David Archuleta – The Today Show – Video

After wrapping up his Christmas tour in Westbury, NY last night, David hit the Today show in New York City this morning to sing “Angels, We Have Heard On High” from his new Christmas album, Christmas from the Heart.

Bonus: Hijinks ensued at last night’s final concert in Westbury, NY. David’s tour manager, Ray joins him on stage to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” After, the crowd sings an early “Happy Birthday” to David, who turns 19 on December 28.

NEW: Added fluffy interview with Kathy Lee and Hoda.

Videos after the JUMP…

Angels We Have Heard on High

Interview with Kathy Lee and Hoda

David and Ray sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in Westbury

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  1. It was great to see David A. on tv today, I haven’t seen him sing in probably a year. I saw the first song, Angels, and was blown away. He was good on Idol but seems to have grown in confidence and vocal mastery, it was stunningly beautiful. Kudos to David.

  2. I caught it this morning on the Today Show (thanks to working from home today due to the snow). David sounded great! What a beautiful voice! Should help the album sell too, right before Christmas :-)

  3. Buh I cant listen I ´m at work… oh well the concert yesterday was epic funny… love this part with Ray and the Benton ´entourage and David ´s crew joining in the jumping during Zero Gravity funny stuff :)

  4. Wow…last night’s final show looks like it was a lot of fun!!

    David’s performance this morning was stellar…especially so early in the morning. He is just amazing!!

    I’m happy that now he can go home and relax with his family and friends for a bit…he sure does deserve it. Thanks David for an awesome year!!

  5. i guess the today show had him on again for an interview. it was already on in some areas, but hasnt come on here yet.

  6. Loved seeing him on the Today show! He did very well with both interviews.

    And I still love that David and Ray duet. I’ve discovered new little jokes since watching again.

  7. the cd has shot up 21 spots on itunes since the start of the today show appearance and interview – up to number 38 in overall cd’s per the live feed – sweet! david sang nicely, and of course is very telegenic, so this should be a very nice day for him promo wise…

    that video of he and ray is priceless… ray is one cool dude, does a great job taking care of david on the road, and is quite funny… this is just rotflmao funny, and i love seeing david and his team enjoying themselves like this… a great ending to a great christmas tour….

  8. from snarkies:

    the lovely davidfanLIZ from tdc contacted billboard LIVE in regards to downloading the performance from last Thursday and they had this to say…

    ‘From: Bobbi Marcus, bobbi@bobbimarcuspr.com
    Sent: Sat, Dec 19, 2009 5:10 pm
    Subject: Re: David Archuleta

    It will be available for a month for your viewing pleasure. There will be a DVD release down the line.

    Unfortunately there will be no downloading.

  9. Great job from Archie as usual. Wonder if he has a bit of a cold? Either that or he seriously needs to work on his breathing. I don’t usually hear him gasping for air so audibly.

  10. Okay, that was some funny stuff, Ray and David. I almost fell out of my seat. Funny!

  11. DANG! I wish I was at his concert last nite! Sooo much FUN–and–UBER talented!

  12. Exciting stuff! Enjoyed the Today show performance and interviews.
    Also enjoying the videos of last night antics. ha’! ha!
    Looking forward to performances on Regis and Kelly tommorrow and Larry King Wed eve. Now it looks like more on Fox and Friends. When??
    David is handling everything so well. Glad he’ll soon be home with family and friends for a break.

  13. David’s duet with Ray was priceless! I loved it when David said “I’m so confused.” Hee!

  14. If you were ever on Idol you get asked about Adam. David has consistently said that he didn’t watch the performance and therefore had no comment.

  15. David did a great job this morning. He always says he can’t sing in the morning, but I think this performance says otherwise! There was a sign that said David Archuleta was worth the blizzard and the hurricane! LOL! Well, now David will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow, and then Larry King, so he is working right up until Christmas Eve! This guy deserves some downtime!

