Danny Gokey: Listen to His New Album NOW

A stream of Danny Gokey’s upcoming album, My Best Days, is available at CMT right NOW.

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  • Listen to a live stream of Danny Gokey’s upcoming debut album right HERE.

My Best Days will be available everywhere on Tuesday March 2.

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  1. Danny has done a nice job on his album –good beats, lyrics, vocals etc, with a few destined to be hits. The strength of his voice shines. My only complaint is one too many banjo’s — yea I know its a country label.

  2. There are parts I liked and parts not so much. But all in all I think Danny will be quite successful.

  3. More temptation! LOL! I’m trying to save full studio versions for March 2; I am strange and like to be surprised when I get the physical CD in my hands.

    Noticed they don’t have “The Coach”- bonus song streaming. Wonder if it really will only be available on the itunes version?

    From what some say; non- country fans like “I Will Not Say Goodbye”, “Get Away”, “Crazy Not To” and “Life On Ya” the best. My favorite is Tiny Life, a Jeffrey Steele penned song(What Hurts the Most author); but except for his single, I have only heard acoustical radio versions of songs.

  4. sagi, that is nice to hear, I think this album will be successful too. I think Danny did a great job choosing songs, and I think that the producer hit it right with the approach. It seems to me that there is enough country instrumentation to put it within the comfort zone of modern country music fans, but there’s no attempt to make Danny sound like someone he isn’t. He has a beautiful, soulful voice and that’s what comes across. I am really happy with how it turned out. I know I am a little biased because I like him so much and want him to be successful, but I wouldn’t say I loved it if I didn’t. It’s a relief to hear it, because I have been saying that I thought he’d put out a great album, and I think he did it.

    I’ve heard that the next single is probably going to be “I Will Not Say Goodbye”. I think that’s a good choice. On his radio station tour, people have just been blown away by that.

  5. Very happy for Danny to hear how these sound on the studio versions. The ones I’ve loved from his acoustic tour performances sound great, but different enough to feel new with the stronger country instrumentals and production. My favorites are probably Tiny Life, IWNSG, MBD, I Still Believe, Crazy Not To, Get Away, It’s Only… (lol).

    I wasn’t totally in love with Be Somebody from the acoustic tour, but really do like it here with the more defined instrumentals.

    I think they have chosen a good mix of songs (surprisingly uptempo overall), that suits Danny personally and vocally very well.

  6. My favorites are My Best Days, Get Away, It’s Only, Be Somebody, and then when I’m already having a very emotional morning, I had to go and listen to I Will Not Say Goodbye. I’m totally losing it on that one. The tears just will not stop and I’m gonna be a total mess all day for sure.

  7. My favorite is I Will Not Say Goodbye. I also like Life On Ya,I know there was at least two more I really liked. Didn’t think anyone was bad. Just liked more then the other’s. All be buying the CD for sure.

  8. I’m really liking this!! I can’t wait to get the CD in my hands. Josie, I think you hit on what I was thinking exactly. This album has enough country sound in it to do well in the country market…while at the same time, allowing Danny to show off his soulful voice. I feel success for Danny. :)

  9. Thanks so much for the link MJ!

    I am loving this album! Really showcases his vocals and personality.

    Way to go Danny!

  10. Congratulations to Danny. This represents who he is as an artist. It is usually very telling when there are multiple good tracks. My favs so far are Tiny Life, I Will Not Say Goodbye, I Still Believe, Crazy Not To, Like that’s A Bad Thing. I am also glad they have the long version of It’s Only.

    I can see this being a hit for Danny. Also, kudos to producer Mark Bright.

  11. jobbix, I am just curious, is that based on what a first album/new country artist would be expected to do? I am new to this aspect and have no idea what to expect. I really just want him to do well enough to get to keep going, and based on the quality of the album and the opportunities he’s going to get e.g. appearing on AI and the tour this spring/summer, I feel pretty confident about that. But I have no idea about what numbers to expect and was wondering how you based your estimate.

