Idol Headlines for 04/02/09

Kellie Pickler Takes the Stage

Megan Joy was eliminated from “American Idol” on Wednesday night leaving only eight remaining contestants in the competition — and when the show returns next week Kellie Pickler will take the stage!

The top eight finalists; Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta, Lil Rounds, and Scott MacIntyre will perform songs from the year they were born on the next performance show Tuesday April 7.

The following night Wednesday April 8, “Idol”‘s season five finalist Kellie Pickler will return to the show that made her famous to perform her new single, “Best Days of Your Life.”


Megan Joy gets kicked off ‹American Idol

This week’s elimination was no surprise on “American Idol, ” except the manner in which it came.

Megan Joy seemed to know she was on her way out, and made her last night a memorable one. She flapped and cawed her way to her seat in the bottom three, hammed it up for the cameras throughout the night, and even told Simon Cowell at the top of the show that she didn’t care about his feedback.


‘American Idol’: On the scene for Top 9 results night

I asked if she could possibly spice things up in the Idoldome today, and she said it wouldn’t be a problem: “Our little Ry-Ry is sick.” They still weren’t certain he’d go on — guess he skipped the radio show this morning and everything. Luckily, yesterday’s show taught us that they have every phrase Seacrest ever utters programmed into a computer over there, and I’m sure a KIIS-FM intern put together a wonderful broadcast just slotting those sound clips together at random. But Idol is live TV, and Ry-Ry is sort of its hub. At first, I suggested that Debbie go on in his stead — she assured me quite dryly that she could — but then I sincerely asked about the contingency plan. “We’ve got [So You Think You Can Dance host] Cat Deeley standing by, ” she said. Huh. I’d never really considered the possibility of a Sea-mergency (emergen-Sea?), but it’s nice to know they’ve got it covered.

Entertainment Weekly

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Bidding goodbye to a true original, Megan Joy

The thin lines between being quirky and irreverent versus eccentric and disrespectful are distinctions upon which careers rise and fall on …American Idol. In the latter category, some of the show most beloved contenders have made their names; in the former, many more have incurred the wrath of audiences wary of that nail that stands too far out.

Megan Joy, who was eliminated Wednesday night after a contest in which more than 36 million votes were cast, walked that fine line but ultimately fell on the wrong side once too often and saw her …Idol days conclude in ninth place.

LA Times

Phil Stacey blog: A tough season to call

The votes have been tallied and the results are in ‘ and at the end of the evening, it is Megan Joy who will be going home after a good run on “American Idol” Season 8.

Out of more than 100, 000 auditions, ninth place isnt bad. I was personally a fan of hers, but I somewhat saw this coming after last night performance of …Turn Your Lights Down Low. Im glad to say, she didnt seem to be very fazed by the whole thing.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ recap: Shock and ‘Caw’

It’s her plank, and she’ll caw if she wants to. Yes indeed, Megan Joy (Corkrey), a woman who’s been labeled everything from the perfect package artist to a warbling, gyrating menace, exited American Idol on her own terms tonight: Flapping her arms and cawing like (quite literally) a loon, before finally breaking down in tears at the realization that she was about to go home to her toddler son.

Enertainement Weekly

There Is No Joy In Meganville (But At Least There Are A Few Birds)

Last night American Idol dispensed with the save immediately after news broke that Megan Joy was the country’s least favorite hopeful, with Simon saying that the judges had decided to not use their power of reversal even before the tattooed font designer gave her final performance. I guess it’s the judges’ prerogative, but the pre-emptive veto had to be kind of surprising to the viewers at home, even though Ryan mentioned at one point during the show that “someone might have to sing for their life.”


‘Idol’ boosts sales for Motown

Digital tracks from the …Motown #1s album set registered a 96% sales jump from the previous week, according to Nielsen Soundscan. That includes tunes showcased on …Idol, like the Temptations …Aint Too Proud to Beg (up 318% with 3, 000 sold); Marvin Gaye …Let Get it On (up 168% with 7, 000); and Stevie Wonder …Signed Sealed Delivered (Im Yours) (up 68% with 3, 000).

But the real boost went to the Miracles …The Tracks of My Tears, which got a much-acclaimed treatment at the hands of contestant Adam Lambert. Sales of the Motown original were up about tenfold, with about 13, 000 copies purchased at sites such as iTunes.

