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UPDATE: I apologize for not recognizing the Jonathan who choreographed as being Jonathan Platero from Season 5. I think the mustache threw me off. Also, he went out in 8th place, in Season 5… so I’d have a hard time recognizing him. Once I saw a younger picture of him, sans mustache, I recognized him.

Based on my poll earlier, your favorite Male Dancers are:
Ricky- 35%
Zack- 20%
Serge- 10%

Your favorite Female Dancers are:
Carly- 25%
Jacque- 20%
Jessica- 14%

You’ve overwhelmingly picked Marcquet to leave at 51%, with Serge coming in at 2nd with 14%.
For the girls, you picked Brooklyn with an astounding 79%, with Valerie coming in a distant second at 4%.

Top 16 Group Number- Take Me To The River- Annie Lennox
A decent routine, but compared to last weeks Chess routine… not my favorite.

Nigel, Mary, and Misty are judging. Is Misty a permanent thing now? Cause, I approve.

Bad News Time.

The Bottom 6 Are…

WOW. Zack? Seriously? Also… Bridget? She was in the most buzzed about dance last week. I think Brooklyn’s appearance in the bottom basically means Tanisha and Bridget are safe. The guys will be between Marcquet and Serge, but I don’t think Nigel likes Marcquet much.

Two of your top 3 favorite male dancers are in the bottom 3.

My early prediction is Marcquet and Brooklyn.

1) Ricky and Valerie- Bollywood with Nicol- Dilliwalli Girlfriend
Ricky didn’t start performing until he was 12? Even 12 year old Ricky looks amazing. They seem to throw Bollywood at strong couples. They know Ricky can handle, and survive it. Is there any style that Ricky doesn’t look comfortable in? Seriously? Valerie… not so much. He’s quicker than she is. Bollywood is hard, and she’s making up for it in personality. Both are great performers, but Ricky is the better dancer. Still. Mary says it was full of life, joy, and love…. and stamina. She thought Valerie was amazing. Mary says Ricky was wicked strong. Nigel doesn’t think either will be going home. Misty thinks its important to educate people with Bollywood. She wanted more sharpness from Valerie, and says Ricky has the whole package.

2) Bridget and Emilio- Contemporary with Travis Wall- The Leaving Song
Bridget should be helped by doing a Travis Wall routine this week. She’s also dancing in her own style. There’s an empty bedpost on stage. Emilio and Bridget have developed a great connection. Emilio is actually a really good contemporary dancer, and Bridget is phenomenal. I love the move where Bridget pulls him back under the bed, and then reaches at him through the bars. Emilio looks emotionally drained. Amazing. Nigel calls it a powerful piece of choreography. Nigel explains the piece. Nigel compliments Emilio for pointing his toes. Nigel says that Bridget was magnificent. Misty says the choreography highlighted them. She says Bridget didn’t overshine Emilio, and Emilio continues to grow. His “panche” was great. Mary loves Travis, loved the two of them dancing, and says it was special. She says Bridget had a WOW moment tonight. I think Bridget is safe.

3) Tanisha and Rudy- Hip Hop with Dave Scott-Good Kisser
It’s a black and white comic book dance. Neither are dancing in their style. Tanisha looks hot in that outfit. HOT. There’s something a little goofy about Rudy’s hip hop, and sometimes he doesn’t quite hit everything, and backs off before the stop. Tanisha is doing great, but has less choreo. She has a lot of sexy posing filling time while Rudy does more complicated moves. I think most people won’t realize that, and will just remember Tanisha is fierce. Misty says it was subtle sexyness and says Tanisha was awesome in this. She says Rudy was the perfect partner. Mary says it was incredible. She says Rudy’s performance was believable.

Cat questions Rudy about his romance with Jacque. He’s cute when he talks about her.