  16. Again thanks so much for the videos of this outstanding performer! These videos are what are keeping me sane as I sit at the Frankfurt airport for a couple of days now trying to get a flight out to the states but all flights have been cancelled from major airports here in Europe! Aw what we do for David!!

    Great job from Archie as usual. Wonder if he has a bit of a cold?
    Either that or he seriously needs to work on his breathing. I don’t
    usually hear him gasping for air so audibly.

    Larc, I believe the breathing is due to his vocal paralysis! He’s fine with it – he accepts it and doesn’t use it as an excuse! I love that he keeps right on singing dispite some of the effects!

  17. Yeah — I think it was his vocal coach who explained that the vocal paralysis affects his breathing — it’s just audible. Sometimes this isn’t so noticeable and sometimes it is — don’t know why.

    But I am certainly glad it doesn’t keep him from singing!

  18. @musefi you can watch the interview & performance on fox & friends this wednesday! he sounded awesome

  19. the rest of David’s shows for this week are already taped, so I think his Christmas break starts today!! Hopefully. His next live performance is Dec 31 for the Sun bowl.

  20. omg on overload….
    loved the interview with KathyLee! Great promo!
    … and well his appearance on the Today show was outstanding!
    David you just keep raising the bar there kiddo. Amazing!
    oh and the HYAMLC with Ray?
    What a hoot and wish I was there as I heard the whole concert was like that!!
    So worth the trip thru a blizzard!!!

  21. @musefi you can watch the interview & performance on fox & friends this wednesday! he sounded awesome

    I hope someone’s taping it. My Fox station doesn’t carry the Fox & Friends show. Bah! Humbug!

    Thanks for posting the Today Show vids, MJ.

    Also, here’s my favorite view of the Ray & David “duet”. lololol


  22. loved david bustin’ on ray about knowing about ”olden days”… that video has kept me laughing all morning… still loving the gushing from kathi lee and hoda about the cd… their observations about him retaining his genuineness among a sea of cynicism and jaded folk in the industry was spot on… that is more difficult to do than succumbing, and going along with the crowd, so let’s hope that is a quality he retains for a long, long time…

    ps… christmas cd now up to number 32 on itunes as of 1245… 27 spots since the start of the today show… way to go david, way to go… :)

  23. Today Show Stopper: David Archuleta Sings, Honors Christmas

    Posted on 21 December 2009.

    Christmas arrived a few weeks early for David Archuleta fans, as the American Idol finalist’s holiday album (‘Christmas from the Heart’ ) has sold well.

    The adorable crooner appeared this morning on Today and regaled Meredith Vieira with memories of his childhood, such as how he used to go caroling with his family in neighborhoods and in nursing homes.

    From there, he performed the classic ‘Angels We Have Heard on High.’ 

    Grab a Kleenex as you listen to it below…


  24. Regarding David’s breathing, I think he once said it gets more audible when he is tired and forgets his proper breathing techniques. It applies to his speaking and singing. It is due to his vocal chord paralysis and will never go away. I’m sure he is very tired as he just ended his tour and probably had to be up extremely early for the today show. He did a wonderful job anyway.

  25. sanduskyday: David only had about 4-4.5 hours of sleep last night; had to be up @ 5a. He’s always said he doesn’t do well in the morning, although evidence is piling up that that thought is incorrect.

    Technically, David shouldn’t be able to sing now. The doctor that diagnosed him was surprised David was on AI. Dean said that someone really wanted David’s voice shared with the world, so David shares his gift with us. Us fans don’t sweat the small stuff like his audible breathing. Its just a fact of David’s life that will NEVER go away. We care about his well-being, what he’s doing, & what he’s singing.

    Tue: Regis & Kelly
    Wed: Fox & Friends
    Wed: Larry King Live
    12/28: Happy Birthday David
    12/31: Sun Bowl halftime

  26. I just finished watching David’s interview with Kathy and Hoda here on the West Coast. Whew! These shows know how to drag out your watching as they showed him singing more than an hour before the interview. Anitywho, he did great on both and he looked so *Prince Charmingy*. I loved the “America’s Sweetheart” far more than the “American Idol” moniker.

