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Dancing with the Stars Season 24

Dancing with the Stars Season 24


Welcome to the grand finale of season twenty-four of Dancing with the Stars. Before I even get started, I would like to send my thoughts, love, and continued prayers to the people of Manchester. We stand with you and our hearts are broken because of this tragedy. I continue to hope and pray for peace in this world. #PrayForManchester

This is it you guys. After ten weeks, nine eliminations, and more than two dozen sexual puns from Bruno, we have arrived at the end of another dancing season. Who is taking the mirror ball trophy home and succeeding Laurie Hernandez as our new champion? In addition to that piece of business, expect to see all the celebrities from this season back, special guest performers, and lots of surprises.

I would first like to thank MJ for having me back to blog another season of my favorite little reality-competition show. As always, it was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the best blog out there. And to the fans who viewed with me, read the blog, commented, voted in the polls- I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so. As I say each season, you guys are the soul of this place and you make it a treat for me to do this. Let’s get back to business, shall we?

Last night, the three remaining couples gave it everything they have in the hopes of earning those judges points and audience votes. We saw three very different freestyle routines but each had the respective stamp of the dancers behind them. David’s underdog story continued, Rashad once again set the place on fire, and Normani showed why she has been such a consistently phenomenal dancer. Even the redemption round saw improvement for the celebrities- the hard word in rehearsals over the last months really paying off. After the dancing was done, Rashad ended up with a perfect 80, Normani at a 78, and David with 73. But, what did you guys think?

Note- These poll results are taken as of 5PM Eastern time today. 46% of you are team Rashad & Emma, with 36% going to Normani & Val and 18% to David & Lindsay. For round one, 55% of you loved Rashad‘s redemption routine. 36% went to Normani and David was last with 9%. It was more interesting in the least favorite redemption poll. David had the highest of course, with 57%. But Normani‘s redemption dance earned a surprising 32%. Rashad had only 11%. So how about those freestyles?

54% of you picked Rashad‘s freestyle with Normani earning 32% and David with 14%. Again, it was the least liked poll that brought the surprise. For the first time this season, a Normani routine had the highest votes for least liked dance with 49%. David had 40% and Rashad had 11%. The who SHOULD and who WILL win polls were almost identical. Rashad far and away wins both polls with Normani in second and David in third. Finally, this season has earned an overall “B+” grade.

I think the freestyle dance really cemented Rashad as this season’s winner. It was the last thing audiences saw and was so fun and well danced. But Rashad only has a small cushion of points. This is really going to come down to who’s fans got out the vote. In fact, I wouldn’t even count out David, whose fans have proven to be a very strong voting block. Tonight’s fusion dances will complete the scores, as each couple is tasked to combine two dance styles for one last routine. The judges usually score everyone perfect on grand finale night this way America’s vote is the deciding factor.

If I had to make a prediction even though nothing would shock me now as this season has had a fair share of surprises, it would be that David takes 3rd, Normani is the runner-up, and Rashad is declared the winner. It would be the first mirror ball trophy for Emma, who has done a fabulous job choreographing this season. I wouldn’t say this has been my favorite season, as the casting of so many ringers and continued reliance on themes that sometimes overpower the dancing resulted in me feeling like the season on a whole was quite underwhelming. Too many good dancers left early and too many mediocre ones hung on. But that’s the nature of the beast when America votes on these shows.

As is usual for a finale, I will do a segment by segment recap for you guys. Let’s hope for a minimal amount of filler. Yeah, who am I kidding? So pull up a chair, get some snacks, and let’s see how season twenty-four wraps up as we go live one last time. :)

Segment 1
Tom and Erin welcome us to the show and bring out the finalists. The troupe is also out to perform. Here come the judges. LOL @ Bruno dancing in his own special way.  Len says the season has been fantastic with twists, shock, and surprise. He wishes, on behalf of all the judges, good luck. Tom notes the fusion dances are coming up. All the finalists have viewing parties in their home towns. In our first piece of finale filler, we get a look back at David & Lindsay’s journey on the show. Back live, David says he is very surprised to be here and he is thankful for Lindsay. Lindsay notes how David is a softie and she is grateful for the season with him.

