Glee Season 6 Episode 7 Recap – Transitioning – Performance Videos

Glee Season 6 Episode 7 Recap - Transitioning

Glee Season 6 Episode 7 Recap – Transitioning – Performance Videos

Transitioning was the theme of tonight’s Glee. Coach Beiste transitioned to the person he really is. Will Schuester finally married his principals to his manhood. With the help of her friends, Rachel found the courage to begin that scary journey  to adulthood.  And Kurt and Blaine came that much closer to finding their way back to each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s Glee. There has been talk every week about the meta and call backs to past seasons written into the scripts. But this episode, more than any other this season, felt like early Glee. The show is really at its best when the struggle of the underdog is at its core. And when Sue’s antics are kept to a minimum. I loved the call backs to the duets, and the way the performances grew organically out of the story telling.  I’m just going to forget episodes 4 and 5 (BUT ESPECIALLY 4) did not happen.

We begin with Will driving to work in his sweet new ride. He glances over, and there’s some poor dude with his muffler dragging on the street. Will’s glad he’s not THAT guy anymore!  Finally he can provide for his family and more–lot’s of shiny new toys come with his prestigious new job as Vocal Adrenaline coach! He even gets expensive gifts from alumni “boosters”–like a tony stroller for baby Daniel. Of course, the expectation is that Vocal Adrenaline will continue to win.

The kids in the VA club are like Olympians who have been trained from birth to win. They are performing machines, as they demonstrate with a typically robotic take on “You Give Love a Bad Name.”  One kid gets shoved to the ground during the performance, and nobody stops to help him up. It’s every man for himself. Will is like the proverbial square peg in this scenario.

You Give Love a Bad Name – Vocal Adrenaline

Oh look. It’s the long awaited return of Jayma Mays as Will’s wife Emma. Production had to make do with a stand in last week. But finally, we’ve got the real thing. The married couple stroll in the park with baby Daniel as Will explains that his long-range plan for VA is to combine their support and resources with the heart and inspiration of New Directions.

He’s got a LONG way to go instilling ANY heart in that group,  because in the next second, he’s confronted with Rachel and Blaine covered in goo. Members of the club had come to McKinley to pelt them with eggs. (Remember when Jesse St. James led the charge against Rachel in season 1?)  A furious Will decides to make the week’s lesson plan “Tolerance” and in service to that mission, he arranges for Vocal Adrenaline alum, Unique, to sing with him. The kumbaya deal does NOT go over well with Will’s kiddos, however, as the eye rolling basically never stops.

Seriously, though, when Will began rapping Macklemore’s “Same Love,” I was eye rolling right along with them. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT RAP WILL NOT NOW NOT EVER. Unique, on the other hand, sounded absolutely beautiful as she always does. Those VA clowns needed to give her ALL the props.   Lead singer, Clint,  an obnoxious smart ass who has no respect for Will, only cares about winning.  He has nothing against minorities, but figures a prank directed at New Directions that involves intolerant acts will distract them. Will tells them all to knock it off–he’s running the choir, and they’ll do things his way.

Same Love – Unique and Will

Back at McKinley Coach Beiste has returned from successful reassignment surgery. You can call him Sheldon now, thanks very much.  I still think this transgender story line works against how Coach Beiste was presented by the writers in the past. But there’s no point in bitching about it. Dot Marie-Jones, playing the part with heart and believability, allows me to cut Glee some slack.

Sue and Sam welcome Sheldon back warmly.  The politically incorrect observations from Sue never stop, but it’s clear she’s willing to stand behind her guy 100 percent. Sam is enthusiastically supportive–to the point of trying too hard. “We have so much guy talk to catch up on that we’ve never had!” He gushes.  Sheldon wants nothing more than for things to go right back to normal. But that might take a minute, with Sue doing Wikipedia searches to discover words like “cis normatively” and “trans misogyny” and Sam wielding a list of pronouns, wondering which he should use

Sam enters the faculty lounge to find Rachel pouting.  She’s devastated after waking that morning to find a smiling realtor nailing a “sold” sign to the front of her home. She’s attempted to sabotage every potential buyer (a realtor, showing the house to prospective buyers, opens the shower to find Zombie! Rachel!) but the inevitable happens. She’s got to pack her stuff and move out of the only home she’s ever known. And soon. When Sam launches into an anecdote about his onetime homelessness, Rachel becomes annoyed. She’s not ready to say goodbye, and THAT’ S IT. Don’t attempt to guilt her into feeling otherwise.