An Idol April Fool’s

One of the pleasures of living in the capital of Idol Nation is getting to drive past the giant American Idol billboard on Pico Boulevard, about half a mile from the Fox lot. Hung each year on the first day of the final rounds, the billboard features a row of headshots of the Top 13. Each week after the elimination, a heartbreaking giant red X is placed over the face of the newly eliminated, bringing gasps to fans as they drive past and are forced to confront the reality of a world with out Jasmine, Jorge or Alexis on such a gigantic scale.

Below is a shot of what the billboard looked like at season’s open:

LA Times

“American Idol” Gets Blown Out At Studio 57

Last night’s American Idol was organized around the very loose idea of “Popular Downloads, ” a night that resulted in some contestants seeming way older than they were, others annoying the judges for not fitting into the boxes constructed around them during the auditions lo those many months ago, and others having really, really big hair. Like really big. A ranking-free recap’ honestly, last night was maybe the first this season in which there was no real No. 1 sticking out of the morass of hopefuls’ and tales of out-of-control hairdryers, all after the jump.

The Lowdown on Last Night’s American Idol

Wow! What a killer week! Top 40 week makes me so jealous.

Well, Anoop transformed into a tiger starting off the show. Paula said last week she wanted to see more confidence and he definitely brought that. Unfortunately, the judges thought it was a messy, wannabe version of Usher and Simon even said it gave him a headache! Ouch! I do disagree with Anoop’s banter with the judges after his performance because the judges are just doing their job…which is to judge. I would suggest just taking it and walking away next time.

Huffington Post

‘Play That Funky Music’: The Story Behind Adam Lambert’s ‘American Idol’ Cover

Leave it to Adam Lambert to take one of the most recognizable and frequently spun hits of the disco era and make it his own. When the front-running “American Idol” musical-theater howler announced his decision to resurrect the 1976 disco funk hit “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry on Tuesday night, judge Randy Jackson said he was a bit concerned given the song’s long history and ubiquity.


‘Ain’t No Sunshine’: The Story Behind Kris Allen’s ‘Idol’ Cover

Ask any male contemporary soul/R&B singer from Justin Timberlake to Usher to name one of his biggest influences, and chances are he’ll say Bill Withers.

Now, you can add “American Idol” contestant Kris Allen to the list. On a night when the nine finalists could choose any song from a list of the most popular iTunes downloads, Allen went with Withers’ Grammy-winning 1971 smash, “Ain’t No Sunshine, ” a tune that put Withers on the map. It has been covered hundreds of times by artists such as Prince, Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney, and DMX sampled it in 2001’s “No Sunshine.”


…5 Safety Tips! by American Idol Allison Iraheta

Hey guys!

Allison Iraheta here. One of the best parts of being a finalist on American Idol is that the world is our stage (or in this case, America, LOL). Anyway, this week we got to make our own public service announcements, and I chose to do one about Safety!

Safety is super important. If you are not safe, you could seriously injure yourself ¦ or even die. Here are my tips!!

Best Week Ever

Playing Devil’s Advocate Against Allison Iraheta (Or, OMG Could Kris Allen Win Idol?!)

We’ve reached the point on Idol where the top contenders (Adam, Allison, Kris, Danny) can be crystal-clearly separated from the doomed losers (Anoop, Scott, Megan) and the awkward middle-grounders (Matt, Lil). Which means that it’s time for me to stop ignoring the weaknesses of my favorite el salvadoreà ±a, Miss Allison Iraheta, and’ unlike the judges!’ give her a serious critique.

Former Idol’s Dad on Heart Donor List

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – On or off American Idol’s stage, Alexis Grace Middleton knows her father has a strong heart.

“My Dad has got the biggest heart out of anyone. He loves life, he loves music, and loves to see his daughters fulfill their dreams, ” Alexis said.

54-year-old Randy Middleton prefers to put the spotlight on his daughters and their children.

“Right now, I’m getting to see the accomplishments of both of my daughters and granddaughters for that matter, ” Randy said.

The full-time musician is used to standing behind the stars. He has played guitar and bass guitar for 36 years. Most notably, he supported soul legend Ann Peebles.

My Fox Memphis

Adam Lambert’s Big Secret

Sure he’s got killer pipes and amazing style, but judging from this yearbook photo of Adam Lambert, that wasn’t always the case! Not only does he have the same awful ’90s hair that most of us rocked — guilty! — but it turns out that he’s a natural blond! I know, I was surprised too.

