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Next week’s theme is “Songs From the Year You were Born”.   There’s more about that HERE.   Each contestant picks a song from their birth year.   Also, Kellie Pickler is set to perform her single “Best Days of Your Life” on Wednesday’s Idol results show.

  • Cold Opening – VIDEO
  • Ford Commercial – “Mixed Up” – VIDEO
  • Group Number – “Don’t Stop Believing” – VIDEO
  • A Typical Idol Week, Plus the Kids do Impressions – VIDEO
  • Ryan splits the kids into 3 groups – VIDEO
  • David Cook – “Come Back to Me” – VIDEO
  • Megan Joy, Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai are in the Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • Lady Gaga – “Poker Face” – VIDEO
  • Megan Joy Corkrey is eliminated – VIDEO

Megan Joy Corkrey is ELIMINATED.   Not only does she not get a save–but the judges refused to evaluate her.

Tonight, David Cook performs his new single “Come Back to Me” in a pre-taped appearance. Watch the new video HERE.   Plus Lady Gaga sings her hit “Poker Face”   Miley Cyrus films a performance (according to news sources and Paula, who was a little confused) but we won’t see it until later.   And, another Idol contestant hits the road.

Live re-cap after the JUMP…

Tonight’s cold opening, was pre-recorded and different than the usual thing.   It’s an over-heated montage of the kids performing with judges comments spliced in. So dramatic!   It replaces the boring, obligatory re-cap. I’m all for that!

Randy Jackson says he didn’t like some of the song choices and wonders if this week’s theme was too wide open.   Kara DioGuardi mentions being heckled Tuesday night (the heckler was Megan Joy’s brother as a matter of fact), Paula continues to wax rhapsodic about Adam Lambert, and Simon thinks Anoop, Matt and Megan are in danger tonight.

Ford Video: “Mixed Up” –   The Ford advertising budget must be cut to the bone.   This year’s commercials stink.

This week’s group number features one of iTunes biggest download hits–Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.   Hm. I think some of these solos are live. They’ve got Scott behind the piano so he doesn’t kill himself. But his microphone is about a foot away from his mouth. Oops. It ends with an awesome raised fist pointy pose. Yee Haw!

Next, a video package billed as the typical Idol week!   It includes lots of photo and video shoots, which the kids claim to love. Plus messing around in the mansion.   Matt impersonates Danny singing “Hero.” It is hella funny.   But then after, on the couches, Danny impersonates Matt singing his trainwreck “Viva La Vida” and it’s a little mean.   Not meanspirited are Allison’s impersonations of Danny.   Such cut-ups, these kids!

It’s time for the results

Ryan asks Megan, Matt and Kris to stand up.   Ryan asks them to take one side of the stage. “Oh geez” says Megan, “This is changing my plan.” Really?   Next, Ryan asks Adam, Lil and Allison to stand up. He directs them to the center of the stage.   Allison wags her finger at Ryan as she walks past him.   Last, it’s Scott, Danny and Anoop’s turn to stand, and Ryan sends them to the other side of the stage. “Who is safe?” asks Ryan, “And which one of these groups could be in the bottom 3.”

After the break, David Cook’s previously recorded performance of   his new single, “Come Back to Me” airs.   David’s mom is in the audience singing along and adjusting her massive bling.   David seems…tired. I keep waiting for the song to pick up steam and it never quite does. There are strings on stage, but I can barely hear them. Fans scream “I love you David.”   He tells Ryan he’ll be on the road until the end of August.   Some pretty blond girls present David with his platinum record for David Cook.   He mentions it took a year to sell 1, 000 copies of his ’06 solo record, and is amazed to go platinum in 3 months.

Back from break (and a little peek of David’s new video) and more results

Ryan begins to pull the kids out…randomly.   The whole “group thing” means nothing, apparently. They could have stayed on the couches.   Kris Allen goes first, and he’s SAFE.   Matt Giraud is next. Kara still thinks he deserves to stay, “100%” and Matt has no regrets about his song choice. “Matt, last week you were in the bottom 3, ” says Ryan, “and this week, you’re also going to have to take a seat.” Matt, disappointed, heads for the stools. “Matt, over there, ” says Ryan pointing to the couches.   Fake out!   “April fools!” says Kris as Matt takes his seat. Megan Joy is next. Ryan asks her how she felt after Simon critiqued her song and she answers, truthfully, “I love you Simon, but I didn’t really care.”   “Yes you do, ” says Simon. It’s a good thing Megan doesn’t care because…she’s in the bottom 3.   She heads to the stools, flapping her wings and cawing as she goes.   She looks stoned, and like she’s losing her mind Hm. No. Apparently it’s a shout out to Vote for the Worst.     Adam. Lil and Allison, seemingly in on the joke, are cracking up. Lil Rounds is next, and she is SAFE.   Allison Iraheta is up. Gah. She’s in the Bottom 3.   “Hello familiar chair, ” she says as she sits down. Adam Lambert is next. He is SAFE.   Danny Gokey is next. Of course, he is SAFE.   Scott MacIntyre and Anoop Desai are left.   One is safe, One is in the Bottom 3.   Randy thinks it’s Anoop, cause Scott brought it the night before. Anoop agrees, “I had a feeling, watching the performance back, I can understand it too.” And yes, Anoop is in the Bottom 3.

After the break, Lady Gaga sings her #1 hit, “Poker Face” – Holy cow, she’s kinda awesome!   A total, glorious, WTF performance.   Loved it! The zipper around her eye was a nice touch.

Before the break, Ryan asks Simon if anyone is worth saving.

“Just one, ” Simon says.

Back from break, and it’s time to send somebody to the couches of safety. Thank gawd it’s Allison.   Megan and Anoop are left. Ryan makes a point of mentioning they both got the lowest number of votes.   At this point, it’s clear that Megan is totally expecting to be eliminated and does not give a crap.   Between the smiling, waving,   arm flapping and the faux frightened face before Ryan makes the reveal, it she seems to be totally over American Idol. “The person who came in at the bottom and faces elimination is, ” says Ryan, “Megan.”   “I’ts OK, ” says Megan.   “Don’t forget to Caw” she says to Anoop as he heads for the couches.   Allison flaps her arms and hoots a caw.   Megan cracks up.   Simon is having NONE of the night’s shenanigans. “With the greatest respect, when you said you don’t care, nor do we, ” says Simon, “I’m not going to pretend we’re even going to contemplate saving you. This is your swan song.” Megan smiles as if to say, “Y’all can save your old save.”   She sings out. She’s still terrible–worse than before even. But joyful. After, she thanks everyone who works on Idol, the contestants, the judges and America. “And baby, I’m coming home baby, ” says Megan.   Homesick for her young child–no wonder she’s relieved.   She cries and laughs through her goodbye reel. And we’re out.


Kris Allen
Matt Giraud
Lil Rounds
Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey

Scott MacIntyre
Allison Iraheta

Bottom 3:

Megan Corkrey
Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai

Megan Joy Corkrey is eliminated – Wow. Simon says he’s not even going to evaluate her performance!   So she’s performing her swan song.

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