Hey Paula: Episode 6

In last week’s episode, Paula Abdul becomes hysterical when she receives an email from the Bratz movie producers telling her that they no longer need her services. This Page 6 item cites a “source” that says, “Paula was not ever really a part of the movie, and she was a nightmare to deal with. There was no way that was going to work.”

However, Paula’s peeps tell US Magazine that she was not fired from the Bratz movie, but left on her own due to scheduling conflicts. As far the Bravo footage? Her peeps say, “Very creative editing.” O rilly?

This week’s clips of breakdowns and hissy-fits has Paula giving her hair stylist and “best friend” the authority to re-decorate her rental house, then TOTALLY flipping out when she finally sees it. Mind you, she could have met with the designer herself in order to impart her “vision” but she choose to go to an Oscar swag party instead. Here is an old item that I found in the TWOP’s Hey Paula forum thread:

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But fans shouldnt get too comfy and bloggers shouldnt plan to set up a component that tracks and recaps the show ¦very far, that is. For reportedly, Bravo has only signed the new show for six episodes’ not even sustaining the first season this summer for the duration first slated of eight weeks.

According to a national rag (okay, Im embarrassed to name ¦), Bravo Director of Development and Production, Cori Abraham, met with Paula, who was pitching for the second series of …Hey Paula’ to follow this summer production. But because the Bravo network is purportedly …fed up with her outrageous (?) antics, Abraham refused her a renewal contract ¦and even cut the eight-episode series to six.

The outrageous antics are not those we have followed, though. They are the newly displayed behaviors that Bravo allegedly is intolerant of at this point. Reportedly, Paula complained too often, rescheduled filming sessions too frequently, and pushed the network to the brink by requiring it subsidize $150, 000 for Abdul to rent a substitute home while hers is/was getting renovated.

Finally, at the end of the show, we see Paula finding out that she’s being offered the opportunity to do a demo for a “weekly nationally syndicated radio show.” She breaks down as if she’s just been crowned queen of the world. Seriously, she completely loses her sh*t. For the opportunity to do a demo for some radio show? While she’s starring on the most popular show on television?

Certainly she had some say in the shows’ final editing. If not, maybe the Bravo producers are just so pissed at her they are giving her the villain edit. In any case, this show was a horrible idea. She comes off as a narcissistic, self-pitying, unstable, psycho head case. Can’t be good for future job prospects…

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