That is just one of the tidbits Adam’s homecoming date, Christy Gill, revealed to a local news affiliate. We also learn that in his four years at Mount Carmel High School in San Diego he acted in several plays — “Pirates of Penzance, ” “The Secret Garden” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” — and was a member of choir. Shocker!

Mostly, the piece is worth watching for sporadic photos of Adam “former fatty” Lambert!

NY Post

‘American Idol’: Did this week’s bottom three make your palms sweat?

Anyhoo, check out our spankin’ new video interview with the charming Michael Sarver below — it’s a three-parter; parts 2 and 3 play automatically when part 1 is finished — then head to the comments section and share your thoughts on tonight’s results show. Holla!

Entertainment Weekly

For Sarver, saying ‘yes, ma’am’ not an option

A week after his journey on “American Idol” ended, Michael Sarver told The Enterprise he’s proud fans think highly of his character, that his album might contain some surprises and that even though country music has played a part in his life, his music isn’t country, no matter what Simon says.

Sarver spoke with The Enterprise Wednesday afternoon in its first one-on-one interview with him since his journey on “American Idol” began.

In blogs and comments across the States, fans have noticed Sarver’s manners – he was the guy saying “yes, ma’am” to Paula Abdul and “no, sir” to Simon Cowell – and that’s something Sarver’s proud of.

Beaumont Enterprise

Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley to perform at ACM Awards

Taylor Swift could pull off some big award upsets on Sunday night. Carrie Underwood has held onto the trophy for best female vocalist for the past two years, but now she could be usurped by Swift, who’s recently become a sudden mega-star. Taylor Swift (“Fearless”) also poses a threat to Underwood (“Carnival Ride”) in the race for best album of the year where they compete against Montgomery Gentry (“Back When I Knew It All”), Jamey Johnson (“That Lonesome Song”) and George Strait (“Troubadour”)

LA Times

Jen to Lend Her Dad a Hand?

Jen’s father, soap opera star John Aniston, is already slated to appear at a Manhattan Barnes & Noble on Saturday to read from the children’s book, Loukoumi’s Good Deeds. John and Jen both give voice to characters on the book’s accompanying audio CD. And sources are telling OK! that Jen might put in a surprise (well, it was a surprise) appearance to help out her dad and the other readers, including American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis.

OK Magazine

Jennifer Hudson Sparkles in The City

Jennifer Hudson waves to the photogs and shows off her beautiful smile Wednesday night in NYC.

The Academy Award winner looked gorgeous in a shiny silver dress at the Topshop Topman private dinner to celebrate the store’s flagship opening at the Balthazar Restaurant in Manhattan.

ET Online

Pinoy singer snubbed by ‘American Idol’ Fil-Am finalist

According to Ortiz, she was at the Florida Airport in Orlando, Florida late last year when she saw …American Idol finalist Ramiele Malubay, a Filipino-American.

Ortiz, who was alone at that time, was ready with her digital camera.

…I approached her and asked for a picture taking. But all of a sudden, Ramiele turned around. She dragged her boyfriend away and I was left alone. What could I do? She just left me without a word, recalled the 18-year-old daughter of a Filipino cosmetologist and a Filipino bio-chemical engineer from Chicago.


IN CONCERT: Former Idol will perform at Ivy Tech

American Idol finalist and Ivy Tech alum Amanda Overmyer is coming to town this month.

The Idol standout, best known for her classic rock style reminiscent of Janis Joplin, will headline Ivy Tech Community College Artists Helping Artists (AHA) Festival from 6-10 p.m. Friday, April 17, at the Muncie campus.

The focus of the event, sponsored by Ivy Tech Student Government Association (SGA) and MAX radio, will be to showcase student talent, including music, art, design, poetry, photography, and writing among others. More than 20 students will have displays and/or perform.


Simon Cowell in Twitter rant

Simon Cowell wont be joining Twitter anytime soon.

The American Idol judge doesnt understand why the micro-blogging site is so popular.

‹Why would you want to talk to people like that? Simon tells US show Extra.

‹It’s like phoning someone randomly whose number you don’t even have and saying: …Hi, it’s Simon, I went out with my family this weekend.


Tuesday Dancing: What You Didnt See

Oh, Snap!: During the show pre-taping, Julianne Hough suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the back of her top snapped while performing to the Kevin Rudolph Band. Hough, of course, never missed a beat. She charged through the rest of the performance with an arm across her chest, holding up her top, then went to get her top fixed before running through the performance again. Tom Bergeron grabbed the mic and told the crowd, …This time, were going to see if Julianne Hough top fully comes off. It didnt.

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