Sam and Kurt gather the crew together in order to plot yet another “Operation Save Rachel.”  Kitty, Blaine, Artie (Don’t they miss him back at directors’ school?) and Mercedes (annoyed that Rachel is still a damsel in distress even after all her mentoring) are all on hand to once more assist Rachel with her first world problems.

Back in the parking lot, it becomes apparent that Will has NO control over his kids. Beiste approaches his car to find “Coach Tranny” sprayed on the hood with shaving cream, along with a decoration of jock straps.  He turns around just in time to see the VA kids driving away, hooting and hollering out of the car window.  Sue calls Will in for a meeting.  When he finds out that his kids are responsible for bullying and harassing Beiste, he’s furious.

Back in the choir room, Rachel introduces the week’s theme: Buckeye Bullseye featuring all artists from Ohio.  Marilyn Manson and Dean Martin. Yay? Actually, an all-Pretenders theme (Chrissie Hynde, Akron native) wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Kurt interrupts to say plans have changed.   When Rachel objects, Kurt offers, “Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you just have to embrace it!” The new theme is “Transitioning.”  Changing. Charging forward. And it’s going to be ALL ABOUT RACHEL. That  changes her mind on the subject pretty quick.

Sam announces that the entire club will throw a “farewell to Rachel’s house” party, Friday night, in her basement.  “So this lesson isn’t for us?” asks Madison, still not catching on. “It’s for Rachel,” says Mason. “So yeah, shut up,” says Kitty.  “Fetch me my wheel!” hollers Artie, and out comes the colorful “Wheel of Musical Fortune.” The members of the group will spin to determine duets to be sung at Rachel’s party.  “All except for me,” whispers Sam in Artie’s ear. “I’m going to sing with Rachel, and I don’t want to chance it.”  Spencer doesn’t understand why they can’t just pick names out of a hat. It’s hilarious watching the newbies continue to struggle with the alternative universe that is Glee-land.

Mercedes is first to spin, and it lands on Roderick. It takes her a minute to figure out who that is. Kurt gives the wheel a good, hard push. He side eyes it expectantly. You KNOW what he’s hoping for. It begins to slow slow slow til it almost clicks on to Blaine’s name…but then it does when Kurt gives the wheel a furtive little push with his finger.  He almost landed on Artie. And as inevitable as that Klaine duet was, I’m a little sorry Kurt and Artie didn’t get the chance to finally sing together.

Later, out in the hall, Kurt catches up with Blaine to make sure he’s OK with singing a duet. He is, but he asks Kurt not to mention it to Dave if he sees him.  It’s only a song! says Kurt. But it turns out, Dave believes there may still be something between them. “Which there obviously isn’t,” says Blaine with a look on his face that totally says “THERE SO OBVIOUSLY IS.”

“OBVIOUSLY,” says Kurt, also unconvincingly.  They give each other awkward looks before Blaine promises to call Kurt to figure out the duet details.  Blaine hugs Kurt, leaving him a little stunned as he walks away. Yeah. There’s NOTHING going on between those two.

Spencer and Sam burst into the faculty lounge, confronting Beiste, demanding to know who bullied him. “I want names,” says Sam. They’re ready to hit back. “We’re going to kill those guys, coach,” says Spencer.  “You’re not going to kill anybody,” coach tells them.  He explains how he couldn’t be happier with himself.  Beiste is happy the guys are rallying behind him. And REALLY happy that Spencer finally considers himself part of the team.  Beiste gives Sam credit for uniting the team as a unit.  Beiste looks at the attack as a gift that brought them together.  No need for revenge.  Despite having to hold them back from behavior he would never condone, Beiste is proud of them both.  I have a feeling Spencer is finally going to get that shot at starting quarterback that he’s wanted all season.

Back at Carmel, Will reads Vocal Adrenaline the riot act.  Clint shoots back that Schuester is too soft for the job and has a loser mentality.  He rattles off a bunch of people who didn’t give a crap about being kind or being liked. Lewis and Clark! General Patton! Paul Anka!  Ugh. The casting on Glee is usually so good, but Max George is really a dud. He couldn’t deliver a comic line if his life depended on it. Also, his attempt at an American accent translates into a really weird and distracting vocal affectation.

