Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver – Press Conference

ETA: Check Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning

Top 3 wk1 – Ryan Seacrest

I got some quotes from today’s press conference with   Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver, the three Idol contestants who advanced to the Top 12 during Wednesday night’s American Idol results show.

Danny speaks to his status as a front runner and the fact that his backstory may be annoying some Idol fans.   Alexis still can’t believe her good fortune, and Michael realizes Simon’s personal plea on his behalf may have helped him advance.

Quotes from Danny Gokey:

  • Does he feel like he been pushed to the forefront by producers? I do feel like that, that I was highlighted. There’s no gettin’ around that.   And I can say this: I’m grateful.   And I know (sighs) Y’know, unfortunately, it’s a bummer when people are just real mad about it and, y’know, I had nothing to do with it and hope people can see past that.
  • On whether or not his backstory is getting overwhelming and annoying, It’s only been seven months since she’s passed. And, y’know, it’s not that I throw it in people’s faces, but I get asked about it all the time.   It weighs on my mind a lot, though. Because I’d–y’know, honestly, this is a sob story I don’t want. But it is shaping my life. And it’s causing hope for a lot of people and not only that, it’s causing hope for my life.
  • Wants to lighten up, aware that people are getting tired of his story, Well, I feel like I’ve just gotten my message across.   But now I wanna, I wanna lighten up and just have a little fun with it and enjoy the ride.   I don’t know, I guess maybe sometimes the, the consensus is that people are getting tired of my story or, y’know, or whatever, and y’know, that’s totally fine. Uh, but I wanna be able to, y’know appeal to people on a fun level too, as opposed–y’know–and also in the deeper level that I showed ’em.

Quotes from Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver after the JUMP…

From Alexis Grace:

  • How she felt when she was compared to Kelly, I mean, it really just shook my world when they said that, in a good way. And um, what it does though, it just pushes me to do better each time now. Y’know, now I’ve really gotta step up my game and prove to them that they’re right.
  • What went through her mind when Ryan said shed made it, ‘This is my dream–and it’s happening.’ That’s what went through my head when I heard I made it through and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t convinced. Because, just because, judges give good, good critiques doesn’t mean America agrees with them, so I just went in there not expecting anything, just getting the results pretty much.

From Michael Sarver:

  • Does Sarver think Cowell personal plea on his behalf led to him advancing? I can’t deny that I think that, that could have had something to do with it. Simon making a plea for me on my behalf, I, I feel–I don’t take it that lightly at all. I, I really take delight from that as a compliment because y’know, I appreciate compliments on my voice and my singing and things, but to be complimented on the person that I really am really means a lot to me.
  • Sarver says the fact that his image as a hard working guy who wants to provide for his family led to his success, I can acknowledge that the hardworking American is, is part of the appeal, y’know? I believe that real life people can relate to me, especially in the economy and the day that we live.   It’s very difficult for a lot of people, and um, I see it as a chance to see someone rise from the ashes. It’s not that my life is bad, but things are tough. And to see someone excel and succeed, I think people relate to that and, it’s special to their hearts.
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