4) Jessica and Marcquet- Fox Trot with Dmitry- I Put A Spell On You
It’s interesting that Marcquet got to dance in his own style. I wonder if they want to keep him around. Jessica’s dress is pretty. Marcquet’s hair has been tamed. Jessica still has too much inappropriate face. It’s a shame, because she’s a stunning dancer. I understand why she’s always safe. Marcquet is doing good, he’s basically in his style. this was barely a Fox Trot. If at all. It’s not a stand up and cheer dance, it was alright. Mary says it didn’t put a spell on her. Mary says there were fabulous moments, but Marcquet’s technique wasn’t great. He’s a latin dancer, not a straight ballroom dancer. Mary says Jessica blew her away. Marcquet was closer to his style, and got a bad review from Mary. Nigel says there wasn’t enough flow. Nigel says he felt uncomfortable with it, and thought Jessica looked fantastic. Misty says Jessica was beautiful, and tells her to be aware of her neck. Misty tells Marcquet that he danced beautifully, and he should be more grounded in his feet. Marcquet is a goner.

Emily and Teddy are doing Salsa? Ummm…

5) Carly and Serge- Contemporary with Mandy Moore- Foolish Games
A story of desire. Carly is dancing in her own style. This should help the dance. Serge has a massive bandaid on his shoulder in rehearsal. This dance is beautiful. Serge does well in contemporary. He’s a strong partner for the lifts. He also connects with Carly. Carly is really coming into her own as a potential winner. That final drop made the whole dance. A really good routine. Nigel says he loved her opening number tonight, and enjoyed this. Nigel apologizes to Carly for not telling her how good she was last week, and how good she was tonight. Nigel says Serge has been a tremendous partner for her, and they are growing every week. Misty says they continue to grow. Misty calls Carly a full body dancer. She says it was an emotionally charged performance as Serge. She loves them together. Mary says Serge is the most improved dancer of the season. Mary says the passion is pouring out of Serge. Great feedback for Serge. I can’t see him going home.

6) Emily and Teddy- Salsa with Jonathan Platero and Oksana
They’re given new choreographers, and a routine that neither of them are familiar with. Seems like they’re setting up Teddy and Emily for a bottom 3 appearance next week. Emily almost slips and falls at the beginning, but catches herself. She keeps going like a pro though. She doesn’t quite have the salsa hips, and the turns are slow. Teddy handles the lifts well, but could use better footwork, and could be responsible for Emily’s slow turns. For a high energy song, and dance, this felt slow for some reason. Misty says recovering from the slip is what makes her a professional, but she says that she felt uncomfortable. Misty loved Teddy and thought it could have been his genre. She “saw” him, and likes them as a partnership. Mary says they did a tremendous job for being out of their style, and it was a tough routine. Mary says Teddy had some moments. Nigel says we didn’t know that Emily dislocated her shoulder this morning. Nigel compliments her for going on.

Are they really saving Casey and Brooklyn for last?

7) Jacque and Zack- Jazz with Sonya- Back To Black
Sonya says Zack is killing it. Zack is killing it. He’s so strong in this routine. Jacque is doing a good job, but is forced to be sexy a lot instead of actually dance. Mary loves Sonya’s transitions. Mary says Zack impresses her every week. Nigel thought it was remarkable. Misty picks on Jacque, because it’s about the small details. Misty wanted more refinement in Jacque’s feet, and see more of Jacque. Misty tells Zack he’s fabulous.

Brooklyn and Casey are going to do hip hop from a new choreographer. This should be interesting.

8) Brooklyn and Casey- Hip Hop by Wildebeast
This is the whitest hip hop. Neither of them look comfortable in the style. Casey maybe a bit more than Brooklyn. There’s nothing gangsta about either of them. This is one of my least favorite hip hop routines, even though the choreo is solid. They tried… they just didn’t do very good. Nigel says he’s thrilled Wildebeast is on the show. Nigel says it’s a tough routine, and isn’t sure about the outfit. He says they need to get down more. Nigel says Brooklyn did a damn good attempt at it. Misty says this is the most confident she’s seen Brooklyn. She says Brooklyn was fabulous. Mary agrees, and thought it could have been in the pocket more. This dance is so over praised. Are they trying to save Brooklyn? She just did not dance on the same level as Tanisha or Bridget.