    I’m sure he is very tired as he just ended his tour and probably had to be up extremely early for the today show.

    David tweeted last night after the concert that:

    Goodness, I have to get up in 5 hours and I’m not sleepy yet lol. Performing on the Today Show early tomorrow morning! about 13 hours ago

    So he had a late, late, night and an early, early morning. Hopefully after the Fox and Friend taping, he can head home (weather permitting).

    BTW, it seems like his appearance on the Today Show has already given CFTH a nice little bump on itunes. It is #34 (overall) up from #53 iirc.

  27. Tired to edit to say that CFTH is now #32

    it’s climbed to number 30 since that update goboywonder – go little cd go :)

  28. At the very beginning of the Kathy Lee interview, if you listen closely, you can hear David saying, “Ah ya yay! I can’t stand hearing myself. Ugh!” That was so funny. He hasn’t changed a bit in that regard. :lol:

    I’ve never heard of “Fox and Friends.” What kind of show is that? Is it a morning news show like the Today Show and GMA?

  29. I loved the interviewers. Kathy is a stitch. And her gushing can’t hurt album sales!

    Self-loathing is not attractive, David. And it’s growing tiresome. I think he was about to say “I suck…” but trailed off. I was shocked. And note to David: Most people are going to take that as either a) very weird, or b) self-centeredness/faux humility. Just an FYI.

    OH, speaking of loathing, I do loathe political correctness. Even when coming from glorious David. Sorry. I just hope David realizes that he can’t possibly go through life refusing to take sides. I don’t trust people in my life who refuse to give their opinion. They give me the willies, frankly.

    One last thing, I note he didn’t seem too quick on the up-take regarding the “we used to be like you…but we’ve changed” comment from Kathy. Either he’s playing dumb or….

    Now, the singing was great (except for the video of Ray…what a waste of manflesh), and I love everything else about him. So there. Let the crazies have at me, but I’m just keeping it real.

  30. ^^know what you mean carolinacharms. I wish he’d just learn to have no reaction when he hears himself sing. If he wouldn’t react, the interviewer would have no reason to inquire about him not liking to hear himself sing. It’s happened too many times by now, so someone should tip him off to not react to himself singing. Sometimes silence is golden and all that jazz…..(construcive criticism I assure you, as you all know I’m a big fan of David)

  31. Aww, and here I was thinking he did a fantastic job.

    ETA: I think David has somewhat improved in this area. I noticed that he checked himself a couple of times. He used to say, “I don’t like the way I sound”, or “I sound funny”. Little by little he’ll get there.

  32. I thought he did very well too, goboywonder, and I was actually somewhat annoyed at Kathie Lee for her mention of Groban — doesn’t seem to be a great interview tactic to mention a main competitor. Just goes to show that people react to different people differently.

    Anyway, about the David hating David’s voice issue, I really think that’s him showing his youth. I remember hating mine for the longest time because I thought I sounded like a little girl. I’m going to bet that he *does* learn to bite his tongue about it.

    And I think there’s a difference between someone I know personally telling me their opinion and a celebrity being asked to state opinions about another celebrity. David knows very well not to step into that pile.

    And I loved the Ray video. Again, that YMMV thing.

  33. Well it’s certainly some good promo. I didn’t see anything pc about the interview. Heck the Adam question was so irrelevant. If I were David, I’d have no desire to give some detailed response about it. It was a waste of time. I’m sure there were much better questions to ask rather than that one.

  34. David sounded great this morning…not too many people can belt out a song like that at 8:30am and sound that good!!

    I was fortunate to see David in Baltimore with my 19yr old daughter…it was chill inducing to hear him make these Christmas songs come to life, even though I have heard them over and over before by other singers. I FELT these songs for the first time…and it was an amazing feeling.

