s flowers theatricality. From a behind-the-scenes standpoint, however, it was a decidedly meh affair. How meh, you ask with your raised eyebrows? Put it this way: Towards the end of the night, Randy announced on Cory the Warm-Up Comic’s mic that Paula’s mother was in da house, and not once did anyone break into a spontaneous fit of cartwheels, crying-jags, or tortured, mixed metaphors. Instead, there was just a crush of warm hugs and smiles, causing my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin to scream, “Are you kidding me with this?!?” (Well, maybe not scream, per se. More like a tinny toot.)


‘American Idol’ recap: I smell a Rat (Pack)!

Hello, and welcome to your weekly American Idol support group! Please grab a seat and fill out the following survey questions:
1) In the last four months, have you had more than one dream involving an Idol contestant/hostbot/judge?
2) Do you lie to yourself every Tuesday night when, in the midst of maniacally speed-dialing (or speed-texting) on behalf of your favorite Idol contestant(s), you say, ”this one’s gonna be the last call I make tonight!”?
3) In casual conversation with family, friends, or coworkers, have you found yourself dissing Randy’s vocabulary or raging against The Kara or speculating whether Idol can survive without Simon?
4) Have you, in recent memory, used one or more of the following words or phrases: ”Glambert, ” ”mjsbigblog, ” ”for me for you, ” ”artistry, ” ”cruise ship, ” ”dance like there’s no tomorrow, ” or ”dance in the path of greatness”?

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Idol Worship: Best To Worst Of Rat Pack Night

We have to hand it to the final five ‘  each contestant pulled out all the stops for Rat Pack week, knowing full well that, at this point in the competition, it anyone game. Well, probably not Matt Giraud, but it sure was a valiant run. All in all, the standards theme was well suited for the season 8 bunch and may end up providing some of the show brightest moments. Do slashies (singer-slash-actors or vice-versa) make the best mentors? It sure looked that way judging from Jaime Foxx results. And remember Jennifer Lopez? She rocked her Idol gig, too. (Next week’s mentor is apparently Slash, sure to be another memorable guide.) Indeed, it was an exciting night, topped off by mister showman himself, Adam Lambert. Read on for our best to (marginally) worst Rat Pack rankings ¦


Ann Powers: Not a real rat in the entire Idol pack

The final five contestants seem unaware of how Frank Sinatra and his cronies influenced pop music.

Gokey5 As Frank Sinatra might have said, let’s just get it out on the table. This week’s “American Idol” face-off had barely anything to do with its “Rat Pack” theme in form or spirit. For the most part, the songs chosen weren’t the ones Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. sang when they lighted up the Sands nightclub as part of the swingingest musical traveling card game in 1960s Las Vegas.

Yes, everything performed appears somewhere in the Rat Pack’s catalog, and Matt Giraud’s pick, “My Funny Valentine, ” was one of Sinatra’s signature tunes. But a quick scan of Rat Pack compilations reveals that the sweet slow dances dominating the night were rarely featured in the gang’s repertoire, which more frequently focused on laughs, drinks and dames.

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‹American Idols swing into Rat Pack night

The theme of the week on …American Idol was Rat Pack standards, with the singers trying to croon their way to the final four. Sadly for the show entertainment value, this did not come with the typical Vegas two-drink minimums for the judges and host Ryan Seacrest.

In an effort to try and keep things moderately relevant, actor-turned-recording-star Jamie Foxx served as guest mentor. Say this for Foxx ‘  he took his duties seriously, to the point of setting a new record for the violation of personal space during the rehearsals.


The Rushfield Review: A Manifesto on Tween Power

Two weeks from now the “American Idol” Top 3 will get their homecoming parades. Three weeks from now the Top 2 will stand before the eyes of the world in their final showdown. Three weeks and one day from now, we shall know the name of the Eighth holder of the Idol crown.

In the meantime, as we approach the season crescendo, it is time to take stock. This season has revealed much, about “Idol” and about ourselves. But many tough questions remain unanswered and while we have these final moments together, we need to point some fingers, and demand to know ‘who knows what when, and how.’ And ‘who will that make our next American Idol.’

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Danny Gokey Finds His Swagger On ‘American Idol’ Rat Pack Night

While the “American Idol” finalists took last week’s disco theme as an opportunity to rearrange dance tunes and make them their own, Tuesday night’s Rat Pack theme was all about keeping it classic.

But who would help them with their standards? As Kris Allen astutely pointed out, “The theme is Rat Pack, and all those people are … dead.” The show called on Oscar-winning actor and current chart-topper Jamie Foxx for the job. (Relive Tuesday night’s show in detail with Jim Cantiello’s “American Idol” live blog at the MTV Newsroom.)