Clint continues with his speech which is basically as anti-New Directions philosophy as it possibly could be. Feelings don’t matter. Compassion and kindness are immaterial.  “Winning is everything,” Clint says, to cheers from the rest of the club.  Will insists they will win Nationals, but the right way. “When will you just accept that you don’t belong here, ” says Clint. “That none of us like you. We make fun of your vests and your pep talks behind your back. You’re a joke. ”  And so do we, Clint. To be honest.

“The joke’s on you Clint,” says Will, “You’re off the team.” FINALLY. The amount of sass and insubordination Will was tolerating from Clint had me feeling second hand embarrassment. “You can’t kick me off the team!” says Clint, “I am the team.” Will can. And he did.

Back at home, Will is fixing Daniel’s fancy new stroller. Emma wants him to come to bed…but maybe he should take a shower after touching those dirty wheels.  After all this time, the writers have not forgotten Emma’s OCD. She has also started a Pamphlet of the Month club, which is AWESOME.

Will is angry. He hates his job, but he loves the money, power and prestige. He’s a little ashamed of that.  Emma would be fine with Will quitting the job. But his success makes him feel like a man, and he doesn’t really want to give that up.  Besides, he has to put aside principals, now that he has a kid to feed and clothe.  Emma reminds him that it’s the opposite. Now that he’s a parent, he’s obligated to set an example. It’s OK if he hangs on to a fancy job, but he’s got to find a way to make peace with it.

Cut to Rachel’s basement. The party is a total throw back to the get together Rachel threw in “Blame it On Alcohol,” back in season two. Then, she was trying too hard to impress. They broke into her dads’ liquor cabinet and everyone got drunk.   Of course, teachers and students fraternizing on a Friday night is enough of a no no. This time, fruity concoctions are the drink of choice. Sensing he may need some liquid courage, for his duet with Blaine, Sam informs Kurt that he has slipped something a little extra into his drink.

Mercedes and Roderick are the first to take the stage with “All About That Bass,”  a song I hate so much, I actually don’t have words.  Having said that–Mercedes and Roderick are a fun pair. The kids dance, groove, and shake their booties, while Rachel and Sam quietly sneak upstairs to check out the bedroom.

All About that Bass – Mercedes and Roderick

Sam is impressed, especially by the space above her dresser, which is more or less a 6 year photo and memorabilia collage of Glee.  Sam notices the photo of himself dressed in his little gold Rocky Horror shorts. He also notices that nearly everything is boxed up, but the wall of photos. Rachel admits she spent her childhood, alone, singing, with pictures of Patti Lupone and Barbra Streisand for company. But it wasn’t until she joined Glee that the wall began to grow in tandem with her budding friendships.

Sitting on the bed, Sam beckons Rachel closer. “You’re going to get that part. Then you’re going back to New York, and you’re taking that wall with you,” Sam’s voice goes even softer, ” If I’m real lucky. I’ll be on it somewhere, wearing especially tight, sparkly gold shorts.”  They kiss. Then they REALLY kiss before falling on the bed. Cut. I think you get the picture.

Back at the party, Spencer and Artie’s duet appears to involve a fire extinguisher.  Sads we’ll never find out what the hell that was about.  Your “two favorite gays” Kurt and Blaine are next!  The song they sing, Betty Who’s “Somebody to Love” is dancey fun.  While Kurt can’t help but pull focus, Blaine can’t quit giving him heart eyes.  A box of costumes come out. Spencer and Kitty fight over the pink tutu. Spencer wins.  Feather boas for everyone! Artie is dressed as a pharaoh.  Kurt wears a funny astronaut hat.  The party has kicked into high gear.  Meanwhile, flirty flirty Klaine!

