David Archuleta ZHT Patio Party, MIX 107.9 FM – VIDEOS

David Archuleta sang “Crush”, “Things Are Going to Get Better”, “Something ‘Bout Love” and David’s latest single, “Elevator” at the ZHT rooftop Patio Party in South Jordan, Utah on Monday.

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He also visited MIX 107.9, where he sang “Elevator” (his brother Daniel accompanied him on guitar) and “Something ‘Bout Love”.

Check out the performances after the jump…

Videos after the jump…

ZHT Patio Party

Things are Gonna Get Better



Something ‘Bout Love

Mix 107



Something ‘Bout Love


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  1. Thanks for posting, MJ. Actually, he also sang “A Thousand Miles” and “Crush” at the MIX 107.9 event. But I don’t think we have full videos of those yet.

  2. He has a tough time with Elevator live. I know it’s his new single to promote, but matching the recorded falsetto live is hard for him. I don’t really know what’s going on with Jive, Something Bout Love was a much better song and single. But if radio didn’t like it, I guess they didn’t like it.

  3. david,once again,puts on a great show in an acoustic setting. i’d daresay anyone could match him in being able to sing like he does so consistently – and sound great in this setting, without backing tracks, lasers, smoke and dancers and such to cover the multitude of sins vocally many singers have when attempting this, lol… there is a lot going on behind the scenes we aren’t privy to, and no one knows what the deal is/was with ‘sbl’… would have been nice to see it perform better, but it didn’t – ”shrugs”… chalk it up, and move on to the next one, like they have done – life goes on, lol… elevator is the new pony, so we will see how well this one does. whatever happens, happens – i’m still over the top excited with anticipation for his cd, and can’t wait to hear it in its entirety. he’s taking some risks that many singers wouldn’t have the courage or the gravitas to take – 10 of the 12 songs on this cd are written/co-written by him, some will be more accessible than others, but so far, all show tremendous growth from the debut era. bring it on david :)

  4. excerpts from david’s new bio at amazon.com, and some insight into the creation of some songs on ‘the other side of down’… can’t wait to hear this cd!

    With budding maturity, David Archuleta captures two years’ worth of introspection and reflection, dozens of songwriting sessions, long days spent in the studio and nights in the air, all leading to The Other Side of Down, his highly anticipated second album…


    Indeed, David had a hand in co-writing the majority of the album’s tracks, including two of its quirkier numbers, the bouncy “Parachutes and Airplanes” with Matt Squire and Lindy Robbins, and the irresistible ride that is “Elevator,” written with Shelly Peiken and Mike Krompass, whose lyrics—“Elevator goes up / Elevator goes down / Just go with the flow / Until your feet hit the ground”—literally came to David in a dream. “I had this visual in my mind of all these elevators going up and down and I’m trying to figure out which floor to get off on,” he explains. “The next day, we wrote it in, like, 30 minutes, not thinking anything would happen with it.” But proving that age-old musician’s adage that sometimes the best songs come out in the shortest bursts… I love when things are emotion-driven. It’s not always about how hooky it is. There are songs like that, but it’s not what I’m trying to do.”


    To that end, David’s current musical tastes run the pop-rock gamut, from acoustic guitar-driven singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz to the electronic sounds of female innovators like Imogen Heap and A Fine Frenzy. Surprising? Hardly if you consider David’s appreciation for the beauty of melody, a trait he displayed time and time again while performing on Idol. “It’s amazing how one song can change someone’s life,” says David. “It’s been done for me so many times and I want to give to my fans the same thing those artists have given me.”


  5. that was an interesting bio. Finally got to read it this morning. I like how it describes several of the songs. :) Cant wait for the cd!

    ETA: they added that bio to davids official site! bout time they put up a bio

  6. Loved the performances and the write up in Amazon. Liked the patio elevator best of the two. Can’t wait for the album.

  7. LOL, it’s so weird & off to have lasers and dancers in a small setting such as this, just saying. Although a Derulo dance move can be done in “Elevator”, an acoustic is more appropriate.

    Putting the Viennese waltz music video aside ;) , SBL is much better than Elevator. But who knows, the latter may have a good chance knowing that pop radios have penchant for quirky songs.

  8. It’s so cool seeing David perform with his brother on guitar. Watching that intro where David plays the keyboard to show his brother the rhythm/tempo for “Elevator” gives some insight into how they might practice together at home. Looking forward to the album!

  9. It’s cool that Daniel Archuleta is accompanying David on guitar. Awesome to see the family support and it’s a great experience for Daniel to have at such a young age.

    As far as Elevator being a higher range for David, I think it’s great that he can practice another vocal range. I love the vibe of Elevator and I’m glad that it’s on the album! You can see how David changes up Elevator to fit live performances. He’s working on presenting a well delivered Elevator and will only improve with time. It’s a difficult song to sing, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

    Ever hear One Republic’s Apologize in a live setting? That can be downright painful with all of those high notes that Ryan Tedder can’t really hit in a live setting, but the song is still gorgeous and I love it.