  12. Let’s see. He finished third, so his fanbase isn’t that big and he will not get as much promo as the winner and the runner-up. He will not get the holiday sales boost like the November releases. March isn’t as terrible as January in album sales, but still… With all the momentum behind him, Kris didn’t crack 100k. So I think 25-30k is reasonable.

  13. I looooooved ‘Get Away’!

    And I still love ‘It’s Only’ – I may one of the few that like the la-da-da-di-da’s on that one. Just love the sound of his voice.

  14. rayni- I heard a lot of people love it ; that is a very rocking song!

    I think you have a good point about the holiday sales. Putting out their albums during the Christmas sales season was huge for Kris, Adam and Allison. Danny won’t get any of that; and the economy is bad.

    Also, he has not received any national promotion yet at all; in contrast to the others.

    He will appear on AI again, so hopefully that will “remind” all his fans about him.

    I hope his sales are good enough to satisfy his label; I really have no idea what to expect and hope he surprises us!
    The album is certainly quality and doesn’t disappoint AI fans.

  15. I absolutely love this album!

    He has such a great voice; and even though I’m not a country fan , I still love it; he’s got such soul.

    Hope it does well for him.

  16. This thing sounds cool. Danny’s voice sounds very good. I’m not much into country, but good chance I’m buyin’ this one after listening to this preview.

  17. I’m not really a country fan but Danny’s album sounds really good. I like 8 out of the 10 songs. My favorites are: I Will Not Say Goodbye, Get Away and Crazy Not To.

    I like that this album can make me dance, cry, feel hopeful, be introspective and just have fun. It showcases Danny’s vocals, versalitity and personality as well. Overall, it’s great.

    Being a non AI winner, I think he’ll do decently in sales or he might even do really well. We’ll find out soon…

  18. Trying to wrap my mind around…”He finished 3rd so his fanbase isn’t that big.” LOL!!!!

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the sales #s on March 9. I hope he has a respectable debut.

  19. I love Danny’s voice and most all the songs on the album. I am not necessarily a country music fan but will definately buy it. I do believe that Danny, with the help of Mark Bright, has stayed true to himself and that his fans will be happy with his debut.

    I do not have high expectations for Danny’s first week sales. Danny has spent the last three months visiting radio stations at the grassroots level to gain credibility as a new country artist. I think he has been successful in doing that so far; however, that will not necessarily translate into sales so early in the process. His single just recently made the top 40 on the country charts and his music video just entered regular rotation on GAC. His first week sales will be his AI fanbase (those that know he has an album out) and he will have to build from there. I do believe that RCA Nashville is investing a lot in Danny so hopefully with some national exposure, an appearance on AI and a spring tour with Sugarland, his sales will build.

  20. Assuming the word of this release gets out effectively, I predict his first week sales will surpass those of Kris. This prediction is based on nothing, of course. :-) I do think believe he’ll be in the ballpark, even if he doesn’t outsell him. Kris’ sales are sad to me, NGL. Heck, Danny may very well beat Adam in first week sales.

    S8 was an odd duck.

  21. weareallinnocent, that would be something all right. I don’t see that kind of speculation in the group of Danny’s fans with which I am familiar, I think everyone is just hoping for a reasonably good showing out of the gate. I think Danny has the talent and work ethic to build a very strong career, but as monte said above, it will take some time to build.

    You’re right though, S8 does seem to have its oddities. I hope things kick in for Allison soon. She could wipe the floor with any of the girls who were on last night (in my opinion).

  22. Assuming the word of this release gets out effectively, I predict his first week sales will surpass those of Kris.

    Wow, you are way more optimistic than us hard core Danny fans, lol!

    It is a great album (best of S8, IMO), but Danny has had no National talk shows or even banners up at AI or Itunes. I think many of his fans who haven’t been following him on the internet have no idea he has an album coming out.