Saturday is National Dance Day.

9) A Mini Group Routine (Tanisha, Emily, Brooklyn, Valerie, Serge, Emilio, Casey, and Zack) by Sonya
Its hard to se this as a standout for anyone, since there are 8 dancers on the stage. Tanisha has a legit standout moment. She needed that. It was a scary and haunting routine. Loved it. Misty says it was wonderful. She says Tanisha is a shooting star. She was team captain. Mary says Sonya has outdone herself. Their makeup is incredible. Nigel says that this is the Sonya that he loves. He’s not a Bjork fan, but she works well with Sonya. Nigel says he wanted to be a part of that routine.

10) A Mini Group Routine by Travis (Bridget, Jessica, Carly, Jacque, Marcquet, Ricky, Rudy, and Teddy)
They are a group of outlaws trying to escape the city. If I’m being honest, I would say that I “saw” Ricky, who seemed to be centered on camera a lot, and Carly, who had the cool thing in the air a lot. I also saw brief moments from Teddy, Jessica, and Rudy. I barely noticed Bridget or Marcquet. And I think Jacque was buried in there. Nigel doesn’t know where to start. The choreo was sensational, and matched by the talent of the dancers. Misty says it was incredible, and they all added something to it. She singles out Ricky though. Mary stands up and screams, causing Nigel and Mary to also stand. Mary says it should be another Emmy nomination for Travis. Mary thinks Marcquet tore that down. Really? I barely noticed him.

Lucy Hale sings Lie A Little Better… and I’m gonna go… do something else.

I gotta say, I’m still feeling Marcquet and Brooklyn. Marcquet was the only boy to get bad feedback in his routine tonight.

Nigel says it’s never easy. They’re losing 4 dancers next week. Holy cow. Nigel thinks they all stood out and did really well. What? Nigel tells Marcquet and Brooklyn to step forward. He’s going with America’s vote, and tehy are leaving the competition.

Marcquet and Brooklyn are eliminated. They auditioned together. Brooklyn says it’s a dream come true.

FOUR DANCERS go home next week. Good God. I don’t trust America’s vote for that. We are racing to the finale.

PLEASE vote this week. Join me next week for our power rankings and another liveblog.

My early prediction is
Bottom 3 Guys: Casey, Teddy and Serge (sadly).
Bottom 3 Girls: Jacque, Emily, and Jessica or Bridget.

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  1. Great, all my fave guys are in the bottom. I mean, what the hell is Zack doing there? Not happy AT ALL about Zack. :(

  2. Serge definitely belongs in the body this week but NOT ZACK. Eh to Travis’s choreo “The bed + addiction” Emilio did better than I would have guessed, though.

  3. I just am not a rudy fan. Tanisha outshone him. Marcquet IS a goner and he knows it. I wish the judges weren’t so transparent. It was a good routine. Lots of shade at the choreographers this season.

  4. Zack is so damn good. I hope he beats Ricky in the finale. Yeah I said it, the 5 people that are watching better vote for him :P

  5. On the salsa, it was Oksana and Jonathan. Jonathan Platero is a SYTYCD alum and he choregoraphed last season as well.

  6. I hope Zack wins, too. Mostly because I take perverse pleasure in voting against the Chosen Ones. Not a fan of the song selections from the choreographers.

