America’s Got Talent – EP 15 – The Top 10 – Results – VIDEO

No time is wasted. We get right to the eliminations. From Tuesday night’s show:

Recap and Video after the JUMP…

  • The Wright Kids and the Zooperstars step forward.   Bye bye Zooperstars!   The Wright Kids advance to the Top 10. Everyone but the duck is out of costume. Some good looking young guys there! Damn!
  • Neal E Boyd and Queen Emily step forward.   I bet they both make it…and they do.   Neal E Boyd and Queen Emily BOTH advance to the next round.
  • The James Gang and Extreme Dance FX Step forward.   BOTH ARE ELIMINATED.
  • The Cadence and Paul Salos step forward.  Paul Salos advances to the Top 10 Ten.


  • Daniel Jens and Jessica Price step forward. They came in 5th and 6th. The judges get to choose. Bet they choose Jessica. Hoff starts. He babbles on and on about how hard it is, then finally chooses Jessica. Sharon doesn’t think either of them are ready, so she “goes with her heart” and chooses Daniel. Piers chooses Jessica. Well, it doesn’t matter, because neither of them are very good. Jessica Price advances to the Top 10.

Hm. As far as America’s vote is concerned, my guess would have been Extreme Dance FX over Jessica Price. It looks like, so far, America isn’t favoring the big groups.


  • Sickstep and Kaitlyn Mayer step forward. Kaitlyn Mayer advances to the Top 10.
  • Donald Braswell and the Tapping Dads step forward. Donald Braswell advances to the Top 10.
  • Taubl Family and Nuttin but Strings step forward. Nuttin But Stringz advance to the Top 10
  • Sarah Lenore and Eli Mattson step forward. Eli Mattson advances to the Top 10.
  • Joseph Hall and Jonathan Burkin step forward. They are the 5th and 6th act. The judges choose. Piers chooses Joseph. Sharon has a Paula moment. First she says she chooses Jonathan…no…Joseph…but wait, who is who?   She finally says, “I choose baton boy.” That’s some seriously effed up sh*te, right there. The Hoff better choose Jonathan. F**K. Hoff chooses that lame-ass Elvis impersonator,   Joseph Hall, who advances to the Top 10.   Jonathan Burkin is eliminated!

The Top 10

  • The Wright Kids
  • Neal E. Boyd
  • Queen Emily
  • Paul Salos
  • Jessica Price
  • Kaitlyn Mayer
  • Donald Braswell
  • Eli Mattson
  • Joseph Hall
  • Nuttin But Stringz

Look at that. All singers. Kind of. Neither Joseph Hall nor Paul Salos, are top notch impersonators. Joseph Hall is particularly awful. And little Kaitlyn is getting by on the kittens and puppies factor, as are the Wright Kids to a certain extent. The rest of the bunch are fair to great singers. The best are Eli Mattson and Donald Braswell, in my humble opinion. Oh yeah, Nuttin But Stringz don’t sing, they play instruments, which could help them stand out from the bunch.   That, and the judges seem to really like them.

What do you think? Are you pissed that baton boy is gone? Are you wondering how little Kaitlyn will react when she’s finally eliminated? Is there an act you wished had made the Top 10 but didn’t? Discuss!

See the Zooperstars out of their costumes!

Paula Sharon has no idea who she’s talking to. Jonathan Burkin is eliminated:

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