American Idol 9 – Top 12 Girls – Recap

UPDATE: Haeley Vaughn is the Vote For the Wost pick…

My favorites tonight were Lilly Scott,   Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus.  The show was a mixed bag tonight, but it wasn’t horrible…

Here we go…first LIVE American Idol episode! Can’t wait!

THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL!!! WHEEE! Go Ryan! Ryan explains the rules for the semis…we’ll lose 4 peeps this week

Judges order: Ellen Degeneres – Randy Jackson – Kara Dioguardi – Simon Cowell That’s going to take some getting used to.

The band is back, front and center! Hooray (Last year they were hidden behind a scrim) And the kids can play instruments during the semis. Good stuff.

Ha ha! Shout out! Ryan says he saw the article in the New York Post about Simon!! I wrote that!

Awkward blah blah from the judges. Ellen says, “Don’t be mad at yourself…be everything you could possibly be right now…”

Ellen explaining awkward cakes between her and Simon–blames it on the sexual tension. She rolls that bit she ran on her talk show of (fake) Simon feeling her leg.

Recap and Videos after the JUMP…

Paige Miles – “Alright Now” by Free – Our first real look at Paige. She loves Michael Jackson. She’s wailing on “Living For the City” from Hollywood week. Uhm she’s good. Super Tina Turner vibe from this one. Why did they hide this chick? She’s freaking good. And they make her go first. Poor Paige. Simon is confused, he doesn’t realize he’s going first. “I think you have the best voice…I wouldn’t have chosen that song.” He calls it a wedding singer kind of song. “You’ve got to believe in yourself.” “You’ll be fine, ” he says. Kara really liked it and thought it was a great song choice. “You slayed it.” Randy thought she did a great job. Ellen says, “You were so there, you were so present…I did like the song…I thought you pulled it off.” They gave her good marks. Good. Paige says she’s been waiting to pee for 5 hours. Well then…go pee girl! – 1-866 436 5701 – VIDEO

Ashley Rodriguez – “Happy” by Leona Lewis – Chelsea girl! Ugh. I hate this crappy Ryan Tedder song. I hope her song choices improve. Zzzzz. She’s OK, but this performance makes her interchangeable with any big-voiced pop singer. She’s not bringing anything unique or distinctive to this performance. Kara says, “Big song…nice moments…you hit those notes…but there were moments that weren’t great…I want you to take on some different songs.” Randy adds, ‘You’re always going to be compared to those singers…it wasn’t really you.” Ellen agrees. “I’d like to see you step out and do something that’s a whole diff vibe…Take a risk” Simon says, “I thought it was clumsy…I think you are going backwards…just somebody who sings other people’s songs…I’m afraid you’re in trouble tonight.” Ouch! – 1-866 436 5702 – VIDEO

Janell Wheeler – “What About Love” by Heart – Janell wanted to impress Simon in Hollywood, and she did. More karaoke. Ho hum. The song choice is boring. Her delivery is boring (and she sounds nervous) I’m not impressed. Randy says, “Wasn’t my fav song choice for you…I like your voice…the song didn’t work for you..” Ellen liked the song choice and thought she sang it very well, liked the way she moved on stage. Simon says, “You gave it 100 percent effort and delivered 65%.” He said she went off key when she got excited. “I think you are going to survive this week”. Kara says, “The song is way too big for you…it takes everything distinct away from your voice.” Except for Ellen, the consensus is that Janell didn’t sound original on a song that did not suit her. I agree. The theme is wide open, why can’t these kids pick decent songs? – 1-866 436 5703 – VIDEO

Lilly Scott – “Fixin’ A Hole” by the Beatles – Lilly busks on the street for money. Very interesting song choice. And while Lily gets off to a rough start, sounding a bit pitchy and awkward, the performance picks up and by the end Lilly owns it. Thank you, Lilly, for not boring the sh*t out of me. Thank God somebody finally took a risk. The quirky interesting girls like Lily have a hella time translating their thing onto the Idol stage. I hope she can hang in there. Ellen says, “I think that’s what we’re talking about…such a random song choice…you have such a unique voice.” Simon says, “Definitely the best we’ve had so far…but I’m not feeling much star power from you.” Simon blames it on nerves. Kara says, “You are believable…you feel at ease…everyone is going to remember you tonight.” Randy says, “I love that you’re a real indie artist…you don’t care what people think…it’s not affected…love the honesty.” – 1-866 436 5704 – VIDEO

Katelyn Epperly – “Oh Darlin'” by the Beatles – Nice bluesy version of “Oh Darlin”, but it sounds a little cabaret to me. I’m not convinced this was the best song choice for Katelyn. Why are the girls picking such old songs? She does have a beautiful, raspy tone. Looking forward to hearing her sing something else. Simon says, “It was very messy…but I like you…quirky interesting…brave…I like you a lot.” Kara says, “You know you’re voice very very well…You know what you’re doing…you switched it up in a way…I don’t like the makeover” Kara didn’t like her red lipstick. Randy says, “You pay attention to the tone…the tone and the melody is the art of singing…I like the whole makeup thing…don’t box yourself in.” Ellen says, “It was interesting to me…you made me want to listen…I felt it was pushed, but you have an amazing voice.” Kara says Katelyn probably thought she was a bitch. Ha. Probably. – 1-866 436 5705 – VIDEO