  7. I was suprised to see Zack and Tanisha in the bottom??? I must agree that Marcquet and Brooklyn will be leaving. I felt if Marcquet had gotten the hip hop, they were giving him a chance to save himself. But if he got an uninspired routine, he was a goner. Even if they were to save him tonight, which they won’t, he’ll be in the bottom next week because people don’t vote for foxtrots this late in the season. The only time Serge has been safe is when he gets an emotional contemp. So guess what? He gets another contemp. They couldn’t risk giving him a ballroom routine because he would end up in the bottom again because people don’t vote for ballroom. I was holding out to see Marcquet in hip hop but oh well. I thought he was good in the foxtrot but if they have your number, there’s no hope. Hopefully we’ll have a next season.

  8. I think if Marcquet would have done well with a hip hop or Broadway. I thought they were unnecessarily harsh. Bottom boys next week? Casey, Teddy, and Rudy? If Zack is there again I will break out my pitchfork.

  9. The main thing is TPTB knew that he needed it. He was in the bottom after his latin ballroom and hip hop; saved by his contemp.
    I just assumed the new hip hop choeographer was for Marcquet. But once they saw the bottom, they probably rearranged things. They had to give Marcquet a routine they could criticize in order to justify saving Serge who’s been in the bottom twice. You can always criticize ballroom, if you want to.

  10. I think that Tanisha and Zack are in the bottom because because people are trying to get Rudy and Jacque together. That is the ONLY reason I can think of. They are both amazing!!

  11. Poor Jessica loses ANOTHER partner! Thank goodness she is a really strong dancer. I think Valerie is out of her league.

  12. Dammit. Marquet was my 2d favorite guy. Teddy is my favorite, so it’s good. Jacque is my favorite girl and I want to see her dance with Teddy. Hot!

  13. If Zack goes home, I’m done. Seriously, after the way they treated Marcquet, I mean really, long time fan of the show, but I’m ready to say to hell with it. I barely care for anyone this season as is. Nigel has been making the show so wishy washy lately. I guess that’s how he wants it.

  14. It’s funny how people’s taste is so different. I loved the opening number! I liked it so much better than last week’s Chess Pieces…JMHO

  15. I think Nigel saw my posts requesting Bollywood! I loved the performance. Valerie and Ricky did a great job. I really do like her a lot.

  16. I agree, poor Jessica; however, I like Valerie’s personality. She has my votes this week.

  17. Wow…. you’ve got to love these group numbers this year. I thought last weeks opener was better but this weeks was pretty good. Both Sonya and Travis’ group routines were excellent as well.

    Once again I think the right people went home based on what we have seen.

    Having trouble picking a favorite to this point. I know Ricky is the best from a technical standpoint, but, I find myself looking forward to seeing what Zack does and to a lesser extent Teddy and Emilio. Serge is getting more interesting as well. You can eliminate Rudy and Casey any time now.

    For the girls, Carly, Bridget, Jessica and …yes…Valerie are who I look forward to. I just don’t’ get the interest in Tanisha although she did stand out in Sonya’s number. I like Emily but don’t think she is consistent enough to win this, Jacque’s connection with Rudy is cute but wearing thin and Zach will outgrow her anyway. I think the choreographers like Jessica and hopefully she will find a partner match, but, I don’t think it will be Casey either.

    Anybody else miss NappyTabs (sp)?

  18. Agree on both these girls. Valerie kind of reminds me of Melanie in that she just kind of draws you in with who she is as a person. Hopefully she’s a quick study.

  19. There you go! Both Melanie and Valerie have a “girl next door look”. Cute as can be, but not beautiful. Great smiles. I’d like to see Valerie make it to the TOP 10. I can’t believe there are four going home next week!

  20. Yes, I do believe NappyTabs will be back. I am having a harder time picking out my favorite male dancers. Four going home next week, then I can decide.

  21. Just wanted to pop in and say that I buy the Ricky hype. The guy is fantastic and really does seem at different level. At least to these amateur eyes. With that said, Carly might be my favorite dancer. She’s one of the few girls this season that I think combine great technique with the ability to stay in character. I also really like Teddy and am a little surprised he doesn’t seem to be catching on.

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