Somebody to Love – Kurt and Blaine

Kurt walks Blaine to his car He’s leaving the party early due to a 5 am wakeup for Dave’s intramural football game.  Kurt had fun singing with Blaine, who says, in turn, that it was the best they’ve sounded since the first time they duetted. That’s the cue for a meta walk down memory lane. “Remember what it was?” asks Blaine. “No, I’m blanking,” says Kurt. PSYCH. Of COURSE he remembers singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” with Blaine. AND SO DO WE. “The entire time we were singing, I just wanted to turn off that damn boom box…and give you the world’s most passionate kiss.”  Blaine wonders why he didn’t.  Kurt answers that Blaine wasn’t so into him at the time. “Remember that guy you had a crush on? Assistant manager at the Gap.” OH THE MEMORIES “What was his name…Jonathan, Jebediah,”  Blaine interrupts, “Jeremiah.”  Kurt wonders what ever happened to him. Blaine says “I have NO clue.” As if to say, “That happened a lifetime ago. You’re all that matters now.”  Kurt adds, “It’s funny how someone could mean so much at one point in time and then a few years go by…”   Blaine cuts Kurt off with a passionate kiss.  After, there are no words. Just a stunned kind of silence. Blaine turns and quickly walks away as Kurt watches, while the strains of “Time after Time” play.

This is Sam and Rachel’s duet.  It’s sweet and heartfelt. The rest  watch, rapt. Kitty snaps a photo with her iPhone. Cut to Rachel’s bedroom, where the photo now hangs on the wall. Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Artie, Mercedes and Kitty help take down her memories–their collective memories, really.  The act serves as a metaphor for the end of Glee. If I said I didn’t tear up a little, I’d be lying. As Rachel presses the photos into the album, they come to life. Slices of the show:  Rachel and Mercedes singing, Kurt and Rachel on the “Wicked” stage in NYC,  Sam and Rachel at the Junior Prom, the gang winning nationals. Rachel packs her scrap book in a neat little box, ready for the next chapter of her life. Finally, she closes the door on her empty bedroom.

Time after Time – Sam and Rachel

Back at McKinley, Beiste is met in the locker room by a familiar face.  Unique has come by for a surprise visit!  “Why didn’t you call me? I had to find out my trans gossip from Will Shuester!” says Unique.  It would have made more sense to craft a trans storyline around Unique, who was struggling with gender identity that last time we met her. Actually, it wasn’t as much struggling, as the writers never seemed to have a clear bead on Unique’s character. Was she a cross dresser? A drag queen? In transition? It was never made clear.  I was hoping that Unique’s  return would paint a fuller picture. It didn’t. She appears to be part of the trans community. At one point, she even asks Beiste if the surgery hurt. So is she thinking about transitioning? Unique is there primarily to serve Sheldon’s story, so we’ll never know.

Beiste finally feels normal inside, but nobody is treating him like he’s normal.  Unique reminds him that he’s actually NOT normal, and it’s a good thing.  But while Unique revels in being a special snowflake, Sheldon just wants to be one of the guys. “There’s no one else like me here,” he laments.  Despite the physical and emotional  pain he’s had to endure, the transition is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He just wishes he didn’t have to do it alone. “You’re not alone,” promises Unique.

Will arrives at Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal to find Clint. When the backers got wind of what happened, they made sure the principal reinstated him. Will admits that he was wrong. He let his personal beliefs take his eyes off the prize. Clint is the team and he needs to be there. What’s more, from now on, he’ll be going after the nationals crown the VA way.  To prove he’s serious, Will has come up with a prank to end all pranks. The question is of course, who exactly is Will pranking? I think we know the answer to that question.

Cut to Blaine and Karofsky’s apartment. They’re back from food shopping, bags in hand. “I told them if they put that clumsy fat ass, Craig, on defense, that we’d blow the game,” Karofsky is trying to have a conversation with Blaine, who is not listening. What’s the matter?  Blaine has been staring into space for days. WHAT IS IT.

When Karofsky suggests that something happened at Rachel’s party, Blaine confesses that he sang a duet with Kurt. Singing together is not a transgression. Karofsky suspects that there’s more and the guilty look on Blaine’s face confirms his fears. “Just tell me one thing.” asks Dave. “Did he kiss you? Or did you kiss him?” The answer sticks in Blaine’s throat.

“I guess I was lucky enough to get a couple of months in with you.” says Karofsky, knowing that the minute Kurt showed up, his relationship with Blaine was doomed. “You still love him. You never stopped.”

Blaine apologizes.  But, Karofsky insists there are no hard feelings. “That clumsy fat ass Craig? He tried to slip me his number at the game.”  Blaine laughs, ruefully.  “There’s a whole world of guys out there waiting to be my rebound.”  insists Karofsky, before giving Blaine his blessing to go off and get Kurt back. Blaine hugs Karofsky goodbye, with a kiss on the cheek. “Just do me a favor,” says Karofsky, “Don’t sing it. Just say it.”