Haeley Vaughn – “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles – She got her nose pierced after she made Hollywood. A very odd but interesting arrangement of the song. There’s something compelling about Haeley when she takes the stage, even when she’s pitchy. Her charisma makes up for her vocal shortcomings. She’s not doing the pop country thing she’s done so far. Can’t quite put my finger on what this is, but I like it. Kara says, “there were some technical issues…you’re very pure…you make up for what you can’t do with your vocals.” Randy says, “I love that unpredictability….When you hit those high notes…the sound isn’t quite as pleasing as it could be…you’re so bold.” Ellen says, “You have so much presence on stage…you just shine…I think you have a great voice.” Simon says, “I thought it was verging on terrible. You were like a windup doll that never stopped shining. A complete and utter mess.” “If it was a mess, it was a hot mess, ” says Ellen. I’m with Kara and Ellen on this one – 1-866 436 5706 – VIDEO

Lacey Brown – “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac – Ohhh I do like Lacey. Nice tone, interesting phrasing and I love this song. Like that she’s performing a spare arrangement. Her vocals are front and center. She has some pitchy moments, but I like her interpretation. Randy says, “I just don’t think it was the right song for you…I thought it was terrible…it was pitchy all over the place.” Ellen says, “I think you’re better than that…there were some moments where you got lost.” Simon says, “I actually thought it was quite depressing…indulgent…you’re trying to work out who you are…it was just boring.” Kara says, “You usually hit those notes….I do hope that America gives you one more shot.” Wow I’m not agreeing with the consensus here. Lacey picked the song because she loves the song. Lacey didn’t think she was boring. – 1-866 436 5707 – VIDEO

Katie gets the pimp interview, plus she’s going last! Ryan talks to Michelle about the rehearsal schedule, which has been very busy.

Michelle Delamor – Fallin’ by Alicia Keys – Michelle is very self possessed. I’m not sure she’s bringing anything new to this tune, but she’s got a beautiful tone, she’s confident, good arrangement, she’s not missing a beat. Kind of what I expected from Ashely. Very nice. “That was fantastic, ” says Ellen. “It was safe, it seemed so easy for you…you have more in you…but still amazing, ” says Ellen. Simon says, “You’re a very professional singer…I think you need to do something to make you seem different…you’ve done enough. Kara says, “You look very profession…it needs to be immaculate…you need to make it more unique…you can get there.” Randy says, “It was a tough song to do…you do have more in you…take some risks.” – 1-866-436 5708 – VIDEO

Didi Benami – “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson – She recalls singing “Terrified” during Hollywood Week. She wants to stop being teary eyed. Good move. Didi, like Michelle is really polished and confident. Didi’s doing a beautiful job with this song. But again, like Michelle, she’ not bringing anything new to her performance. But still-very good. She’s got a lovey tone and pretty phrasing. Simon says, “I think you are a good singer…too many people trying to sing like Adele and Duffy…I’m missing a spark here…something that excites me…” Kara says, “The song is good….you at last made some changes to the original recording.” Simon says no one will remember her. Randy says, “Where is the star factor? The song is cool…you sounded great singing… but so sleepy for me.” Ellen says, “For that first impression, it was a little low-key, but you’re great.” “You’re first kiss has got to be something you’ll remember, ” Simon adds. I agree. The performance was nice, but she doesn’t stand out – 1-866-436 5709VIDEO

Siobhan Magnus – “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak – She’s an apprentice to a glass blower. Smart to pick a song originally done by a man. Too many of the girls have sounded like copycats tonight. She’s singing it very similar to Isaacs, but the male/female differentiates her enough from the original. Siobhan has a very interesting voice and vibe. She’s very intense, and I like that. She’s not boring me. Very different than the Stevie Wonder song. I hope she keeps changing it up. Kara says, “I kinda liked you on that song….it gets a little nasal at’re really in the moment…it sets you apart.” Randy says, “You got these big pipes…you’ve got a great voice…I’d reach for bigger things for you.” Ellen says, “I loved it…I really liked it a lot.” Simon says, “You really are a funny little thing….It wasn’t as good as the Stevie Wonder song…it’s a very very dark song….blowing glass would make you dark.” Siobhan explains that she wanted to show her softer side. – 1-866-436 5710 – VIDEO

Crystal Bowersox – “Hand In My Pocket” by Alanis Morisette –  Crystal has never watched the show and didn’t think it was for her. Guitar in hand, Crystal grabs this song by the throat. Wow she’s great. Crystal sounds like…Crystal. Now she’s blowing on the harp. I really dig this girl. Good song choice, great interpretation. Can’t wait to hear more. Randy says, “You are one of my favs tonight…I just love the honesty…doesn’t even matter what the song’re going to do your thing.” Ellen says, “We’re lucky you decided to audition…I’d vote for you, I want to see more of you.” Simon says, “There are thousands of you doing that outside of subway stations…you’re doing a sound alike. You have to make it your version.” Crystal argues with Simon a bit. He suggests Bowie, she thinks that’s a good idea. Then Simon adds, “I really really like you–You’re refreshing” Kara says, “I think you have greatness in you..I didn’t see it as much tonight…not be just a coffeehouse performer…you need to fill the have it in you.” I could see Crystal’s wheels turning when Simon suggested Bowie. If she’s smart (and I think she is) Crystal will pick a song from a male artist next. If she does that, she’ll get the big praise. – 1-866-436 5711 – VIDEO

Katie Stevens – “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble – Katie gets the big pimp spot! She’s hitting all the big notes and she’s very confident working the stage. She’s not going to be compared to Buble, so that’s a plus. But….Eh. She’s a kid playing dress up. She hasn’t found herself yet. Ellen says, “It was good, it was very conservative, but I want to see you be 17…a little old for you…but you’re great.” Simon says, “It was like your mom and dad had dressed you for this audition, you started to become annoying…very pageanty.” Kara says, “I’ve never heard you be pitchy…you were all over the place…but you have ridiculous chops..I hope America gives you another chance.” Randy says, “All the notes went a little sharp..” Randy compares her to Jordin Sparks. He agrees with the rest, that she needs to go young. “You are only 17 once.” he says. 1-866-436 5712 – VIDEO

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