Segment 2
We return as Simone and Sasha are dancing. But don’t be upset we didn’t get a full routine from them as they will return to dance later. Now, a look back at the journey of Rashad & Emma. Back live, Rashad says he pushed himself hard this season because effort is all he knows. Emma is an emotional person and she can’t help it. Erin shoots the show to the ballroom where Tom introduces Heather- who is back to dance with the pro ladies and troupe members.

Dang. Heather is one fantastic dancer. I know, she should be considering her background. But still, it is awesome seeing her in her element. She blends right in with the professionals. #EliminatedWAYTOOEARLY.

Segment 3
We return and Hailee Steinfeld is in the middle of performing “Starving” and she will return later on to perform. Now, a look back at Normani & Val’s season. Back live, Normani is feeling like her dream came true and she has the best partner in the world and has the best people backing her that gave her the courage to do the show.

Now that we have seen the ladies, here come the guys to dance. Erin notes this is for the ladies at home but excuse me…as a guy at home, I would like to think of this as something for me. :P

A few past winners via a video package weigh in on what it takes to win and their thoughts on the finalists. Alfonso, Emmitt, Bindi, Donald, and Donny are featured.

Segment 4
We return for an entire cast number. The uh..less than stellar stars (Charo, Mr. T, Chris) get little parts thankfully. Erika Jayne is on a unicorn. All in all, a lot of fun. Tom and Erin recaps the scores from last night, which is of course followed by a look back at everything that happened last night. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Segment 5
Bonner & Sharna return to dance. As he was during the season, Bonner is just okay. This is one big Country number. And now, we get to look back at the first few weeks of the competition. Highlights include Charo’s craziness, Mak’s injury, Chris’ elimination, and Charo’s elimination. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Back live, Nancy & Artem return to reprise their Vegas week samba routine. I shall bring back the hashtag from earlier…EliminatedWAYTOOEARLY Nice to see Nancy back and doing one of their fun routines.

LOL. Oh my. Now we get a backstage package focusing on the bromance between Maks and Nick. So obviously fake but hysterical at the same time.

Segment 6
Nick & Peta are performing their Most Memorable Year routine. You know, The Bachelor inspired one with Nick and all the ladies.

Back in the ballroom, David & Lindsay are back with their favorite routine- the Vegas night jazz number. And the pants are off. There’s the fake six-pack costume. LOL. Good lord.

Time to look at BLOOPERS. HIGHLIGHT- Charo says she is a virgin- in her ear. What? LOL. Speaking of, here comes Charo. But she isn’t dancing. Her partner is dancing with Witney as Charo does what she does best- playing the flamenco.

Segment 7
Rashad & Emma are re-doing their cha-cha-cha from the season premiere.

We now look back at the middle weeks of the competition, highlights include the emotional most memorable year routines, Mr. T’s elimination, Disney night, Erika’s elimination, Nick Carter’s guest judging, and Heather’s shocking early elimination.

Back live, she is back. Heather & Maks dance as TLC is on hand performing their song “Waterfalls.” Eek..T-Boz can’t sing like she used to. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Hailee Steinfeld back once again, this time performing her single “Most Girls.” – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Segment 8
The tune “No Vacancy” being performed by One Republic. I honestly had no clue these guys were still a group. Wait, is Pitbull not here tonight? Is this the first finale of any show that he hasn’t been at? I am shocked. SHOCKED.

Normani & Val perform their salsa routine. Len and Bruno (yes, Len and Bruno) are participating in this number. Bruno is officially in his own world. Tom invites Bruno over for a chat. Tom gives him a 4. Erin a 3. And he goes shirtless. It’s craziness in the ballroom.

Time to look back at the last few weeks of the show, with highlights including the double eliminations of Nick and Nancy, Mandy Moore guest judging, Simone’s “smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” comment, Bonner’s elimination, and yet another shocking elimination with Simone going home.

Back live, Simone & Sasha perform their contemporary routine.

Segment 9
Lady Antebellum on hand now with their single “You Look Good. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Mr. T in a backstage package about how Dancing fixes everything. Is this really necessary? This is kind of like an SNL inspired skit.

If you were unsure whether or not you wanted to watch ABC’s completely unnecessary “Dirty Dancing” remake tomorrow night, here are stars Nicole Scherzinger and Colt Prattes with a preview. Well, that didn’t convince me this movie needed to be remade. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

The judges and pros discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the finalists.