    As far as him hating his voice…I’ve seen many actors on TV who CANNOT watch clips of themselves when the hosts show it. So basically David is no different. I do believe he’s getting better at it though…lol

    Thanks David for a great Christmas season this year. :)

  35. carolinacharms, I do appreciate your opinions and honesty. I will bet David was about to say I suck at watching (or hearing) myself, not I suck at singing. He said he has started listening to his recordings, that he has to make sure they are right. But he still doesn’t like to hear himself or his voice. I know I hate my recorded voice.

    I think David’s answer was true. He has not seen Adam’s performance and he has no opinion. If they had asked him what he thinks of Adam’s voice, he would have answered that he likes it and thinks Adam is very talented, as he has answered in the past. He will comment on things he knows about. Why interviewers have to ask every former Idol about Adam is beyond me.

    To your final point, David seems to be a very literal person. I’ve noticed he often doesn’t understand sarcasm or innuendo in interviews. He will honestly ask what a person means when they talk to him in that manner. Once they explain, he will comment or laugh. LOL

  36. apparently he’s singing melodies of christmas on regis tomorrow.. it was posted on his official site

  37. Archie fans are an intrepid lot. That Westbury video looks like he had a good crowd last night, when Long Island was buried under 2 feet of snow. I was actually wondering if the show might be cancelled.

  38. so were a lot of fans will… the weather and the potential cancellation was a hot topic all yesterday… there was and always is a lot of anticipation and excitement to see david in concert, so it doesn’t really surprise me that people made their way through that roaring snowstorm to get to see and hear him on the last night of the tour… an intrepidly dedicated lot, though i’m sure if it had gotten worse , they would have cancelled like they did due to weather in st.paul… ray and david take safety seriously, as evidenced in the boston house of blues concert saturday night, when david asked the crowd to stop pushing forward, and asking from the stage if a girl who had fainted, or was feeling faint, if she was ok – mj was there for that, so she can tell you how it went down in real time… i think he gave the girl his water bottle, lolol…

  39. ‘American Idol’: David Archuleta performs ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ on ‘Today’
    By Andrea Reiher

    December 21, 2009 7:57 AM

    David Archuleta stopped by ‘Today’  Monday morning to promote his new album, ‘Christmas from the Heart,’  and gave a beautiful performance of ‘Angels We Have Heard on High.’ 

    After regaling the hosts with memories of Christmases past, when David used to go caroling with his family in neighborhoods and nursing homes, he performs the classic Christmas carol ‘Angels We Have Heard on High.’ 

    We particularly like the multiple key changes, spicing up the song past the typical version you usually hear. Whether or not you’re into the non-secular Christmas music, David Archuleta sure can sing.

    ‘Christmas from the Heart’  is in stores now and also available on iTunes.


  40. from the santa rosa press democrat……

    December 21st, 2009 02:50pm
    Archuleta on Regis and Kelly show Dec. 22

    by pinella

    For all of you David Archuleta fans, he will be appearing on the Regis & Kelly show on Tuesday, Dec. 22 (9 a.m. PST).

    Here are a couple of thoughts about Archuleta and his recent CD ‘Christmas From The Heart’  ‘ ¦

    – No other AI participant, over the past couple of years anyway, is really capable of doing a Christmas CD that would be half as good as Archie’s and 90 percent of them shouldn’t even try.

    After listening to it more than once Idol Chatter must admit one thing ‘“ it is one of the best Christmas records out there. I’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the best, ever’ ¦


  41. Just saw the video. Beautiful vocal but it’s like watching Andrea Bocelli. David really has a problem with closing his eyes, which is much less of a problem in concert because the people can’t see his face as well.

    I hope that someone advises him about that. It’s just so impersonal. Why would people want to watch someone sing with their eyes closed?

    I thought he did well in the interview. (those two gals really are like the SNL parody,eh?)

  42. David really has a problem with closing his eyes, which is much less of a problem in concert because the people can’t see his face as well.