    RCA has been doing a very grassroots campaign and trying to get him acceptance by the Nashville TPTB; which is great, actually, shows they believe in him and are in in for the long haul I think. But that approach certainly won’t help big initial sales.

    And Kradison had Christmas and just coming off AI tour to really pump their sales.

    I would be really happy if his first week was 40,000+ and he debuted into the top 5 country albums.

    But I like your scenario =)

  23. I am really proud of Danny. I also want to give a shout out to 19E, RCA Nashville, Mark Bright for allowing Danny to be himself and do the kind of music that showcases who he is as a performer.

    My Best Days definitely has more a modern Country, Pop/Soul vibe to it. I think the CD will definitely satisfy fans and bring in new fans. It has Danny’s rich, bluesy, souful sound all over it.

  24. I agree it’s difficult to predict how Danny’s CD will do, either in the first week or so, or longer-term. I do think it’s conceivable he could sell quite a lot with the right exposure, but I’d be happy if he meets or exceeds what you’d look for from a newbie country artist.

    Most important, seems to be that he continues to get off to a good start and sets the foundation for a long-term career. I’ve been very very happy with some of the things we’ve been seeing, including numerous press releases, cultivating the Nashville media, his music video, the Sugarland tour, some other pretty good events on his own, extensive radio tour with a 3-piece band, and other things that show me RCA is trying to make a good start with Danny.

  25. It is a great album (best of S8, IMO), but Danny has had no National talk shows or even banners up at AI or Itunes. I think many of his fans who haven’t been following him on the internet have no idea he has an album coming out.

    RCA has been doing a very grassroots campaign and trying to get him acceptance by the Nashville TPTB; which is great, actually, shows they believe in him and are in in for the long haul I think. But that approach certainly won’t help big initial sales.

    I would be really happy if his first week was 40,000+ and he debuted into the top 5 country albums.

    I’ve also seen fans of Danny on the show who haven’t necessarily heard he has an album coming out, but really respond once they do know. He’s had pretty big crowds for some of his appearances, even with just local radio promo.

    His team seems to be following a gameplan for the country market. If he does well against other sales in that genre, especially those for newbie artists trying to break in, I think that will be a good success. Even some of the “new” artists coming in now with releases like Sarah Buxton, Easton Corbin, have had their music on country radio since deep into last year, or for several years in Sarah’s case.

  26. Here’s what I see in Danny’s favor when it comes to sales.

    American Idol is in the news again with Season 9 gearing up. Danny already saw a spike on his website and on ITunes when Ryan briefly mentioned his name during Hollywood week. He will likely get a huge boost when he comes back to perform (which he is scheduled too). That will be a huge platform for him.

    Danny’s album is competing in a less saturated Idol marketplace. Last fall, there were a total of 5 Idol albums out all at the same time: Adam, Kris, Allison, Carrie, and Archie. IMO that was Idol overload. Like Danny, Elliott Yamin and Kelli Pickler strategically chose to debut their albums during less competitive periods, and they did very well.

    Danny’s tour with an established Country act like Sugarland will also give him a lot of promotion. Playing to live audiences has always been one of Danny’s strengths, as he proved on the Idol tour where it was often reported that he turned non-fans into new fans.

  27. I love the album, and I think that there are several songs on this album that have hit potential.

    As for first week sales, I’m not overly optimistic. Danny hasn’t had the luxury of the national promotion that Adam and Kris, and even Allison had for their albums. Add to that, it’s been a long time since AI 8, and AI fans tend to have very short attention spans and are quick to hook up with a new AI contestant and “move on.” I do think Danny’s appearance on AI, if it is next week, will give him a boost, but it’s hard to say how much. I’m not looking for big first week sales. Of course I would be ecstatic to be wrong about this.

