Fort Wayne, IN AI Live! Show – Grahamy’s Recap

Grahamy not only had front row seats, but he met the Idols by the buses after the show… Read his recap below.

I have to be honest, I rarely go to concerts, but last night was the BOMB. Before, I get into it, lets back up to the search for a friend that I could bring. As a birthday present, I was gonna bring my friend Brittney, and she lives about 4 hrs away from me so she said from the start that she wasn’t sure if she could go. Monday night, she told me that she couldn’t go, so Tuesday morning I went around work and found 4 people that were interested in going: 3 of them changed their minds cause of how late we were going to get out and the 4th thought that it was the auditions. So that ruled all 4 of them out. After that long process, I just decided to bring my mom cause she’s also an American Idol fan, and more than my dad.

To begin the evening, I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden with my dad and mom. Coincidentally, the table next to us were also going to the concert. They are crazy Archuleta fans (then again, so am I).. The dinner was good, but now its time to get into the concert details!!

More Recap after the JUMP…

(The crowd was looking at this limo that pulled up, hoping that it was going to be the idols but it was sadly only a false alarm. That is my mom’s head in the way. Lol)

The AMERICAN IDOLS LIVE! tour 2008 was sponsored by Pop-tarts so at the beginning of the show, there were some dancing pop-tarts. They were okay. By the way, on a side note, my favorite Pop-tart flavor is S’mores. When I got there, I knew I had front-row seats but we were so close to the action I was amazed. The “host”, his name was Corey I believe, picked 2 random members out of the audience to dance. After the pre-show, the concert finally started!

There was a short video before Chikezie started it all off.

The concert went like this..

10. Chikezie (3 songs)

9. Ramiele (3 songs)

8. Michael Johns (3 songs)

7. Kristy Lee Cook (3 songs)

6. Carly Smith (3 songs)

5. Brooke White (3 songs)



4. Jason Castro (3 songs)

3. Syesha Mercado (3 songs)

2. DAVID ARCHULETA (4 songs)

“Stand by Me”
“When You Say You Love me”

1. DAVID COOK (5 songs)



It was a great show!! The concert probably didn’t get out until 10:00 p.m., and with everyone trying to get out, it was probably 11 o clock till some people got home. I stayed for the meet & greet, of course. The usher told me it started at 11:30 but Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro were out before then. Sadly, my mom called Jason “David”, but it was only an honest mistake because i was showing her how to take a picture with my cellphone that she was hopefully going to take when Archie came out. Kristy Lee, Jason Castro, David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado all signed my book! The funny thing too that you won’t see in my pictures, is that Jason Castro wore his shorts at the meet & greet in like 40 degree weather, or maybe it was 50, i don’t know. Lol. The night ended though with David Archuleta, Michael Johns, and Brooke White came out for a quick hello because they all had to leave in 10 mins for Evansville, IN. David did a quick run-through.

Kristy Lee Cook (with another fan)
Jason Castro (with me)
David Archuleta

My official proof that I got David Archuleta’s autograph.

To end this blog, I just wanted to say that I love all the idols, especially David and Michael for coming out just to say a quick hello before they had to leave.

Now those are true American Idols!

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