    I hope that someone advises him about that. It’s just so impersonal. Why would people want to watch someone sing with their eyes closed?

    This is interesting. About two weeks or so ago, I was flipping channels and came across Carrie Underwood singing “Temporary Home” (I think that’s the song), and she had her eyes close during the entire song. I actually had no problem with it, but it made me think about all the complaints David gets about closing his eyes.

  43. it’s in the listening for me – i could care less if his eyes were open or shut when he’s getting into the heart of a song and delivering it… eyes wide open or shut, nobody conveys and connects the audience to a song quite like david. i find it deeply personal for him, and the audience, when he does so, because one can sense he’s deeply feeling what he’s singing, imo… have heard too many singers in concert who would have been more entertaining if they had kept their mouths closed rather than try to croak or scream their way through a song… if this is all he has to work on, it’s quite an easy fix, unlike too many other so called ”singers” in the industry relying on the audience keeping their ears closed :D

  44. That video of David singing with his manager was a riot. I would not expect that in an Archie show, maybe Kris’ but not Archie’s.

  45. I have no problem at all with the eye closing. He makes plenty of eye-contact with people in concerts. Try making eye-contact with a TV camera. There are sooooo many artists that do that. And I never see a mention of it in any review or hear anyone talking about it when discussing artists with friends. And you don’t see anyone’s eyes over the radio.

    I still believe no one would ever have said anything about this and keep harping on this point if it were not for Andrew Lloyd Weber and for the fact that artists on AI are ultra criticized for every little minor thing by the judges because it makes for good TV. Not one of the judges on AI ever mentioned it to David until ALW said something…called attention to it. LATE into the competition. Because it wasn’t important.

    People forget that the criticisms leveled at the contestants are just those particular judges opinion and that another set of judges might not have even mentioned it at all, but everyone remembers every little thing the judges say and then they LOOK for it. And go, “Aha!” Things that a casual viewer who never saw AI would never even have noticed or deem important if someone else hadn’t mentioned it.

  46. I watched Andrea Bocelli a few weeks ago on Oprah, and it got me thinking….No one ever says he’d sound better or be better if his eyes were open. When David sings certain songs, especially these reverent ones, he goes to a very special place…and thankfully he takes some of us along for the ride.

    David got a bum rap from Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber for calling him out on the eye thing…guess he couldn’t come up with anything else to critique him on…lol
    When he sings other songs, like his pop, it’s a totally different David. I was front row center last week, and I saw plenty of his eyes. :)

  47. David really has a problem with closing his eyes, which is much less of a problem in concert because the people can’t see his face as well.

    The dumbest advice anyone ever gave on AI, IMO, was telling David it was wrong to close his eyes. Many artists close their eyes. It is part of what an artist feels. Now everybody, whether they know a thing or not, is an “expert” on this.

  48. I definitely think he closes his eyes when he’s focusing inward — and since I get the benefits of that focus (by hearing a song taken a few notches higher) I don’t care a hoot about the closed eyes. David’s fans, in general, don’t complain about this. And then again, he does make plenty of eye contact in concert. If you read the fansites, you see all sorts of “he looked right at MEEEEE” accounts.

  49. I can’t cut and paste on my device.

    Andrea bocelli is blind. He can’t make eye contact with his Audience, and it is a handicap for him. David is sighted. Eyes are expressive. He has the ability to consct even more with his audience. I’d enjoy watching him perform more on tv if he did.

    Also, on the Today Show, David was seen by 3 to 4 million. In his recent Xmas tour he was seen by about 20 to 25,000. TV is the way to gain more fans faster. Great that his fans don’t give a hoot about his eyes. I just think it’s likely that I’m not the only person who would enjoy watching him up close more if he had his eyes open occasionally.

  50. Hopefully, his people will advise him on all of these types of issues (the closed eyes when performing on TV, the complaining about the sound of his voice, etc.) and he’ll work on these things. Minor issues, fixable with some effort. And if it helps win more potential fans, worth it.

    As long as he never loses that connection between his soul, the song and his audience.