    What I do think is that this is a good album, and that Danny is a GREAT singer. He is going on tour with Sugarland, and I think he will have more than one hit from this album. He may not have the big first week sales that one gets from their existing AI fanbase, but he will gain new fans over time, and sell a decent amount of albums. In the long run, it’s these new fans that will sustain his career.

    I’m proud of the album that Danny has put out. It is really good! :)

  28. I hope Fox 17’s morning show from Nashville posts the video from Danny’s appearance. I noticed that two of their hosts were posting comments online about Danny’s visit.

    One of them says this: Trust me, Danny was even better LIVE in the studio. Dude can SING!!!
    Really nice guy too along with his crew!

    Another says this: Danny sounded amazing today!!! The best part of the whole thing was that he was super chill and appreciative of us having him on…eventhough his mgr. denied us a ‘celebrity upgrade’. Lame!

  29. Love the album. Can’t wait to get it, and to see how well he will do on these concerts.

  30. I think Danny has a good solid country album. He does have a believable country vibe. I think his sales are being underestimated. Country folk really support their artist and he is an American Idol finalist that was loved by middle America. I say his sales will be around 50K. (hey its a guess) Especially if they promote him really well next week and the Idol appearance will be a huge boost. Danny has a great voice. I wish him the best. His album I may or may not get but will definitely purchase a few of the tracks that I like. Wish him the best of luck and big sales. :-)

  31. I am getting really good vibes about Danny’s album release, not so much the sales which I think will be decent but I also think the reviews are going to be good. It really is a solid debut effort from Danny and he has stayed true to himself. The songs have meaning and that is not always the case for debut albums from Idol finalists.

    He does seem to be doing everything possible to be accepted by country music establishment. This grassroots effort is going to pay off for Danny IMO. I am pleasantly surprised that RCA Nashville is putting so much into Danny – they do seem to be grooming him for the long haul.

    Glad to see his music video is #3 on GAC and #2 on CMT this week and his single is up 223 spins and should move up to #35 on Billboard this coming week. His album preorder is also holding pretty well on Itunes and is #7 on country and #40 overall. Next week when the album is released it should move up higher.

  32. I feel optimistic about Danny’s album. His official site is getting more traffic, and without any real national promotion yet, he’s getting closer to the top of the country charts and the momentum is increasing. I expect his appearance on Idol this week will result in a huge boost in sales. He’s also received a decent review from The New York Times, which is notorously hard to please, as well as from Billboard and Roughstock.com and others. I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that he could outsell Kris during the first week, and maybe even Adam. But even if he doesn’t, I think he has a solid product which shows his versatility and who he is as an artist, and will do reasonably well. I also like the fact it’s not overproduced with that annoying “wall of sound” that so many other AI/19 products have. The modest production on Danny’s album doesn’t overpower his voice, and allows it to shine through.

  33. Although I’m an Adam fan, I like Danny’s album and I think it will do well. His AI guest spot should give him a good bump. I do think this is the right genre for him and he sounds very comfortable in this style. Good luck, Danny!

  34. The news for Danny keeps getting better and better. Billboard now predicts that MBD (the single) will debut at #5 on the Top 200 songs.

    He also has 3 singles charting in the Top 60 on iTunes.


    I thought his bubbliness was cute last night. He did seem a little wired–too much caffeine, Danny? ;) He can’t contain his elation over everything happening to him. I can’t say I blame him! It must be pretty heady to be Danny Gokey right now. I can see that he could probably be intense and in your face in person, but for a celebrity, it’s nice to see someone so refreshingly honest and unfiltered. He reminds me of a big, overgrown puppy and I think that’s part of his charm. YMMV.

    At one point last night there were well over 11,000 fans on his OS–probably to purchase his CD. I was kind of shocked–I thought I was reading it wrong at first.

    Danny could wind up being the most successful from season 8 when all is said in done, and there’s a real possibility he could reach Daughtry-level success, especially after he tours with an act as popular as Sugarland.

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