Idol Headlines for 07/28/07

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Idol singers bring home pop, pizazz

Hoop earrings, sparkly eye shadow and ponytails might as well have been mandatory at Friday night’s “American Idols Live” concert at the Tacoma Dome….

Seattle Times

Pickler offers smooth sound

The girl Simon Cowell called a “naughty little minx” is really more of a kitten. An adorable kitten who is an erratic singer but a darling presence.

Kellie Pickler, the sixth-place finisher of the 2006 season of “American Idol, ” warmed up quickly to Thursday’s Toad’s Place crowd by mentioning she had a special message: Elliott Yamin, hometown hero to many, supposedly called her just before the show and wanted his fans to know that he misses and loves them………


Tea with the FT: Simon Cowell

After driving up a long, winding road that forks off Sunset Boulevard past some of the most lavish properties in Beverly Hills, I am having difficulty finding Simon Cowell house.

The address seems correct but the building I am looking at is relatively small ‘ not what youd imagine to be the home of the acid-tongued English music executive who has become one of the biggest television stars in America. There is a dirty Toyota sports utility vehicle in the driveway and, behind it, a man in a baseball cap, shorts and trainers, who is looking at me suspiciously….

Local singer tunes up for ‘American Idol’

Family, friends set up fundraiser to send resident to ‘American Idol’ auditions

Rodney Whitfield, 2, isn’t nicknamed “Hot Rod” for nothing.

He never stays still for long. There are a million things to play with and, as his mom says with a laugh, “destroy.”

But when his mom starts to sing, Hot Rod holds still and smiles.

Kristina Whitfield sings to more than just her kids…..

Sierra Star

Revenge of the Rocker
Sometimes, nice guys finish fourth, and so it’s been for Chris Daughtry, who’s found that losing can be the sweetest victory

It was Vince Lombardi, or Paula Abdul, or someone on ESPN’s “Sportscenter” who once said, “Winning isn’t everything.”

It is Chris Daughtry who says over and over again, “I’m glad I didn’t win.”…….