  10. but when David performs “Apologise” live during his own concert it’s magical!

  11. Just sayin…LUV Elevator and Something ‘Bout Love…his new CD is really gonna be awesome cuz it will be MORE of the true DAVID! YAY!!

  12. Heard ‘Elevator’ on the radio this morning (not surprising because I listen to 107.9). And, (I luvs ya David) but this song is definitely quirky and seems very, very young, both in the words and the presentation. It almost sounds like a song geered towards the Sesame Street crowd.

    It seems to be the prevelant “thing” for singers to pen their own material, but sometimes a pro just does it better. The two songs David has cowritten that I have heard so far just don’t push the right buttons with me…SBL, like Elevator just seems to be very juvenile. But if that is the audience David is catering to…great!

    I definitely am not the answer person and may be way too old and senile but I still don’t get it with Archie. He has this great, great AC voice that appeals to an adult audience…why doesn’t he just go with the flow and perform music that appeals to that segment. I don’t think everyone is made to be a ‘pop artist’ and I just think David is trying way to hard to fit into a genre that doesn’t seem to suit him. Oh well, his career his decisions.

  13. These two songs – Elevator and SBL are so much better songs than what I hear on the radio, yet they’re rarely played. I don’t know what it takes to play them…

  14. These two songs – Elevator and SBL are so much better songs than what I hear on the radio, yet they’re rarely played. I don’t know what it takes to play them…

    Payola. Jive needs to start coughing up the cash. Especially before his album drops.

  15. Lucky people, getting to meet David and hear this private performance. Lucky people, getting to hear him on their radios.

    I guess it’s been too long since I’ve watched Sesame Street to know about the music played there, but I love SBL and Elevator.

  16. Love the videos — I’m going to see David and Natasha Bedingfield (and a few other people that I don’t know much about lol) at the Pink Ribbon Performance benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation on Thursday.

    Excited to see David perform some of his new stuff live! I know it’s not popular with tons of people here but I just LOVE Elevator. Makes me sing along every time. Hoping I won’t scare away anyone on Thursday night ;)

  17. He has this great, great AC voice that appeals to an adult audience…why doesn’t he just go with the flow and perform music that appeals to that segment. I don’t think everyone is made to be a ‘pop artist’ and I just think David is trying way to hard to fit into a genre that doesn’t seem to suit him. Oh well, his career his decisions.

    To me his voice showcase perfectly the pop sound, i mean to me David voice is synonime of POP, in all his varieties (Pop/Rock, Alternative, Latin, Dance ) and he still having a heavy segment of teen and young adults fans on his fanbase; so i think the problem is not the music he is offering on his next album , but the not too good marketing work, that his team and label are doing with and for him and that is second half of the equation to have a succesful career ( we know already he has the talent).
    He’s young and if his album have this young and energetic vibe, i have not problem with that , i just hope all the lyrics are not about the same subject( my personal wish). he has the time to put AC type of music later, but for now i hope he can enjoy and explore his differents tastes about music.
    I love SBL btw and not comments about Elevator lol.

  18. BTW i think TAGGB is more an AC tune, so i guess we can find all kind of songs on his album. ;)

  19. but when David performs “Apologise” live during his own concert it’s magical!

    True, Magical is the word, but the falsetto(high notes) was a lot more short than the one in ‘Elevator’

  20. I’m so glad that David shares his musical journey with all of us. He is a young 19 year old who although brilliant, will continue to “find his groove” in this godawful business. I can only hope and pray he continues to sing, for I can’t imagine not hearing that glorious VOICE of his.
    The stretches he makes in singing the songs he wants to, only show in one way, how he’s getting to know what musical path he wishes to be in. Whatever he so desires, I’m with him for the long haul. :-)

  21. I think it is amazing how well he can sing acoustic. Not a lot of “artists” can do that. There are very few albums that I like every single song on the album. I am sure that there will be something for everyone on David’s album. I just hope he gets the promo and the cash he needs and deserves for the album.

  22. David has an amazing voice. His strength has been and will always be his live performances. I’m not sure who has the final say in what is released as a single, David or the label, but whoever is making the decision is failing miserably. Crush was a good choice, a nice middle of the road pop song. Each of the other singles since then have failed. I suspect that David is not happy just recording songs written by others, he wants to record his songs too, good for him, but he needs to understand that there is a business side to this industry that he needs to also attend to. I like this kid, I hope he is able to record and tour for as many years as he wants, but I’m not really feeling the new music.

  23. So far every snippet has me craving for more. The songs that I’ve heard in their entirety are such a mix, I’m enjoying each one for different reasons. I wish radio would play a good mix of songs but they seem to be stuck on 6 artists (I say that loosely) and playing them over and over. If it’s because of payola then I’m at a loss. David has made the Forbes list two years in a row as a top 10 earner without radio support, so as long as he wants to sing I will buy his music and attend his concerts.

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