Idol Headlines for 02/22/10

Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson confirm their next singles (Well not exactly)

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has confirmed that the next single from his Gold-certified debut album For Your Entertainment will be the Max Martin produced “If I Had You”.

Meanwhile after a lot of deliberating the winner of the very first American Idol Kelly Clarkson will release “All I Ever Wanted” as the fourth single from her album of the same name. The song will hit radio in March.

Note from me: Actually, Adam told the peeps at VH1 Countdown, that “If I Had You” would probably be his next single. The RCA mod at AO cautioned peeps that it was not an official announcement. Also, anybody got a cite for Kelly? I couldn’t find an add on mediabase. ETA: It’s listed at FMBQ for March 9

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American Idol Kris Allen In Haiti, In Pictures

THANKS to American Idol winner Kris Allen, Haiti is back in the news. Allen was pictured with a young Haitian girl during a UN Foundation visit to recovery and rebuilding programs in Port-au-Prince. He then sang a song on an acoustic guitar. The cynics would say the audience was captive to the grandstanding celeb. They see the scene from Airplane. The reality is that whatever breaks up the day and improves the lives of the dispossessed can only be good…

‘Idolatry’: Jason Castro performs his single and dishes his new EP

American Idol season 7 troubadour Jason Castro is currently on the road promoting his 2010 Love Uncompromised EP and winning great reviews in the process; he even managed to turn a New York Times music critic into a fledgling Idoloonie! If you haven’t been able to catch him live yet, though, fret not: During a trip to New York City late last month, Jason stopped by Hudson Terrace and graced Idolatry with an acoustic performance of his single “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again.

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Adam Lambert:”UK is ahead of America in terms of tolerance”

He later went on to discuss Susan Boyle, who kept him off the top spot in the charts. He said: “I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that just made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!”

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Adam Lambert, Kim Kardashian, Others Share Their Fashion Mistakes

And while high school graduation is a day of celebration, Adam Lambert just wishes he could forget about the whole thing. “[A] graduation video that’s floating around of me in that horrible red cap flapping in the breeze, my fat face singing that Boyz II Men song and my voice cracking at the end — I could do without that, ” he joked.


Idol airplay: ‘Pants’ on the chart, ‘Pants’ on the chart

There’s no change in the top 10 of the American Idol airplay chart this week. According to Mediabase, though, the gap between the two top songs — Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone and Kris Allen’s Live Like We’re Dying — continues to narrow.

Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me moves into USA TODAY’s Hot AC top 20 for the first time, and Danny Gokey’s My Best Days Are Ahead of Me returns to the Country top 40 after one week out.

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‘American Idol’ Power Rankings: The Top 24

It’s good to be back.

Sitting and watching the audition rounds of ‘American Idol‘ can be a grueling process, but after making it through some good singers, plenty of bad ones, and some pants on the ground, we’re finally at the Top 24. And this seems like as good a time as any to unveil Season 9’s first installment of the Eye on Idol Power Rankings.

Former ‘Idol’ Mikalah Gordon: All Growed Up!

Mikalah showed off her talents at an “American Idol” party in L.A. on Thursday.

While she may not have the record sales nor the Grammys, the 22-year-old is even hotter than her fellow season four cast mate, Carrie Underwood.


Simon Cowell lobbies MPs on anti-piracy measures

Pop mogul Simon Cowell has waded into the debate over the Digital Economy Bill’s anti-piracy measures, in what is believed to be his first piece of UK political lobbying, urging MPs to pass it as a “matter of urgency”.

Cowell, alongside several other powerful figures from the film and literary world, has put his name to a strongly worded letter, seen by The Telegraph, which MPs and the Lords will receive today, to get the anti-piracy measures in the bill pushed through, which could see repeat offenders’ internet connections cut off.

Rep Says Simon Cowell Is Happy – But Not Engaged

Simon Cowell’s rep, Max Clifford, tells PEOPLE he cannot confirm reports that the American Idol judge is engaged to makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy. But don’t be surprised if Cowell pops the question before too long.

“I see it being repeated everywhere, ” Clifford says. “But when I asked him last Wednesday, when he and Mezhgan were about to fly back to L.A., I said, ‘Are you engaged?’ His answer was, ‘Max, I’m not engaged.’ That was last Wednesday.”