Damn. That was sad! I suppose at this point, we’re to assume that Karofsky will fall in love with Craig the fat ass, and live happily ever after. It’s hard to believe, given how sweet and sensitive Karofsky had become, that he’d take a breakup with Blaine so lightly. But a bad breakup would have left a cloud hanging over the inevitable Klaine reunion, so the writers played it down. Nevertheless, at this moment, I am Team Karofsky.  I would have loved an arc for the character that was more than just a temporary roadblock for Klaine

Cut to McKinley, where Blaine is RUNNING down the hall, looking for Kurt. He bursts into the choir room, and before he can say a word, WALTER appears from the other side of the room. Kurt, Walter, Rachel and Sam are double dating at Breadstix.  Kurt introduces them. “Of course! THE Blaine!” says Walter. Always nice to put a face to the name. Neat bowtie!” As they leave, Kurt suggests Blaine bring Karofsky next time for a triple date. Ouch. Needless to say, Blaine is devastated.  I’m sorry. But I can’t even feel bad for him at the moment. Team Karofsky. But don’t you worry Klainers. You know that this latest setback is the very last. Our heroes are about to come together at last. Very soon. But not this week.

Will and his team, “sneak” into the McKinley auditorium, flashlights in hand. Just as he begins describing the prank, which involves squirting tubes of KY Jelly all over the stage,  the lights come up.  Unique takes center stage and begins to sing “I Know Where I’ve Been.”  The members of New Directions are all backstage watching.  Spencer and Sam lead Beiste into auditorium and up onto the stage to join Unique.  She takes him by the hand just as the stage becomes fully lit. A choir! Hundreds of trans people singing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE SHELDON. Beiste takes a spot with the choir and sings along.  UNIQUE IF FREAKING KILLLING IT WITH THIS SONG.  She hits an incredible high note and the CHILLS come. New Directions joins everyone on stage and it’s hugs all around.

I Know Where I’ve Been – Unique and the Trans choir

Clint is furious. Will’s kumbaya lesson cost them two hours of rehearsal time. Will says he joined the Glee club because he cared about the arts. It means more than just practicing 24/7 like “militant robots.” It means finding yourself in the music. And sometimes it means taking a week off of sectionals practice to do something to make your friend feel good. What does it matter anyway? Those winning set lists are all put together at the last minute anyway!  “If you guys want to continue to be intolerant trouble makers? Go for it!” says Will. “I QUIT!”  EEP. I knew that was coming eventually, but I did not expect it this soon!

Beiste protests, but Will tells him not to worry. He and Unique spent the whole week finding the choir, putting the performance together, so that Beiste would feel welcomed and at home.  Suddenly, an alarm goes off.  Sue is up in the control booth with a message, “Dear Vocal Adrenaline members. I will give you 6 minutes to leave campus before I unleash my hounds.  Also, I’ve slashed all the tires on your bus so you’ll have to walk home. Perhaps you can use this march of death opportunity to consider how awful you really are.” At the sound of the barking dogs, Vocal Adrenaline make a beeline for the doors.

Cut to the choir room, where Will, Kurt and Rachel talk. Will reveals that he’s made enough money as Vocal Adrenaline coach, to survive a few months on savings.  Rachel knows of a job that doesn’t really pay much. Well, it actually pays nothing! Could Will be the Special Alumni Consultant of New Directions? WELL OF COURSE HE COULD. Under two conditions. That Kurt and Rachel make all the final decisions, and that they call him Will. (While Rachel seems eager to be on first name basis with Mr. Schuester, Kurt isn’t sure he can do it.)

“You guys are just passing through this place,” says Will, “But I’m beginning to realize, that this is where I belong. This choir room is who I am.”  They begin to plan next week’s lesson.  Do the kids have any personal problems? Will asks. “We don’t really know. We don’t spend too much time talking to them,” confesses Kurt. “You should! Get to know them!” says Will. “Because one day, they might be the best friends you ever had.” NO KURT AND RACHEL! You don’t want to turn into a friendless weirdo like Will.

Next week  The Wedding (s). Heh.

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