Segment 10
Go to DWTSTour.com for tickets on this summer’s dancing tour.

Time for the 24-hour fusion dances. Of course, we get those super sad goodbye rehearsal packages the finalists did last night while practicing.

David & Lindsay – Foxtrot/Salsa fusion
Okay, I know the judges love to just give everyone perfect scores on finale night but that fusion really should not get a 10. I mean, it was okay but it wasn’t perfect. Not enough salsa for one and David’s posture and footwork went in and out. I wonder if the judges are going to just gush for the sake of doing so one last time or try and give David lower scores. The latter would mean the voting is really close. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Len says it was a proper fusion. Len says David dances with joy and it gives him joy. Julianne says David has not disappointed. She loves David’s purity and vulnerability. Bruno says whatever happens tonight, he is already the people’s champion. Carrie Ann is sad this is the last time she will see David dance.
Carrie Ann- 9
Len- 9
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 9

Hmm. That was an “8” dance at best (really, and that’s a bit generous) so the high scoring means the judges are leaving it to America as expected and not trying to rock the boat of the cumulative scores too much.

Segment 11
Normani & Val – Argentine Tango/Foxtrot fusion
That was awesome. When I first saw it was an AT into foxtrot fusion, I was confused by that pairing. But they worked it out. All that staccato brilliance for the argentine tango and then fluid movement into the foxtrot was really good. Normani is such a fierce competitor and that was a really fitting way to end her season. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Julianne says it was seamless and flawless. She says Normani’s transformation is stunning. Bruno says it had power, beauty, versatility and she is a leading lady. Carrie Ann thought is was a great display. She says Normani was born to win this competition. Len calls it lovely and says Normani has been the most consistent.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 10
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10

Segment 12
Rashad & Emma – Cha-Cha-Cha/Tango fusion
Haha. So good! I love how Rashad commits. When he was doing the cha-cha-cha, all smiles. When it went into the tango, he was serious. A good fusion that meshed those two styles very well. I think Normani had the edge in her fusion but there’s no way the judges are not going to score this perfectly as well. And it would be deserving. A stellar job from Rashad to end his season. – Click to Watch the Performance VIDEO

Bruno says watching Rashad has been like watching a rising star. Carrie Ann says Rashad is a pros dream. She says he has earned winning this competition. Len enjoyed the dance and says he never expected Rashad to make it. He even has some negatives to discuss about the dance on why he couldn’t give it a 10. Julianne says it was a great way to end the season. She says their partnership reminds her of herself ans Apollo.
Carrie Ann- 10
Len- 9
Julianne- 10
Bruno- 10

That little 9 from Len (though he was right about some of the critique) means one thing to me.. The scoring tonight doesn’t matter because the audience votes have cemented the deal and the placement of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is set in stone.

So, when added to last night (and last week), we end up with Rashad at 196, Normani with 194, and David at 179.

Segment 13
Oh no. Here we go. That moment in every finale where a guest performer sings a song as if we are at a funeral where everyone is saying goodbye, never to hear from one another again. LOL. This time around, One Republic it is doing their song “I Live.” I know you want me to cry show…but…no.

Time for some RESULTS! It only took 5 hours. KIDDING.

The couple which has landed in 3rd place in season 24 of DWTS is…

Normani & Val. WOW. WOW. WOW.

Dang. Another S24 shocker. Tom and Erin are stunned, as are the judges. A standing ovation in the ballroom. Normani is grateful for the experience and opportunity. Dang.

You just never know what with this show who is going to have those big fanbases and who the general audience will vote for at the end of the day. When we come back… the winner is announced.

Segment 14
This is it. No more talking. No more waiting. No more scoring.

The winners of Dancing with the Stars season 24 are…

Rashad & Emma Click to Watch the Winning Moment VIDEO

Everyone heads into a gold cart that everyone is driving. Congratulations to Rashad on his win and to Emma, on her first victory. Tom and Erin thank everyone from the judges, to the band, to the viewers at home. They tell us that the show will of course return in the fall with a whole new set of stars! And I hope you guys will too. It has been a blast tonight, despite the marathon show. I hope you all had fun and enjoyed and have a great, healthy, and above all else, peaceful summer! :D