Carrie Underwood Set for Walmart Soundcheck, FOX Holiday Variety Special With Adam Shankman

The promotion wheels are beginning to turn for Carrie Underwood’s next album Play On, set to be released on November 3rd.

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On October 15th, a performance she filmed for Wal-mart Soundcheck, will debut on October 15. Checkout a preview HERE. She’ll perform her single “Cowboy Casanova” and other tunes from Play On.

Carrie won’t be the only Idol promoting a new album via Wal-mart this fall. There are reports that Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta will also be filming Soundchecks for Wal-mart, but no official word on that yet.

Carrie is also set to star in her own holiday variety special for FOX.

Producer, film director, choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance judge, Adam Shankman told the peeps at Good Day LA on Monday that he’s co-producing (with Nigel Lythgoe!) and directing her special. Early Monday morning, he   tweeted about it too:   “On good day la tomorrow morning. Also like 16 fox affiliates for SYTYCD, then off to shoot sketches for carrie underwood special. Zzzzzzz.”

Tomorrow, Brad Paisley is set to film a performance for the special at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, according to a fan from the, who received an email invite to the Paisley taping via his fan club. Carrie and Brad will be co-hosting the CMA awards–Carrie will also be performing–on November 11.

I’ll post more info on Carrie’s special as it becomes available.

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  1. Love the clip when Carrie says “This is my most versatile album to date”…then giggles and says “keep in mind I have only two other albums”. Love her honesty and humor about herself and that soundbite she must be made to say by the record company. I don’t love or really like country music but I love Carrie and that love has grown and continues to grow.

  2. I was very surprised about Carrie doing a variety special but it sounds like it could be fun. I love hearing her sing Christmas songs and having her buddy Brad Paisley on the show makes it even better.

    Adam Shankman talked about the variety show earlier with TV Guide too. It sounds like he thinks the variety show could become a little more regular if it goes well. But rumor has it Carrie has another giant tour scheduled for 2010 so I don’t know where she’d have time for it.

    Can’t wait to hear Carrie on Walmart Soundcheck! I love her live performances.

    dhunken: I liked that self-deprecating comment from Carrie too.

    By the way Ashley Clark blogged confirming that they recorded What Can I Say with Carrie. Here’s what he said about it:

    “Carrie Underwood featured us on one of the songs on her new album. It’s called “What Can I Say.” I am still in shock. Carrie is freaking awesome and we are so grateful to her. She is unbelievable in the studio. She sounds just like the record before its the record.”

  3. Don’t like country music but I like Carrie who has come a long way in her performance skills. It’s gonna be a great Christmas with bot Carrie and Jennifer having their own specials. I will be watching both on Fox and ABC

  4. It’s gonna be a great Christmas with bot Carrie and Jennifer having their own specials.

    Hehehe, “bot” Carrie. Freudian slip? Not to complain. I simply love her, but I laugh at that. Can’t wait for the special!

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelt. THE ride is about to start. Again.

  6. Sorry to be a little, well, jaded — but does this woman ever sleep? or live?

  7. Well, colette, she’s had some boyfriends (mostly famous in their own right) so I’d have to say she does. I just think she understands the importance of a good soundbite. I think she’s given the opportunity to choose and chooses well. While I don’t love her music, I do love her keeping herself out there. I think that plays a huge part in the popularity of her music.

  8. Go Carrie! I’ll admit to not having been a fan of hers when she was on AI. But she has really come into her own and grown so much as an artist and personality.

    Colette, I don’t think you’re being jaded. I was about to say the woman is a workaholic and I wonder if she ever has a chance to enjoy all she’s achieved. As long as she’s happy is all that matters.

  9. She’s on top with a wheel-barrow full of awards because she doesn’t have a life…she seized the oppurtunity that AI gave to her and has ran like heck with all the doors she has had opened up to her. What a success story she has had. Love Carrie, love her music!!! Now there are 2 great Christmas specials to look foward to. Hey Archie!!! How about doing one to promote your Christmas cd? LOL!

  10. Yay!! Yay!! I love Carrie. I’ve seen her live 3 times and have been impressed each show. She keeps growing and improving. On S.4 of Idol, she wasn’t my pick to win it all [hey, I’m a die-hard country fan & I didn’t need anyone but my Reba and Sara Evans; plus I was kind of in awe of Bo…] but I was certainly happy for her accomplishment. She is Idol’s Golden Girl in every arena. I love that she is teaming up with Adam Shankman as well. Oooh, more specials and appearances, I need to invest in a DVR.. :0

  11. Carrie is busy but has a life lol. Shes been dating that Canadian hockey player for some time and has met the folks. She sits with them at the hockey games and gave him a shout out when she won the Entertain of the Year Award last year. They are both Christians, so it seems they have a lot of things in common. He came backstage at one of her concerts and introduced himself and it took off. Carrie is becoming quite known for her gorgeous legs as well lol. On the ACM award show, one of the male groups mentioned twice on the red carpet that they were there to see Carrie Underwood’s legs lol.

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