Grandfather of Ariana Grande Died – Frankie Learns of his Death, Will Stay in the Competition (DETAILS)

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UPDATED: According to people watching the feeds, Frankie received a letter from his family informing him of his grandfather’s death. He shared it with the rest of the house. At his family’s urging, He has decided not to leave the competition.

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Frankie Iglesias Age, Family, Net Worth, Mom, Death

When Frankie said goodbye to his grandfather before he left to enter the house, he thought in the back of his mind that he might not see him again. But although he’d been ill for awhile, Frankie wasn’t expecting his grandfather to pass while he was competing on Big Brother.

After Frankie revealed the news to the houseguests, he shared stories with them about his grandfather, who had served in WWII and led a long and colorful life. He was “Brooklyn Italian” and had worked in communications up until his death in his 90s. He had beat cancer several times. He was also the first in the family to totally accept Frankie when he came out as gay. There was a lot of hugs and tears in the house, including from Zach who was crying alone in one of the bedrooms.

Frankie will have the opportunity to make a video that will be sent to his family for the memorial service. He says that if he were at home, he’d be the one everyone would be leaning on.  Sister, Ariana, tweeted about watching Frankie this afternoon on the live feeds:

To watch Frankie sharing the news about his grandfather on the live feeds, set the stream for July 23 at around 5 pm PST. It goes on for about 25 minutes (including the bit where Zach is in tears.)

Singer, Ariana Grande tweeted the sad news that her grandfather died after a long battle with cancer. Making the families grieving process even more difficult?  Brother, Frankie Grande is currently a house guest on Big Brother, completely cut off from the real world. To tell Frankie or not?  The family may decide to keep the news from him until the competition is over. Ariana tweeted:

Aw. Grandpa was afraid Frankie would quit to come home and be with his family, and that’s the last thing he wanted him to do. Big Brother producers WILL tell a houseguest about a death in the family, and then leaves it up to the contestant weather to continue playing the game, or quit and go home.  Ariana herself kept a commitment to appear on GMA to help Ryan Seacrest announce the iHeartRadio music festival lineup.

It’s a tough decision–whether to tell Frankie or not. I think I’d tell him, but stress that grandpa REALLY wanted him to stay, and that nobody would hold it against him if he didn’t quit.  There’s nothing Frankie can do for his grandfather now, except carry on with his life. Ariana and Grandpa

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  1. Maybe he will leave this week. and save britney. LOL is Money more important then family?

  2. Wouldn’t BB ask each houseguest to provide a list of situations they’d want to be informed about before they went in, e.g. Death of certain relatives, hospitalization of minor children, etc.?

  3. They need to let Frankie make that decision for himself. If that was me, I’d be pissed to find out my grandpa had died and no one told me only because I was inside the big brother house.

  4. It depends on what the BB contract says. If it says NO outside info no matter what, that’s what it says. That’s why I think they’d ask each HG for a list of personal “breaking news” ahead of time.

  5. If it says NO outside info no matter what, that’s what it says.

    That’s not what it says. BB producers will not keep something as important as a family death from an HG.

    Back in season 2, BB was still going on when the Twin Towers fell. The producers told the houseguests and halted the game for a week. One of the HG’s learned at that time that her cousin was missing. It was announced on the finale that she died in the attack.

  6. I would be really upset if I left the house and was told “Your grandfather died 1 or 2 months ago. That would be horrible. I would want to know right away.

  7. That still doesn’t tell us if it’s completely at the producer’s discretion or if each HG gets to pre-designate certain events they’d want to know about.

  8. Season 2 they told the houseguests about the 9/11 attacks & told Monica that her cousin was missing when the buildings fell. It was later revealed at the finale that her cousin had died in the attack. This is a different situation but I would think BB would tell Frankie alone and give him the option to stay in the game and/or to tell the other houseguests.

  9. It’s always at the producer’s discretion on these shows. They can change/bend the rules at any time.

  10. To not tell him would be unforgivable IMO and cause a permanent rift in the family. I’m with you- he has to be told and give him the opportunity to say his goodbyes

  11. According to the live feeds Frankie received a letter from his family about his grandfather’s death & shared it with the house. The family wants him to stay in the game. He was also allowed to send a msg back to them.

  12. The latest from the live feed Frankie said he will get to eulogize his grand father tonight during BBAD.

  13. Frankie will get a picture of his grandfather if he wins the next HOH per BB.

  14. Frankie read the letter from his mom aloud on BBAD. He also eulogized his grandfather alone in the HOH room.

  15. I saw that, sounds like they are a very close family. They want Frankie to stay in the house. It really must be tough for him.

  16. He will send a video for the memorial service in lieu of being there? Tacky. Glad I don’t know him.

  17. It’s not the choice that it seems you would make but it’s the choice that his grandfather and his family wanted him to do. He’s continuing to stay in the Big Brother House in pursuit of an honorable cause as well. And Frankie will be there for the celebration of his grandfather’s live which will happen later.

    So with all that being said I myself don’t find his decision Tacky. He seems like a good guy I would like to know him. I was touched by his comments about his grandfather and family.

    I wish peace to all those affected by this death. The grandfather seems like a great and strong man.

  18. Why not Tweet, email, or just send a selfie??? Attending a memorial is about paying respects to the deceased, celebrating his life. A video is less about the deceased than one’s ego. Symptom of the times, but that is no excuse. It is totally self-involved.

  19. His family told him to stay in the house. He said if they wanted him to come home he would. He did anything someone in a situation where they could not return home would do.

  20. He’s being asked to stay in the house by his family. Sorry that clearly every color of his character is evident because he chooses to carry out their wishes. Clearly he’s a terrible person….


  21. Oh also you mentioned the funeral was for celebrating his life well Frankie is still going to be a part of that. Frankie mentioned that there would be a life celebration after he got out of the house. So it seems like the Grande family have a specific separate event simply for that. I don’t know if it’s it’s because of their religion or it’s just a tradition that the Grande family have for themselves. So Frankie will be a part of celebrating his grandfather’s life. Also honoring a departed person doesn’t have to be from a specific location or on a single day. It can be done anytime and anywhere and through out your life.

  22. You either go or you don’t go. Either one is fine. but the service is not about you, it is about the deceased. It isn’t an award show, where you send your regrets via video.

  23. How can you can you compare giving your regards and expressing your love for someone to an award show. Just because you’re using technology/ cameras/video doesn’t make it the same that’s pretty broad. I’m gonna have to disagree with you there.

    I think video messages from family that can’t make it to a funeral is a perfect way to allow them to express what the departed meant to them. And it’s still about the deceased because they’re talking about the deceased. It’s the same as when people at the funeral get up and speak about the deceased. They’re not stealing the spotlight either.

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