Big Brother 16 Episode 13 – Recap and Discussion

That was an interesting episode. This is slightly off topic but I want to start this recap by saying that Frankie Grande WAS notified of is Grandfather’s passing earlier this evening and has decided to stay in the house at the request of his family. Now on to the recap.

We start the episode with the fallout from the Battle of the Block competition. Jocasta and Amber are inside the fire room celebrating the fact that they are safe for the week.  Amber also mentions that the guys should be afraid of her strength now. We then go to Cody who mentions that he hopes nothing happens in the veto competition to mess with Brittany going home this week. Cody hopes the nominations stay the same so he doesn’t get anymore “blood on his hands.” Brittany is then laying down upset that she lost the Battle of the Block and Zach goes to talk to her. She mentions to him that she feels all alone in the house. She also says that she thought Cody put her on the block because she doesn’t follow him everywhere. Victoria also talks to Hayden and mentions that she feels so alone in the house and doesn’t want to look stupid on television.

The show then goes to the HOH room where most of the house is gathered. Cody and Amber are very close together. Caleb decides to sneak up to the room to see what is going on. When he gets to the room he sees how Amber and Cody are acting. He is not happy about the situation and decides to vent to Zach about it. He tells Zach that he is not happy with how Amber is treating him after he went on the block last week to protect her. Zach then laughs in the Diary Room about the situation and mentions to the audience that he will be telling Cody everything that Caleb said to him.

The show then goes outside where Caleb is finally talking to Brittany. During this conversation, Caleb mentions that he is tired of how Amber treats him in the house especially after the past week. Brittany then complains about how Cody acts with the other girls in the house and also that Victoria is not a good competitor and that’s why she lost the Battle of the Block competition. Caleb then mentions that Brittany has his vote to stay in the house for the week but Brittany then tells the audience that she doesn’t really trust him. Meanwhile, Zach goes to Cody and tells him that Caleb is not happy of how Amber acts around Cody. Cody is having none of it and mentions that Caleb is creepily obsessed with Amber.

It is then time for the Power of Veto competition. The backyard is set up to look like a soccer stadium in honor of this summer’s World Cup tournament. Frankie was chosen to host the competition. The houseguests are also informed that Germany won the World Cup this year. This veto competition involves the houseguests “kicking” a soccer ball into a net filled with sections with  different point values. Each houseguest who has the lowest score at the end of each round will be eliminated. They will then be able to pick a “prize”. Each person that loses the game will be able to choose a prize from one of the other losers.

Victoria goes 1st in the 1st round and scores a 50. Cody then goes and gets a 4. Caleb goes and gets a 20. Zach goes and gets a 50. Nicole goes and gets a 20. Brittany is the last 1 to go in the 1st round and gets a 10. This means that Cody is the 1st 1 eliminated. He gets to choose a prize and chooses the veto which he won’t be holding onto for very long. In the 2nd round, Brittany is the 1 eliminated. She gets “penalty kicks” which involves getting kicked 10 times in the butt by an apparatus every time a whistle goes off. She then trades it for the veto. In the next round Zach is eliminated and gets a trip to Germany. In the 4th round, Nicole is eliminated and she won a punishment where she has to kick 2400 goals in 24 hours or she can’t play in the next veto competition. She trades it with Brittany for the veto.

The final round of the competition comes down to Caleb and Victoria. Victoria goes 1st and her ball misses the net. Caleb lands his ball in the 50 slot which means he has won the competition. However, there are still prizes and punishments to give out. Victoria gets the prize of $5000 and she trades it with Nicole for the veto. Caleb then gets the “prize” of a Germatard and trades is with Nicole for the $5000 rather than the veto. The rest of the houseguests are not happy with him. This means that Victoria is the winner of the Power of Veto! Victoria is super happy that she won the veto while Brittany is less than thrilled that Victoria has it. Some of the houseguests then discuss nominating Caleb as the replacement nominee but Frankie is totally against it.

Donny then realizes that he could go up on the block as a pawn and is not happy about it. He talks to Zach and mentions that he wants Caleb to go up as the replacement nominee which Zach doesn’t shoot down. It is then time for the punishments to begin. Brittany gets a goal and a soccer ball and begins working towards hitting her 2400 goals. Cody also gets his penalty kicks and Nicole gets her germatard. Brittany decides to take a break with her punishment and Donny encourages her to keep going. She eventually hits the 2400 goal mark. Zach is then shown going up to the Head of Household room and mentions again that he wants to see Caleb up on the block. Derrick mentions again that he wants to see Donny up on the block. Donny also goes up to the HOH room individually to talk to Cody and mentions that Cody should do what would benefit his game and not everyone else’s. Donny also mentions that Cody’s family would want  him to make big moves and not chicken out. At the end of this meeting, Cody tells Donny that he will not be putting him up as the replacement nominee. Cody then goes outside and tells other houseguests that Caleb will be going up but they can still vote Brittany out. Frankie is not happy about this and wakes up Derrick who tries to convince Cody to put Donny up instead.

It is then time for the veto ceremony. At the Veto Ceremony, Victoria takes herself off the block and Cody decides against nominating Caleb and instead nominates Donny. Donny seems okay with it and mentions that he will get to the bottom of what happened. Frankie is thrilled that Cody did what the wanted. Who will be evicted tomorrow, Brittany or Donny? Tune in to find out. I’m curious as to what you guys thought of the episode so feel free to discuss the episode down in the comments.