  51. ummm…I know Andrea Bocelli is blind…the point is he’s loved no less because of the lack of eye contact. It’s all about the voice…for both of them. :)

  52. I just watched the tape. Good job, David. I love the mix of ‘Jesus joy of man’s desire’ to the original song. The ladies were nice to him and seem to know who David is as a person. I am glad they didn’t cut off the very last part of the song, his humming! I loooove that part.

    Tomorrow, on Regis and Kelly, he is going to sing the song he wrote, Melodies of Christmas. I am going to be at work, so video-tape, please?

    BTW, only idol fans mention about his eye closing. And I think actually his eye closing is the reason why he produces perfect and consistent pitch when he sings slow songs so that he can totally focus on his own sound. But hey, open or close, does it matter? He feels it, delivers his emotions through his voice and eventually audience feels it. One of today’s articles on this performance wrote that readers prepare kleenex when listening to the song. I think the writer felt his emotions too although his eyes were closed.

  53. I don’t know why I’m debating this. I must be bored. Help! lol

    One of the biggest names in music in the last century was Ella Fitzgerald, who spent 60 years in the business and is considered one of the greatest interpreters of song. She almost always sang with her eyes closed as she immersed herself in the music. If a singer feels the music, then I feel it. They can look me right in the eye the whole time, but if they are not feeling it then neither am I. Obviously YMMV.

    It’s generalizing, but I think this might be a somewhat generational thing? Before, IMO, music went from interpreting a song to performance art. And whether you are at all a fan of Jazz, Blues or even some operatic music. Because many, many, many of the artists in those genres are closed-eye singers.

  54. Well I am one of those persons who likes when he closes his eyes. He is just so into the music and I think it is kind of cool. I have seen other artists do this as well. Many, many singers close their eyes when reaching for a note or a feeling. I feel Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber was wrong on his statement about David closing his eyes. I am a big fan of David Cook and he does not do it as often, but I have definitely seen him close his eyes as well. I don’t get why closing the eyes is such a big deal. I can’t say this about Archie, because he is too young, but when Cookie does it, I think it is sort of sexy! Lol!

    I also appreciate David’s honesty about not liking to hear his own voice. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t think he has a good voice, just that he doesn’t like to listen to himself. I don’t see how that is any different than when a famous actor says that they can’t stand to watch themselves on screen. They may be great actors, but just don’t like watching themselves.

  55. Andrea Bocelli ´s blindness is not a issue for the fans, and he has plenty of them! I ´m sure even though he was sighted, he would close his eyes because all great singers do so to convey their emotions, they get lost in the song (as David said once on Idol) and connect with their deepest emotions.

    Bravo, sanduskyday, forensic evidence, exhibition A! Even Adam Lambert (!!!) closes his eyes to convey his emotions when the song requires it!

    David is singing a lot of emotional and very reverent songs for his Christmas Album, and he tries to express his deepest feelings, his faith and connect with our souls’ ¦ eyes are not required for the task and he accomplishes that gloriously!!!

    Now, if Nick Jonas sang a pop song with eyes closed, it would be a problem’ ¦ by the way, David never closes his eyes when singing pop, more uptempo songs!

  56. Neither David’s breathing or whether or not he closes his eyes have ever been things that bothered me, and I honestly don’t think they are going to be major issues for him over the long haul. But, every performer has quirks or mannerisms or stylistic tendencies that turn some people off. No performer wins everyone over.

  57. If you read the fansites, you see all sorts of ‘he looked right at MEEEEE’  accounts.

    I’m pretty sure he looked at meeeeeeee several times at my concert… just saying. lol and the girls next to me…

  58. well mary j blige is on the today show right now.. and most of the song she is ~le gasp~ singing with her eyes closed!

  59. well mary j blige is on the today show right now.. and most of the song she is ~le gasp~ singing with her eyes closed!”

    LOL, my thoughts exactly when I was watching it… and she sang it beautifully.

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