Phil Stacey blog: Idols rise to the standards

We are only three weeks away from the finale and the Idols are really fighting hard to join Adam in the Top 2. Really does anyone doubt Adam place in the finale? I didnt think so.

I thought Jamie Foxx was a great pick for this week Rat Pack theme. He gives a current vibe to these great songs and it looked like he really took his mission seriously. Random piece of trivia: Jamie Foxx was Gary LeVox’s college roommate. Gary is Rascal Flatt frontman and co-writer of my single …If You Didnt Love Me. I told you it was random.

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American Idol Expert Jim Cantiello Thinks Allison Iraheta Is On Her Way Out

Allison Iraheta Rat Pack standards night on …American Idol had almost everyone bringing their A-game. The top five are all in it to win it, even if Simon Cowell thinks some are hungrier than others. (Dont get me started ¦ )

But even though there are only five singers left, tomorrow night results shows still means the contestants will have to face one thing: awful Ford commercials. Oh yeah, it also brings the dreaded bottom three. Although I cant see into the future like Paula Abdul, who can somehow judge performances before she even sees them, Im going to take a crack and predict which contestants I see sitting on those sterile stools in less than 24 hours.


Kris Allen’s Hometown Fans Form Massive ‘American Idol’ Task Force

CONWAY, Arkansas ‘  Walk the streets of this town on a Tuesday night, and you’re not likely to see another soul. That’s because the sleepy college town of 60, 000 that’s home to “American Idol” finalist Kris Allen has gone all-in to support their most famous product.

Around 2, 000 people are expected to pack into the Farris Center at the University of Central Arkansas (Allen’s alma mater) this Tuesday (April 28) to watch him perform and then vote en masse for the 23-year-old singer who has captured the hearts of his hometown and, people here will tell you, the entire state.


Kris Allen’s Hometown Packs Arena To Watch ‘American Idol’
Conway, Arkansas, fans get together for some speed-dialing and repeat viewings of Kris’ performance.

CONWAY, Arkansas ‘  He might have referred to Kris Allen’s performance of “The Way You Look Tonight” as inexplicably “wet, ” but Simon Cowell got a rousing ovation when his name was announced Tuesday night (April 28) inside the Farris Center on the campus of University of Central Arkansas as Conway gathered to watch “American Idol” en masse. It was all the love Cowell would get, though.

And it was nothing compared to the deafening screams every time hometown hero Allen was shown on the giant inflatable megascreen set up in the university’s arena to view Tuesday night’s Rat Pack-themed show. The home side of the bleachers were packed with nearly 2, 000 Conway faithful, many of them waving the one-page insert from that day’s local paper hyping the 23-year-old native son, while others held up homemade signs professing their love for the young man who might want to consider a run for mayor if this whole music thing doesn’t work out.


Adam Lambert’s Cabaret Castmates Stage A Show In His Honor
‘American Idol’ front-runner called in during the tribute: ‘I feel the love, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!’

Before Adam Lambert debuted his signature yowl in front of Randy, Paula, Kara and Simon, before the judges and the viewing public declared him a favorite to win the eighth season of “American Idol, ” the 27-year-old California native rocking painted fingernails and jet black hair was just another talented singer trying to make it in an unforgiving city.

His venue of choice was often West Hollywood, California’s Upright Cabaret, and on Saturday night, the revue presented “Upright Loves Lambert, ” a one-night-only tribute concert to the man himself.


Idoltracker peeks into Adam Lambert’s makeup bag

After Adam Lambert, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were seen out together, one blogger quipped, “I wonder if makeup tips were traded?”

Indeed, Lambert and Efron are more carefully coiffed than your average twentysomething man. Hey, Lambert didn’t get the nickname “Glambert” for nothing. But how much makeup is he really wearing?

The answer to that question lies on “American Idol” makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy’s blog, a must-read for “American Idol” style mavens.

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Adam Lambert’s ‘Feeling Good’: The Story Behind The Cover

The bright white suit, the hot-pink staircase: Adam Lambert’s entrance on Tuesday night’s “American Idol” was one part Rat Pack homage, one part theatrical glam-rock extravaganza. What else might we expect from the front-runner with the eyeliner and the virtuosic voice on a night that paid tribute to the group of ’60s crooners led by Frank Sinatra?

The song Adam chose was “Feeling Good, ” originally penned by the team of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the musical, “The Roar of the Greasepaint ‘  The Smell of the Crowd, ” which debuted in Britain in 1964 to little public acclaim. However, Tony Bennett picked up another of the musical’s songs, “Who Can I Turn To?” and turned the track into a hit recording while “Greasepaint” was touring the United States. The musical eventually landed on Broadway in 1965.


