Dancing With the Stars 13 – Week 2

It’s Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars!  Will Chynna Phillips and J.R. Martinez top the leaderboard again?  Can Elisabetta Canalis improve?  We’ll found out tonight…LIVE!

We waste 4 minutes with introductions and music/Harold Wheeler pimping.  The Top 11 perform tonight!  Tonight we’ll see Quicksteps and Jives!

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Jive – Hope was happy with all 7’s last week.  They duo traveled to Massachusetts for a women’s soccer game.  Maks says they’ll be eliminated by Week 3!  Hope gets lost in the the foot flicks when she splits from Maks!  Hope falls behind Maks because her kicks aren’t as clean or rapid.  The infamous Len goodman top-of-head kiss follows.  It was aight.  Not loving it.  Len – Booyahcacha!  Sharp, fast-moving, you lost your timing in the intricate kicks in flicks (what I noticed).  Lacked synchronicity.  “I SAY WHAT I SEE.”  Bruno says all of her power isn’t enough, but she must be accurate and precise.  She lost it a lot.  There’s a difference between kick and flick.  She needs time and needs to apply herself!  Ouch.  Carrie Ann said it was fun, but she has to relax!  Carrie Ann – 6 Len – 7 Bruno – 6 –  19. They dropped two points from Week One. 1-800-VOTE4-08.


Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas – Quickstep – Mark says this week Kristin can’t just be cute and sassy.  She’s doing the whole Marilyn Monroe thing tonight!  NICE start!  They can’t break hold anymore, I hope Mark doesn’t; he likes to break the rules.  Great posture, precise footwork–she’s doing great.  GAAAH I knew they’d break hold!  This is a really fantastic Quickstep-certainly 8-worthy at least!  Kristin really sold it this week.  Lacey looks intimidated up in the celebriquarium!  Bruno has been dazzled!  She was beautiful, but has to lose her frame all the way through.  Carrie Ann says STUNNING!  Elegant, synchronized, kept her frame, kept up with the feet, gorgeous!  Len said she looks fantastic, but it wasn’t as good as she looks. Oh.  Len called them out on breaking hold!  Knew it knew it knew it.  Carrie Ann – 8 Len – 7 Bruno – 7 –  22. Brooke calls out Mark on being called out by Len for breaking hold.  Mark knew he was breaking the rule and did it on purpose -_- 1-800-VOTE4-03.  Vote for them, people!  They’re good!


David Arquette and Kym Johnson – Jive – Lookin’ dapper in gold!  Hip action is good.  Footwork is a little bit slow though.  He didn’t lose it, but Kym clearly dumbed down the choregraphy.  It was okay.  Carrie Ann loved his enthusiasm!  I did too.  It was the direction for him to stay in.  Len is slamming him!  He said his technique just wasn’t good.  Too wild!  Bruno told him he wasn’t supposed to hold back, and he lost a lot of technique and a little bit of timing. Carrie Ann – 6 Len – 6 Bruno – 6 –  18.  Angry audience!  I like David, though.  That just wasn’t great. 1-800-VOTE4-06.


Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy – Quickstep – Elisabetta is very flexiable and athletic.  I think she’ll redeem herself.  Val is yelling at her just like his brother Maks!  Elisabetta is throwing a diva fit, and giving Val attitude!  Smooth, clean movements, nice frame.  Impressive footflicks!  She’s having fun, and they’re doing a nice job.  Here’s a traditional quickstep!  More breaking of hold!  But it was close to the end so maybe Len will just call it a solo and not be do hard on her.  So much improvement!  Len said not great, but better than last week.  That’s it?  Bruno says she’s back on track!  “The pistols were pumping!”  Carrie Ann said she came back and overcame!  Are they running late?  Super short judge’s comments. Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 7 Bruno – 7 –  21.  Val said he’s a nice guy and he just wants the best for Elisabetta. 1-800-VOTE4-0 .


Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke – Jive – Rob says he’s not confident.  Take a less from Kim!  It’s a tropical-themed jive.  He’s still a little bit robotic, but an improvement from last week for sure.  Timing isn’t half bad, but technique is mediocre.  Are the Kardashians in the crowd or have they been banned for their comments last week?  I don’t see any of the girls.  Bruno says he needs to point his flicks and that he is improving.  Carrie Ann says he’s a better dancer than Kim!  Did we watch the same dance?  Len said it was a great impovement.  Whoah.  I definitely do not agree at all–that was a 6 at best. Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 7 Bruno – 7 –  21.  Not better than Elisabetta, but same score.  Okay.


Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya – Quickstep – Carson says he just got the quickstep, until they got to the fast and hard footwork!  Anna says he’s very serious about dancing.  Black and white start!  Lots of personality, and some decent dancing to start us off!  He’s dancing, not jsut walking.  I’m pleasantly surprised.  Not phenomenal, but soooo much improvement!  He was quick and clean!  Carrie Ann said he doesn’t have good balance.  Len said if he held his fork like Carson held Anna, he would starve!  But he heard that Carson worked harder than every other celebrity this week.  Bruno can see the work was put in.  Technically, needs improvement; entertainingly, he’s already there. Carrie Ann – 6 Len – 6 Bruno – 6 –  18.  1-800-VOTE4-09.


Ricki Lake and Derek Hough – Jive – Ricki is much looser and more confident this week.  Derek is definitely upstaging her though.  It could be a little quicker.  She’s doing a great job with what Derek gave her.  What a crowd pleaser!  Oooh she pulled him up byh his belt.  Scandalous.  Great fun, high energy, good technique, what else can I say?  Len didn’t like it!  He liked the fun, but overall an improvement.  Bruno said she’s the first one to do the kicks and flicks correctly.  Carrie Ann said it was the best jive of the night!  I’d agree.  Carrie Ann – 8 Len – 7 Bruno – 8-  . 1-800-VOTE4-11.  Kristin’s been dethroned as the number one this week by Ricki!


Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer – Quickstep – Why are all the controversial contestants given the title of “activist.”  Chaz is having serious knee problems.  Chaz is afraid he’ll pass out of blow his knees out!  It’s a painfully slow quickstep at the beginning.  It sped up a little bit.  Chaz’s footwork isn’t too bad.  This is certainly underwhelming.  Anything above a 6 would be absolute madness.  Bruno points out the quickstep must be fast, and Chaz didn’t deliver a sporty performance.  Carrie said she was so sorry that he was in pain, but he didn’t dance QUICKly in the QUICKstep.  Len admires him for getting through it, but bottom line is it was too slow and needed more speed and attack. Carrie Ann – 6Len – 5Bruno – 6-  17. 1-800-VOTE4-12.  Lowest score of the night.  Brooke Burke is cardboard.  Yes, Chaz, the quickstep is hard with your knee and all, but the jive would’ve given you some serious damage.


Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani – Jive – Chynna is funny!  She wants to stay on top.  Lots of energy, great acting.  I’m liking the solo.  Tony is really a fantastic partner, not too lenient or too self-indulgent.  Chynna losing energy through this.  Stay on top of the beat!  I liked it a lot, besides the fact that she could’ve been a little quicker in her movements.  Carrie Ann loves to watch Chynna dance.  However, she felt that she played it safe.  Len said she came out fabulous last week, but this week she was only good.  It was “polite.”  Bruno said Chynna has a sexy silence inside of her, and it wants to come out.  She held back.  Carrie Ann – 7Len – 7Bruno – 7- 21. Decent. 1-800-VOTE4-04.


Nancy Grace and Tristan Macmanus – Quickstep – Nancy realizes she’s got to work.  She definitely not clean, but she is showing great athleticism!  Len feels refreshed because they finally were a couple that didn’t break hold.  He’s yelling in excitement over her proper quickstep!  I was suprised by her strength and energy.  Bruno said it was top-heavy, but it was great to see her take over the floor and perform!  Carrie Ann saw a change in her eyes.  She said the hold between body shape and height will hinder the duo.  Len is yelling again!  I can’t understand.  Bruno fell of his chair.  Carrie Ann likes their teamwork!  It’s nice to see a proper quickstep. Carrie Ann – 6Len – 8 (WOW!) Bruno – 7 – 21. Yay Nancy!  She’s getting very emotional!  Woohoo!


J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff – Jive – J.R. was our leader last week with Chynna.  With Chynna dropping to a 21, here’s J.R.’s chance to solidify frontrunner status!  Of course he gets the pimp slot.  J.R. feels like he has to work the hardest because he’s the least known and “has no fans.”  Nice motion, clean and swift leg and arm coordination.  The most synchronized jive we’ve seen so far!  Best of the night definitely!  Judges look very pleased.  Don’t get cocky though, J.R.  Bruno calls him athletic, charismatic, and he had the most satisfying performance of the night!  Carrie Ann thought it was great but there was a lift!  Leave it to Carrie Ann to call out the lift!  Len said the problem was he was looking for a jive, but he got a lindy hop.  I completely agree–that was very lindy-hop oriented.  DWTS performed lindy hops a few season ago, look it up if you’re not sure what it is.  It’s essentially very similar to a jive.  Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 7 Bruno – 8 –  22. 1-800-VOTE4-08


Judge’s Leaderboard:

1. Ricki and Derek – 23

2. Kristin and Mark- 22

2. J.R. and Karina – 22

4. Chynna and Tony – 21

4. Elisabetta and Val – 21

4. Nancy and Tristan – 21

4. Rob and Cheryl – 21

8. Hope and Maks – 19

9.David and Kym – 18

9.Carson and Anna – 18

11. Chaz and Lacey – 17

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