To fans in his hometown of Nazareth, Grady is an ‘Idol’

Until a few months ago, Tyler Grady of Nazareth wasn’t even the lead singer in his own band.

But on Wednesday, Grady won a spot among the top 24 contestants on the nation’s biggest show, ”American Idol.”

That makes Grady, 20, the only contestant from Lehigh or Northampton County ever to make it this far and, therefore, the first to perform live on ”Idol.”

Grady has positioned himself as this season’s rock singer, and his front-man swagger and penchant for 1970s polyester shirts have given him frequent screen time.

Second to none

When Adam Lambert was pipped at the post in the finale of last year’s American Idol, entertainment websites were clogged with messages of outrage. “OMG America. Kris Allen? Really? America, you let us down and worse, you let yourself down, ” wrote one angry blogger.

Overlooking the eyeliner-wearing rocker and huge Freddie Mercury fan was not just a bit of bad luck dished out on reality television, it was a national disgrace. Even Lambert later insinuated in his official “coming out” spread in Rolling Stone magazine that his sexual orientation had swayed the final vote.

AI Now Exclusive: Disqualified Season 9 “Idol” Writing A Book

Disqualified season nine “American Idol” top twenty-four finalist Chris Golightly contacted AI Now to make an announcement, he’s writing a book, titled “Orphan” about the struggles of his life.

Chris says that his disqualification, even after allegedly proving to “Idol” producers that he had been released from the contract in question, was just the latest event in his tragic life story.

Born into an abusive home, Chris and his sisters were taken by authorities and removed permanently from their parents’ custody when Chris was only eighteen months old. The journey that follows takes Chris into the nightmarish homes of abusive foster parents, into corrupt orphanages and boys homes, and ultimately into the loving hands of God.

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Producer Steve Lillywhite speaks about his campaign to be ‘Idol’ judge

Last week, noted producer Steve Lillywhite made an impassioned video plea to be considered a potential replacement for “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell, a job he’s certainly qualified for, having worked on some 30 game-changing albums in just as many years, from his early New Wave days with Siouxsie and the Banshees and Talking Heads to Peter Gabriel and U2’s formative years to current chart-toppers like 30 Seconds to Mars. The man also has a British accent (Lillywhite grew up outside of London and is currently based in New York), a strong opinion and loads of charisma, so why did some think the video campaign was a joke?

For one thing, the clip wasn’t intended for mass viewing; Lillywhite submitted it directly to 19 Entertainment, then a friend uploaded it to YouTube. (“I didn’t say don’t do it, ” he recalls with a self-deprecating chuckle.) In fact, Lillywhite couldn’t be more serious. And though he demurs that he “doesn’t have a chance in hell” of getting the gig, he made his case to Idol Tracker.

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Ke$ha Calls Out Adam Lambert For Kissing And Telling

When Ke$ha and Adam Lambert had a clandestine make-out session last week, the ‘Tik Tok’ singer was sure no one would ever find out. Wrong! Glambert, 28, spilled the beans on a local radio station Feb. 18, and his blabbermouth had the songbird wishing he had kept their secret in – well – the closet. But instead of getting pissed off in private, Ke$ha called Adam out on Twitter for his indiscreet kiss ‘n tell.

“@adamlambert glabert! kiss + tell….. U little shit secretsout then ;) , ” the 22-year old singer tweeted Feb. 21.

Adam was quick to apologize, writing, “@keshasuxx “so good I kiss and tell… I got no lies, I got love” Well I couldn’t help myself! You’re cute!”

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Twitterview with Anoop Desai

Desi Hits!: From Lady Gaga to 50 cent, DH! has brought South Asian culture to the west, what are your thoughts on east meets west?

Anoop: the E-W fusion seems so natural to me- it pretty much describes my life! With music especially, though. The Beatles exposed… music that I find exciting. So proud that the 2 types of music that shaped me are working together! I hope to be a part of it the West to Indian music on Across the Universe, and now there’s a new generation of collaboration between Bollywood and W. pop…

Desi Hits!: So are were going to be hearing some desi beats on your upcoming album?

Anoop: you’ll definitely hear that influence. I listened to Lata and Mukesh in the car on the way to school, at the same time I was… listening to BoyzIIMen, Taal at the same time as I was into Brandy. It affects a lot of things I write. But it’s not going to… be forced on any song where it doesn’t belong. I’m just trying to make the best music possible by using all of my backgrounds!

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