Lil Rounds says ‹Idol criticism cost her votes

NEW YORK – Lil Rounds, who started as an …American Idol favorite but fell from grace during the competition, said the judges harsh criticism was tough to take.

But Rounds waited until after cameras stopped rolling to give in to her emotions.

…I will admit there were a couple times where I would just cry like a baby because I felt like I went out there and was giving my all and it kept getting pushed down, said Rounds, who was voted off by viewers last week.

Associated Press

Idol VIDEO: “Punch-Drunk” Lil Says, “My Confidence Got Tampered With”

Did the American Idol judges’ conflicting advice eventually take its toll on Lil Rounds, who last week was sent home, along with Anoop Desai? “Yeah, it got to the point where I was going back and forth with myself because the judges were going back and forth with me, ” she shared during her visit to “My confidence got tampered with.”

The 24-year-old Tennessean elaborates on that topic and others:


Idol’s Lil Rounds a Memphis Star

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – It was like a star touched down in Memphis Tuesday evening. American Idol contestant Lil Rounds couldn’t walk far without autograph requests and flashing cameras. But she denies being anything like the stars of Hollywood.

“Oh now, come on. That term ‘Hollywood’ doesn’t even enter my mind, ” Lil said.

Lil has other things on her mind. Especially her husband, three kids, and the rest of her family.

Her mother Dolline Coburn says the top seven idol contestant might be home, but she’s still chasing her dreams.

My Fox Memphis

iTunes Spoils American Idol Maybe

If you watch American Idol and follow much of the chatter online, you probably know that contestants Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey seem to be the favorites to win the singing competition.

However, iTunes projects a possibly different outcome, if some download numbers that werent supposed to be shown can be used as a predictor of who gets voted off the show.

According to The New York Post …a glitch in the Apple software allowed fans a glimpse at which contestants are selling the most …Idol download. And, in what will come as a surprise to many Idol fans, Gokey was not the first or second most popular artist.


‘American Idol’ sweats to the oldies as young viewers flee

On last Wednesday’s “American Idol, ” disco artist Thelma Houston strutted her stuff onstage. It was hardly a ploy designed to boost ratings among the youngsters, since Houston happens to be 65 years old. But given the trends affecting the overall audience for Fox’s singing smash — which is, after all, supposed to be about finding the next generation of pop stars — the choice of guest may have made perfect sense.

Now hurtling toward the finale of Season 8, “Idol” is still TV’s top show, and it will probably enjoy that distinction for quite a while longer. The folks at Fox point out that the series could lose 12% of its audience every season and it would still be a top 10 show through its 15th year, in 2016.

The Tuesday “Idol” performance shows this season have averaged 26.5 million viewers, down 10% compared with the same period last year, according to Nielsen Media Research. However, the show has recovered a bit lately and over the past three weeks is even up slightly compared with last year.

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Jason Castro talks about his debut album — and reveals his ‘Idol’ picks

Turns out Jason Castro had quite the head-start when Atlantic Records signed him this month. The dreadlocked American Idol alum tells the Music Mix that he’s already penned around 40 songs since last September. Next up: The long process of winnowing all that material down into a debut album. “I’m real excited, ” Castro says. “Tomorrow we’re getting together to see where we’re at. I’m hoping we’re ready to get into the studio.” Read on after the jump for a Q&A on Castro’s songwriting partners, what he wants his album to sound like, and who he thinks will win this season of Idol.

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Fantasia Barrino Will Be Celie in Chicago Engagement of The Color Purple

Theatre World Award winner Fantasia Barrino will continue with the national tour of the Tony-nominated musical The Color Purple when the production arrives in Chicago this September.

Producers of the national tour announced in March that Barrino would reprise her performance as Celie for The Color Purple’s summer engagement at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., June 30-Aug. 2. It has now been announced that the “American Idol” winner will remain with the tour for the Chicago run at the Arie Crown Theater, Sept. 2’13.


Ex-Idol Singer Jessica Sierra: “Dr. Drew Saved My Life”

Score one for Celebrity Rehab.

Jessica Sierra, the fourth-season American Idol contestant who became far more famous for her postshow troubles than anything she accomplished onstage, credits her time spent under the care of real-life MD and TV savior Dr. Drew Pinsky’ and, interestingly, a media ban’ for saving her from the ravages of substance abuse.

“I did have an issue with drugs and alcohol and I think the media just intensified that for me, ” Sierra, who completed her latest treatment program with Drew in January, said in an exclusive sit-down with E! News. “I think the media ban did save my life.”

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Degarmo, Espinosa, Porter & More Join Atlanta’s ‘BROADWAY DREAMS FOUNDATION’ Summer Intensive 6/1 – 6/6

THE BROADWAY DREAMS FOUNDATION (BDF) will return to Atlanta, Georgia Monday, June 1 through Saturday, June 6, 2009 to host their fourth annual BDF Summer Performing Arts Intensive program. The goal of the non-profit organization is to bring young talent closer to their Broadway dreams, regardless of their financial status, through an intensive week-long Broadway training program lead by some of Broadway’s brightest stars.

The 2009 BDF Summer Performing Arts Intensive will be held at Centennial High School (9310 Scott Road, Roswell, GA 30076) with the final performance taking place at the Centennial Theatre on Saturday, June 5 at 7 p.m. Participation in the camp is by audition only. Auditions will be held on Sunday, May 3, 2009. Tuition for the BDF Summer Performing Arts Intensive program is $850.00 per student. Scholarship awards are available to students who qualify.

Broadway World

Kara DioGuardi Says ‘American Idol’ Judges Have ‘No Drama’
‘It’s just not true, ‘ the newest judge says of rumors about behind-the-scenes feuds.

Kara DioGuardi insists that no matter what anybody thinks about the dynamics of the four judges on “American Idol, ” she has no beef with Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson.

“There’s no drama, ” the newest judge told MTV News. “The only thing I can tell you is, I’m a creative person. For me to do my job, to be in a studio, to work with artists that I sign, I have to be in a good creative place.”

She added that because of her additional duties as a songwriter, she doesn’t have time in her life for drama. “If I felt like everyone hated me at my job and it was torture and there were feuds, I wouldn’t be able to write, ” she said. “I wouldn’t be able to function, so it’s just not true.”


Billboard Reviews Elliott Yamin’s New Single

Elliott Yamin was a third place finalist during Season 5 of American Idol, and he has proven that he is relevant in the music industry and is here to stay. His sophomore album, entitled “Fight for Love, ” will hit shelves on May 5, 2009. A Billboard review of Elliott’s single, also called “Fight for Love, ” speaks very highly of Yamin and his music: “Yamin’s soulful delivery demonstrates that he is no one-hit wonder. Soaring over a laid-back, smooth R&B beat, his vocals capture the essence of being in love.”


DWTS’ Chuck Wicks: “I’ll Miss the Leotards and Spray Tans”

What will Chuck Wicks miss the most about Dancing With the Stars?

“I will miss the costumes, ” he told shortly after his elimination. “I will miss the leotards and the spray tans.”

Added his partner (and real-life girlfriend) Julianne Hough: “Oh yeah, the spray tans! No, I think the camaraderie backstage.”

Wicks, 29, concurred: “Everyone here is friends and that is the most important thing.”

US Magazine

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Recap: Pro Bonus

”Shocking elimination”? Hardly! I’m not sure anyone was surprised to see manly-man Chuck Wicks, Y chromosome carrier and person who is sexually attracted to women, head home last night. Chuck departed with (strictly verbal) grace, after acknowledging Melissa ”Boneless Ribs” Rycroft’s sizable fan base and poking fun at the Adventures in Leotards that constituted Monday night’s fateful group mambo. You could potentially construe both of those comments as malicious in some way, but I don’t see the point. It’s late, and I’m buzzing on a satiny-smooth Chuck high after watching the DanceMatch spokes-couple’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel, during which Chuck insisted he didn’t realize he’d copped the infamous Samba Boob Grab last week until he and Julianne ”watched it on YouTube.” Incidentally, you’ll be able to watch him say that on

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Melissa Rycroft Gives Health Update on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Injured “DWTS” hopeful Melissa Rycroft revealed Tuesday night whether or not she thinks her three broken ribs will keep her sidelined from the competition.

“We’ve started new treatment, and [feel] kind of optimistic that it will be effective, ” Melissa said, adding, “It’s so hard when you want so badly to give 150 percent and you don’t have 150 percent to give.”

ET Online

Dancing With the Stars’ results: And then there were five

115636_2986a_pre …I think the team dance did us in, acknowledged Chuck Wicks upon discovering that he was the eighth contestant eliminated this season. Despite earning praise for his ballroom dances and steadily making his way up the leader board, voters spoke up in favor of saving the low-scoring Melissa Rycroft, putting the satin pajama-wearing country singer out to pasture instead. This also marks the swan song for partner and real-life girlfriend Julianne Hough, who has said she wont be returning to “DWTS” next season.

Though was it the team dance that did him in? The producers sure did want to make the distinction that all the members of Team Tango — chosen as the encore performance for the week — were deemed safe before any of Team Mambo. And while I loved that that saved Ty & Chelsie from having to endure another whole hour before discovering they were in the clear, Im not sure I believe that it was just the team dance scores that resigned the contestants to a certain fate. It’s not like the mambo was that bad — I thought it was an absolute hoot. But it certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated like a bastard stepchild.

LA Times

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